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I only have few experiences and thought of sharing the most terrifying experience which happened in 2017 September. When I was 16 years old I saw the ghost of my Grand mother and after that she communicated with me through black kittens and strange dreams which I will share in a future post. Then only I realized that I am sensitive (a little). Now I am 25.

My hometown is Kandy, most of the people love there but me. I don't like the people and their attitude and the constantly changing weather (It's burning hot at times or freezing cold and the rapid change makes me feel sick).

Soon after I finished schooling I moved to the capital city Colombo. I completed my higher studies and started working. After I moved to Colombo within few years I met a guy called Ash (Not his real name) who later became my best friend and now boy friend.

We both lived in different towns me in Moratuwa and him in Pannipitiya. Ash lived with his mom as his father passed away when he was only one years old and his mom is over 60 years old now. Because of the culture barriers we Sri Lankans are not allowed to "living-together" before getting married. Most of the people doesn't really care but having a typical mother like Ash's it is very hard to convince her to get permission for me to stay over at his place even for a night.

Because of the distance and because both of us worked full time we didn't had much time to meet at all. So I decided to quit my job and move to Pannipitiya. Since I was not allowed to live with my boyfriend I found a boarding house close to his house. After that we went to work together and I used to spend my weekend at his place (He dropped me at my boarding when the sun sets) We spent plenty of time together!

After sometime Ash's mom was okay for me to spend the weekends at his place (YEEEEEEEY!) I slept in a different room and Ash slept in another! Time passed and Ash had to move to a different house! Guess what Ash's mom asked me to stay with them and that she's okay with me only if I sleep in a different room! (What the heck I said YES)

So we started looking for houses and found a small house in Kottawa. Me, Ash, and his mom went to take a look at it before paying the advance money. I am not going to explain the structure of the house but there is a large porch and then the main door, living area, then a long corridor which goes up to the kitchen. Along the way to the kitchen there are two bed rooms side by side next to the second bedroom was the Bathroom.

As soon as I stepped in I felt very uncomfortable, It was hard for me to catch my breath, I ignored because the house was vacant for 3 years and the place was dusty and messy. We were okay with the place and moved in 2 weeks later, after repainting the house.

Few nights went by but the uneasiness of breathing feeling uncomfortable was still there. I felt like someone is hugging me from behind and it never let go of me. I felt tight and hard to move, tired and sleepy whenever I am at home. After work on my way back home I felt like a cow being drag to the butcher. So weird. I feel sad and upset! Not being able to talk (In general I am a very talkative bubbly person) I just wanted to lay in bed. This got worse when the days go by. At night I started to feel threatened and scared. I practically started shivering, was too scared to move on the bed. Scared for no reason. I begged Ash to sleep in my room or to let me sleep in his room. So finally Ash and his mom started to sleep in my room. I'm in the bed and them on the floor. Was not helping my situation at least I was not alone in the room.

After few days I was not being able to sleep. One night I was wide awake and scared on the bed looking at Ash on the floor thinking of a way to sleep next to him without waking up his mom. Suddenly I saw a shadow move in the corridor. (We keep the doors open because it is very warm.) It was fast and I couldn't make out what it was. At that time we adopted a kitten. I thought it was the kitten or its shadow. But NOOOOO there was it again. Moving up and down on the corridor it was tall and there was no solid shape, A dark mist like shadow. I got so scared that I couldn't move (I didn't wanted to move either) I was just staring at it. It went up an down for several times and then stopped in front of the door and slowly started floating inside the room. I was wide awake trying to squeeze myself in to the pillows so the shadow wouldn't notice.

Ash slept just facing the room door, the shadow came towards him stopped near his feet and just started staring at him god knows how long. Then it moved toward Ash's mom she was sleeping next to Ash. I got so scared coz the next in line was me on the bed. It stood in front of mom and I saw it spreading its bottom part wide open and now Ash's mom is right in the middle of its legs. So it stood there staring down at Ash's mom, it bent down took a closer look at her and stood straight again. I was freaking out! I couldn't believe my eyes! And to know that it will come to me next. Surprisingly it didn't. The shadow observed mom for a long time and it just faded away. I have no count of the time but it felt like hours. I couldn't sleep.

Next morning I told Ash what happened and he ignored saying I must have imagined it or dreamt it because I didn't have a proper sleep in days. Even tho I was fully aware of what happened deep inside of me wanted to shake it off as well. I did not tell Ash's mom because I didn't wanted to scare her.

Next day after work when I returned home Ash's mom said that Ash must sleep in his room and if I am still scared she will sleep in mine. After lot of nagging I lost my battle and Ash went to sleep in his room. I gave mom my bed and I slept on the floor. Surprisingly that night was calm and I fell in to a deep sleep. Suddenly someone punched my chin more like a hard slap. I was awoken because I felt like my skin is burning or freezing or both. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a shadow quickly move from the corner of my eye. I looked at the phone it was past 2PM. I sat on the mattress and looked at mom who was on the bed just to see whether her hands or legs are hanging from the bed (I thought she must have moved and it caused the hard slap) She was sleeping wrapped in a sheet. As usual I was up until morning and I told Ash that I had enough of this eerie episodes, either do something about it or I'm moving out.

He promised he will but he never did. After those two days the shadow never appeared and no physical attacks. But there was a change in the house. Ash's mom started to argue and fight a lot with us, there were FLIES! Everywhere! No matter how much we cleaned, washed, and mopped they never went away. Ash had headaches all the time and back pain. House was gloomy and felt so cold in it. Days went by!

On Ash's Birthday 20th December his mom went to the temple (me and Ash are not very religious) and at the temple a young guy started to chat with mom. He is a medium and he told mom that he can sense two spirits in our property. Two females who have died there. One spirit is attached to mom and one to Ash. And he asked mom whether no one noticed the spirits. (THIS GIRL DID) The one who is attached to mom is causes all the fights and flies. The one who is attached to Ash waits on the porch until he comes home and with him on his back it enters the house. He has asked mom to do a cleansing before it's too late. That day she came home and without knowing what happened to me shared her big news Ash looked at me with big eyes and gasped! I said "I told you so". Next day we did a cleansing and hung 4 bottles in the four corners of the house, burnt sage, and the "Guru" who came to clean the house was laughing and talking. I remember she said "Don't you dare run, don't hide, you can't escape, come inside the bottle, "hah hah gotcha" like stuff and when she left she had two tiny bottles. She said she caught the spirits! One was hiding in the kitchen and one under my bed.

After the cleansing, there were no flies, mom stopped being rude to us now we all sleep in one room. Me on the bed and them on the floor! Guess I got to wait until I marry him! LOL

I was able to breath and was okay to live there but knowing what I went through I'm always cautious. I know my story is way too long! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! I'll see you on another post! Comments are welcome!

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Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-08)

Hello! Drama is on repeat at my place lol I hope that your problems are sorted.

We cleanse the house every Saturday because whatever the protection we did will last only for 6 months. So clock is ticking and we are planning to move to the house that me and my boy friend purchased may be in April. The spirits that was trapped in the bottle will return after 6 months. That's what the Guru said. There were two ladies who had their eye on the property that we currently live and they couldn't get hold of it before they passed and they passed with greed. That's the main reason why those two spirits mingle in the house causing us problems. Guru said that she released those spirits to a cemetery and will return when the protection expires. Before that we need to move out. My concern is will those spirits follow us to our new home because i'm pretty sure that they must be furious with us because we tried to banish them. We thought we banished them but guru says otherwise.

Thank you for your incite and STAY SAFE!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2018-02-08)
I feel your frustration! I am in the states but several years back when I was dating a fellow (he 28 and I 22) - his parents thought it more appropriate that I share a tiny bed with his 16 year old sister than sleep in a bed with him. Talk about awkward!

I am glad that the cleansing seems to have taken effect before the two spirits were able to do serious damage to your relationships. Perhaps as a precaution, the three of you could perform little cleansings once a month or so to make sure nothing comes back.

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