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A Weird Breeze Of Air


I'm not really sure how to start this, but hey ho! I'm publishing this story purely because I have no knowledge and experience (as far as I'm aware) and would really appreciate some help, even though this "experience" (if you'd call it that) is quite minuscule, however scares me quite a lot.

So, when I was thirteen my family and I went back to Greece to stay with my uncle over the summer holidays. We hadn't been back in seven years! It's a very small house, as there's only 2 rooms in this one. We have my grandads (I call him papous) room, my uncles room when papous was alive, a small bathroom and a kitchen/living area. All rooms (other than the bathroom) have those huge slide doors. (Just to address the plan of the house). I'm sorry if that seems irrelevant!

Anyway, I was in the room my papous died in (he died of Parkinson's in 2009). I was laid on the bed and I felt a very small breeze, it moved my hair a little bit, but then I smelt my grandad. He had this EXTREMELY strong smell. I don't even know what it was, I guess it's quite musky. When he was alive it always smelt like him but when he died it went away. I have the senses of a bloodhound may I add so I can usually smell taste, hear and see such small acute things it's quite funny. This has also happened around the house, but never outside.

After the breeze had gone his smell lingered and I tried to smell it as much as possible, because I'd like to hold onto that memory of the smell. I thought maybe some of the objects around to see if they smelt like him and if there was a perfume or any sort of smelly thing he may have had or used and I couldn't smell anything. I checked to see outside, if someone was cooking and all the doors were shut. It was very confusing for me for some reason. I'm sure you can all gather that I'm extremely skeptical about these sort of things, I get so overwhelmed easily and I feel others emotions so deeply so if I convinced myself it was a "ghost" or something I would probably go mad, however part of me sort of wishes it was.

I have experienced these small gusts of air and the very strong smell and then it will just go. It's happened in all rooms of the house when the doors are shut? None of his belongings are around at all. Do you think he's saying hello? Or if there's unfinished business? There's lots and lots more info I can give you all about what happened and our lives.

Quite funny actually because I was about to go for a wee (in my house in England is where I reside) it happened again, and I said "go aways grandad I need a wee" (lol) and it went? Like straight away didn't fade away just, bam, not there anymore. Sorry I've probably blabbed a lot however I have "experienced" some other things however this is closest to my heart, it would mean so much for someone to help me out.

When I'm away from Greece these occurrences happen seldom. I'm sorry this seems too small or ridiculous but this smell is so extremely strong and then will just disappear. It would help if I could discover that maybe I'm sensitive to these sort of things and then as a result may post other things that have happened.

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Rachel9997 (4 stories) (27 posts)
7 months ago (2022-01-29)
I'm about 4 years late to this, but I agree with AugustaM. It sounds like your grandfather is visiting, and you don't have anything to worry about. Actually, I've recently experienced a similar phenomenon. I keep feeling cold breezes inside my house. A few months ago, I began wearing a pair of my deceased grandmother's earrings which is when the breeze thing started happening. It has woken my up in the middle of the night, but one night actually seemed to help me fall asleep. It was being really annoying a few nights ago actually and I asked what I'm assuming to be my grandmother to please let me sleep. Sure enough, it went away, and I was able to go right to sleep. I hope this helps reassure you and not freak you out. 😊
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-27)
Not to drive you mad or anything but from the way you describe things, sounds like it could well be your grandad popping round for a look see now and then. Maybe he finds it funny that you don't believe in ghosts and now he is one - who knows 😁 But it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe next time you sense his presence, have a talk with him.

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