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A Dark Figure In My Bedroom


Sunday morning 6 am

I woke up suddenly, I saw the time in my mobile, it was 6 am. I never ever got up at 6 am even during the week days! I was wondering with myself what made me awake at 6 am that too on Sunday...!

I looked at my mobile, it said "Battery down"

I got up from my bed to charge my mobile. I was still half asleep and the room was dark yet...!

As I plugged in the charger, I turned my face to left and saw into the long mirror,

Someone standing behind me...! I could see the blurred image of someone in white cloths and long hair. Seems a girl...! I was thrilled... I got goosebumps...

To verify myself I turned behind me and looked, No One was there behind me...! No One!

I looked into the mirror again. This time I still saw the same image! Same girl standing behind me!

My heart beat increased and I ran towards my bed, sat there looking around the room with my wide eyes...!

I thought to wake my roommates but they were in deep sleep. Even if I would wake them up, they would just say me to sleep off!

Thinking what was that? What did I just see? What made me to wake up at 6 am on Sunday?

Was that a real ghost? Is it possible? Should I go near and check again? I don't have that guts to look into the mirror for third time now!

After thinking for few minutes I decided to sleep off. I was chanting all the mantra's (sacred/spiritual message) that my mom had taught me. Finally I could sleep off after sometime.

Next day morning I said this to my roommates, No One Believed Me...!

But after this incident, For one week I was suddenly waking up from my sleep at exact 3 am...!

Why was I waking up at exact 3 am? Everyday...?!

I didn't know what was happening with me...! Few of my friends suggested me to visit any temple. So I did... After few more days I could finally sleep peacefully...!

I Still Stay In The Same Room...!

Thanks for reading!:)

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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Spark7777 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
Hi, Positively_paranormal. Thanks for reading and commenting!

When I saw that ghost in my mirror I did have a feeling of fear! This is not the first time this has happened to me. I have a lot of other true experiences as well but will upload them later!:)

And about the medical related point. I am not at all on any medications. I am perfectly alright! I do drink a lot of water in the daytime and keep a water bottle along side me during night! I have never woken up at such an odd time before (Except for going to the washroom)

Thanks again!:)
Spark7777 (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
Hi Lady-Glow. Thanks for reading and commenting.

It was not at all a reflection. I did see a girl standing! I was not at all in a sleepy state when I saw her because the scene was so horrifying. She was staring right into my eyes!

Positively_Paranormal (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-30)
Hello Spark7777,

I am not invalidating your experience by any means, as I believe that you saw something. Like Lady-glow had mentioned, sometimes when you wake from sleep, you are still in your sleep state which means you are still seeing partially in your subconscious/dream state. It is possible that this is what you experienced. When you saw the girl in the mirror, did you feel anything? Did it get cold in your room, did you hair stand on end or did you have a feeling of fear?

As far as waking up at 3am, sometimes our internal clocks can wake us up at a time if we think about it before we go to sleep. So if it happened randomly on the one occasion and you put a lot of thought into it again before you go to sleep it can occur more frequently. This could also be medical related. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as waking up in the middle of the night like this may indicate your body needing hydration/other things.

Keep us updated if you continue to experience anything else, thanks for sharing:)

lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
Why did you choose such a title for your story if what you saw was "someone in white clothes and long hair"?🤔

Did you check if the reflection in the mirror was caused by something in the room that, in your sleepy state and in the dark, you could have mistaken for a girl?

Just because you woke up at an unusual time, doesn't mean there's a paranormal reason behind this, though I'm glad it stopped, there's nothing worse than having to face the day after a bad night sleep.😫

Thanks for sharing.

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