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A Spirit Spoke Through My Sister


This isn't my personal story but I was there when it happened. I was only a baby, so this is the account of what happened, told to me by my mother and eldest sister.

I was no older than 1 at the time and my mother had put me down to sleep on her bed. Mum and my 2 older sisters were standing in front of my mothers dresser and mirror in her bedroom. The dresser was quite large and had an equally large mirror on top of it. My eldest sister, Victoria, would have been about 8 and my other sister, Rose about 5. They were all standing there chatting and combing each other's hair.

Whilst Victoria was combing Roses' hair she noticed Roses' reflection in the mirror looked odd. Her face didn't look right and her body seemed stiff and rigid. Rose was staring back at her reflection without blinking. Victoria began calling her name and turned her around to face her and began asking her what was wrong. My mother had also now noticed and was equally concerned. But Rose didn't blink or react at all. Then she began to speak but it wasn't her voice.

It was a deep man's voice. And her eyes were different too.

My mother would say, "They were not her eyes."

I've heard them describe her eyes as both red and black and also just really dark.

The entire time Rose stayed stiff and unmoving and the voice just kept coming out of her.

My mother and sister can't remember what she was saying and say it was like it was in another language and it terrified them.

They began yelling at her to stop, and were calling her name. They also were shaking her and at one point, I believe, Victoria slapped Roses' face, but Rose never moved, flinched or anything.

Eventually she just stopped and acted like nothing had happened. When she was question she seemed to have no memory of it and had no idea what my mother and eldest sister were talking about. She just carried on like nothing had happened and no time had passed. This deeply disturbed my mum and eldest sister, as you would imagine. They're not sure how long she was like this; it was probably only a few minutes, but long enough.

Rose has no memory of it still and hates when anyone talks about it. She also refuses to believe it was anything paranormal.

She did go to a physic once, who told her it could be a spirit trying to send a message to our mother.

My sister is very skeptical of anything supernatural. She did have a problem with sleepwalking when she was young though. To the point where she was once caught opening the front door and about to go outside. So she believes what actually happened is something really common that happens to a lot of children. When they get woken up mid sleep and this makes them act very strange and say strange things, which can frighten their parents.

To me however this theory doesn't make sense, because she wasn't asleep, she was standing and chatting with my mum and sister, combing each other's hair and then randomly went stiff as board and spoke in a scary voice.

Victoria and Mum also have trouble trusting this theory. They get very upset whenever this story is brought up. It frightens them just thinking about it and they get angry with themselves and others for reminding them.

To add to the strangeness I learnt later, that my dad and two older brothers were away at the time and attending the wake for my grandfather's funeral. My grandfather was Australian and did not speak any other languages. According to my parents though, he wasn't very kind especially to my mum.

So I don't know what it was and I think the granddad coincidence is kind of creepy but I do want to share one thing. I know some people will describe this as a possession and I personally don't believe in demonic spirits or at least I don't believe in giving them any power. Dead or alive you should treat everyone with respect, but there are messed up people who are living so what do you expect they would do if they were ghosts? I also believe that if you believe in something so much you can make it so. So by calling something evil and so fourth you're, in way, giving it more power.

The only other weird thing to happen involving Rose was when she was a year or so younger, before I was born and she was playing on the driveway while my mum was beside her, tending to the garden. Mum had her back to her, and for no reason, mum turned around and picked her up and moved her to the garden bed. As mum tells it, she had no idea why she did this and it was like something else made her do it. She then looked at Rose confused by her own behavior and then turned around to see my dad, reversing the car out and over the exact spot where Rose was playing. My father wouldn't have seen her on the driveway. Mum swears it wasn't her that made her turn around and it was like some other force.

Sometimes I wonder if my granddad just wanted to give my mum a scare for shiats n giggles.

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Lydia_Deetz (6 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-17)
I finally got a chance to speak to my parents. Mum was pretty spooked.
Both of my parents said that sometimes they feel like they aren't alone but no one is there. Mum says that sometimes she can feel someone standing beside her, but no one is there and sometimes she swears she hears my father walk down the stairs but he is still asleep.

The creaky stair, has also been heard a few times by my mother, and both mum & dad confirm that it shouldn't do that by itself.

And this incident with my sister. Mum still tells it just the same. The only mistake I made was that it wasn't in her room. But they were standing in front of the vanity mirror. We have a double sink vanity so it's a large mirror. And Rose was awake and normal one second and then speaking in a deep mans voice the next. And possibly in a different language.

🤔 Maybe they will pay more attention now I've told them all my experiences.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-04)
Lydia, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully your parents will be open to talking about it. Looking forward to your next story 😊
Lydia_Deetz (6 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-04)

I never met him like I said, but my family does love to stir people up for fun so he could of done it light heartedly or it may not of been him, or maybe it was, but it was so scary my mother and eldest sister were just in shock and couldn't understand what was happening.

There was some "stuff" going on in my family at this time though, that was kept secret for many years, but I will not share it as it is too private. So I do wonder if all of the experiences I had at home was just spirits trying to alert us of something, and this time it was trying to reach out to my mum. Its a possibility.

Lydia_Deetz (6 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-04)
CuriousDee, I love Tim Burton, I love Beetlejuice 😉

It was my sister who went to the physic because her friend told her to. But she really didn't trust him. He did predict some stuff that was wrong and she really isn't much of a believer so that did it for her. But I will be speaking to parents about all this eventually, just waiting to find the right time.

Lydia_Deetz (6 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-04)
CatsInBlackDresses - love your name ❤

You have actually reminded me of some experiences I have had with what I can only call "sleep hallucinations". I don't really know if they're paranormal but I will post about it to see what others think. Without spoiling the story I can tell you this wasn't sleep paralyse. I have been sleep talking in my sleep since a baby. But these 2 times I remember waking up or half waking up and talking to things in my room and I remember what those things were then I would fall back to sleep, wake up that morning. They weren't dreams, I have evidence to prove I did in fact sit up and talk to something.

I'm going to send in that story now. Thank you for reminding me 😊
CatsInBlackDresses (3 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-31)
Wow I love this story!
I felt I was actually in a trance reading it and it was like I was there whilst it was happening.
I got the feeling the entity was trying to scare for the sake of scaring. It's truely very creepy and your poor mum must have got quite a fright.
Rose may have been a sleepwalker but I can't see how this would be connected. I mean I had a sleep walking problem as a child and I never had anything like this happen. I do think that there is a connection however with psychic happenings or paranormal experiences and sleep walking and the reason is that of the people I know, the ones who are most 'attuned' to their third eye, the more they sleep walk or sleep talk, but regardless of that it's a totally different thing from your sisters experience.
Thank you for sharing your story, I really enjoyed reading it and hope you have more stories to tell 😉 x
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-30)
Lydia Deetz, I like your name, there was an old movie called Beetlejuice with a character named Lydia Deetz. 😊

As for your sister's experience, that is very strange. I was thinking sleep talking, but you said she was standing up? I was also a sleep talker and sleep walker when I was younger. I still talk in my sleep as an adult and about 4-5 years ago spoke in an unknown language that only my boyfriend heard. It sounded creepy, I'm glad I didn't hear it Lol

I kind of feel like your mom believes in the paranormal if she visited a psychic and the incident involving moving your sister and an "unknown force". Maybe she's a bit sensitive to spirit, but tries to shut it off? If so, maybe there was a spirit trying to speak through your sister to your mother? Still, it's a strange experience regardless.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2991 posts)
5 years ago (2018-03-30)
Lydia - This is a fascinating experience.
It's possible that your grandfather went to your place though, I'm not sure, if his visit was meant to say goodbye to his daughter-in-law and grand daughters or, if he intended to be nasty to your mom for one last time. One would hope people reconsider their actions when the end is coming.😐

As for the time your mom moved your sister out of danger, there's no doubt someone was looking for her safety.

Thanks for sharing.

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