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Grandma's Death - Part 1


So before I start the story, let me give you a background of my grandmother's death. It was the ending of September 2012 and it was like the last Thursday of September when my grandma felt a stomachache. She called my aunt and uncle, who works in a dental clinic, and asked them to drive her to the hospital to get a check up and they said they will drive her there after the lunch. Since their dental clinic is a street away from my grandma's house, they decided to eat at my grandma's house.

After lunch is where things got worse. My grandmother felt weaker, to the point that she couldn't stand up anymore and that's when they rushed her to the hospital.

We got the news, so the next day all 4 children of my grandma's went there including my dad and my dentist auntie, my other uncle and another auntie came all the way from Singapore when she found out about my Grandmother's death.

So it was Friday and my dad just got home from work so he went straight to the hospital after dinner and he said he will stay there for the night so that means I have to sleep alone in the bed since my dad is in the hospital.

It is like around midnight when my grandma passed away and all her kids gathered in the room (until today her death is not yet confirmed). The time the machine exactly flatlined while she died is also the time the power went off in the hospital room and they were all shook.

That night I was sleeping alone but I felt like somebody is hugging me and that hug feels very cold but relieving. Nobody slept with me but I feel like someone is rubbing me to make me feel relaxed. I didn't really think of it as unusual because I'm tired from doing homeworks and I just want to sleep. I did dreamt of my grandma that night but she only appeared for a few seconds in dream and we just talked a little bit when I was inside the bathroom. The weird thing is while we are talking, she is just staring at me smiling and she is just behind the bathroom door, well that is all I remember in my dream.

The next morning came, it is Saturday, and when I woke up my mom told me that my grandmother just passed away last night. It was, of course, a very sad moment. My mother told me that my little brother is talking and playing around like somebody is trying to play with him, but he is actually in a deep sleep, and my mom said that it's our grandma visiting us.

Also, our housekeeper woke up around 6:30 am. She saw my mom trying to wake up my sister by shaking up her feet so she tried to check up on me too to wake me up but she realized it was Saturday. She saw our mom actually still sleeping so she ran and came back to sleep since it was raining and its very cold. She told it to us and we were very spooked.

My mom decides that she will go in the setting up for the funeral. It was after lunch and my housekeeper was in the bedroom making my little brother go to sleep for his afternoon nap and my sister is in her bedroom using her laptop.

My mom left already and I was alone in the living room browsing through the net. I was scrolling through facebook while listening to music on Youtube. The next music video I played is 'Nicki Minaj-I Am Your Leader' and I was very addicted to that song that time so I know even its adlibs and beat. A few seconds in the song, while going through Facebook, there is also an old weird song that is like from the older decades. I removed my headphones because maybe it is from the neighbours or anything but it's only heard in the earphones playing along with the song on YouTube.

I tried going through Facebook and checked if I accidentally just clicked a video but I refreshed Facebook and the weird creepy old song is still playing along with the song on YouTube. I tried pausing the music video of the song I'm listening to and the old creepy music stopped too everytime I try to pause the video and it also plays along when I play the video. I was so scared that time that I threw my headphones, quickly shut down the computer and ran to my sister's bedroom and slept there since I feel like my grandma was around that time letting her presence be known.


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