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Short Paranormal Story By My Grandma


This narrates the tale of my maternal grandmother, who departed four years ago. She recounted to me her own paranormal encounter during the birth of my second aunt. I have three aunts, and my mother holds the position of the eldest daughter in the family.

She was in hospital and the baby (aunt) was sleeping next to her. My grandmother slept for a while and saw that a red colored hand is coming to snatch the baby... Its hand was long as a 10-15 foot -building... There was no one she could see no face, no body just a hand floating towards the body.

My grandmother and grandfather were devout followers of Sri Datta Maharaj, and in that moment of fear, she began chanting his name. To her surprise, she realized there is a puppy was near her leg, barking loudly. My grandmother even felt the silky soft hair of the dog, resembling that of a Pomeranian.

As the dog continued barking, the mysterious hand began to retreat, eventually disappearing along with the dog. She believed that the blessings of Datta Maharaj had enlisted the dog to guard the baby against any malevolent entities. She also told me the hospital she was in was really old and was haunted.

About Datta Maharaj:Whenever you will see his picture you will find him surrounded by four dogs and a cow which are prominently featured. The four dogs symbolize the Vedas, serving as reliable, all-weather companions, companions, and guardians. On the other hand, the cow metaphorically represents Mother Earth, silently and consistently providing nourishment.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-08)

I'm sorry for your loss.

There's so much pain and negative emotions taking place in hospitals, not to mention the people who passed away by surprised and may be trapped in there unaware that their time to leave has come.

Not all spirits mean to harm the living, though it's always unnerving to see someone that 'should not' be there.
Priyu1709 (1 stories) (3 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-08)
I wish I could have asked my grandmom more details. But, unfortunately she is no more 😢. However, I can tell you room details as its a very famous hospital (my cousin sister is a doctor and she worked for few years in the same hospital). I think the room was less than 100sqfeet since this was in 1960s.
It was a single room with single door where single bed was attached. Just in front of the door the bed was placed. (saying this perspective from a person who is inside the room) I remembered vaguely that se mentioned the hand was coming from the door... (Outside the door there was a huge hallway) it felt like the hand was coming from a distance. She only saw the hand no body no face nothing...
Also, my cousin used to tell me that she use to see figures having no legs & arms just floating around during night time. She is also a firm believer of god (datta maharaj) & keeps chanting his name. Thank you for your interest in my story LagyGlow:) ❤
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-08)
Hi Priyu.

I'm glad you're going to participate in the discussion.

It is well documented that during sleep people are open to interaction with the paranormal realm. I'm not denying that what your grandmother saw was a supernatural being, though I would like, if possible, know a little more about the setting of this encounter.

"a red colored hand is coming to snatch the baby... Its hand was long as a 10-15 foot -building."

I have a very vivid imagination and what I picture is this hand taking pretty much the whole space of the room.
Would you be able to describe the dimensions of the room? Do you know if there were any other patients in there and if so, if anyone else saw the hand or reported any other unusual event?

Like I have mentioned before, I'm not denying your grandmother having a paranormal encounter, but perhaps it happened during a dream.

As for the dog, I have many times dreamed about being attacked by malevolent spirits and, being a catholic, I repeat: "in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord I command you to leave", and either wake up or the nightmare stops or, should I say "the encounter stops"?
So, I'm sure the dog was protecting her.

I'll appreciate any additional context you could add to your narrative.
Priyu1709 (1 stories) (3 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-08)
I doubt if it was a nightmare... As I mentioned the hospital was haunted so she did had a paranormal experience.
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-07)
Lots of traditions around the world portray dogs as guardians of various places, people, etc.
Even in dreams, if a dog appears in one, it's either guiding or guarding, so I think that whatever that hand was, that puppy that your gran saw and felt was possibly there to protect her and your aunt.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-06)
Given the size of that hand, I doubt there would have been enough space to fit the mass of that entity in the room!

Perhaps your grandmother had a nightmare and the dog came to save her from such a bad dream.

Thanks for sharing.

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