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I am back with a post of my new ghost story. This happened to me when I was working in a multinational company. We had company transport to take us home. I was lucky enough to have my cousin brother's van as part of the company transport fleet. I was seated in the passenger seat beside him. We had to drop a number of colleagues before my turn come.

We reached Rose belle village. We had to drop a colleague there. When we reached the cross road, out of nowhere the driver and I saw a white silhouette crossing in front of the van. We were so surprised that he braked instantly thinking we had just rammed into someone. When he got down to examine the damage, great was his surprise to notice that there was no one under the tyre.

We were scared to death when we realised what we had encountered. It was something not belonging to our world. By this time all the other colleagues were urging us to leave the place as soon as possible. We did not utter a single word during our whole journey.

Upon reaching home I narrated the whole matter to my parents. My mum tied a Raksha sutra to me and prompted me to do some prayers before going to bed. Whole night I had nightmares.

The next day I asked my friend about the history of that particular place. He said that many people saw strange things there. There was a man who committed suicide by hanging himself on a nearby tree. Some believe that his soul never got mukti and still haunts the place and some say that the cross road is very famous among people who do black magic to hurt others and they do all their dirty works there. But whatever the explanation, I never want to see that horrible thing again as long as I live.

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-23)

I see you have chosen to not participate in the discussion, which is a shame because I had some questions. In my opinion, it's nice when the OP participates, especially as you've taken the time to type up and submit your story.

Hopefully, you'll change your mind.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-23)
Hi there!

"I saw a white silhouette crossing in front of the van"

"I never want to see that horrible thing again... "

What makes it horrible? I mean, you never described or explained what you saw. I hope you participate and answer my question even tho you choose not to.


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