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For probably about a year now I have been encountering a shadow cat in my home (learned that name tonight, it may not be the correct term).

Most of the time it seems like a random trick of the eye or convenient shadow. Other times its just feels too real, also my mother has seen it once or twice.

It's a medium cat sized dark apparition that is usually running around or walking by, I have never actually seen its features but it acts like a cat.

Most of the more meaningful times is when I will be walking down one of the hallways in my house, then this small shadow cat will zoom down the hall towards me and I have to catch myself so that I don't 'trip' or 'step' on it.

It even happened last night, I opened the door to my bedroom and when it was barely open the shadow cat ran out and I had to catch myself on the door frame so that I wouldn't step on it, I honestly thought that I had accidentally closed one of my cats in my bedroom.

I DO have two cats and a dog in my house - I am used to cats running around and getting in my way at times, but when there isn't a physical cat's confusing.

I have had a lot of pets throughout my life and I've had many that didn't make it, but never in this house.

I'm wondering if it's bad to see such things and or if it means something significant.

If it is a spirit and we aren't going crazy I also want to know that I don't have to remove it from my home, it seems friendly aside from always almost tripping me.

Thank you for reading my silly experience!

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i-have-a-crush-on-firestar (1 stories) (24 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-23)
i wouldn't worry, I doubt it's there to cause harm, maybe it's your spirt animal/gurdian spirt. Your ghostly-cat is safe
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-22)
We have shadow cats in our apartment building - I know I have mentioned them before but I can't find where at the moment. In our building, we refer to them as harbingers as we have found that they foretell of a misfortune to befall a pet. Last winter (Jan-March) our next door neighbors and my husband were seeing them in both of our apartments- 2-4 times per week. The day after Easter, my cat Peanut passed away. They were gone for a few months then they came back - the death of the neighbors' cat soon followed. Then a brief hiatus before they returned once more and then the downstairs neighbor's dog passed. They also came before my little Vera fell deathly ill - fortunately she was/is young and she pulled through with medical help.

Mind you, I don't want to make you worry - I get the feeling that this may be something somewhat unique to our building. And I don't mean to suggest that I think they ever have *caused* a death or illness - they merely seem to tell of such an event to come. Furthermore, none of the animals that passed were young or in good health - they were all older and coping with one issue or another.

I hope this hasn't worried you - though similar in appearance, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are in any way similar in meaning or nature ❤ Still, it never hurts to keep a close eye on your babies ❤
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-15)
Hi, EGhost -

Many years ago I use to have a "shadow ghost" visit me too. I believe it was one of my deceased cats. I would feel him jump on my bed, brush against my legs and would also hear him snore next to me. It's been a while since I've had a visit from my beloved Whiskey.

If not one of your deceased cats, then maybe a past resident of your house before you moved in.

I, like everyone else that has commented, feel that there is no need to fear it as it means no harm.

Just out of curiosity, have any of your other pets seen/felt/heard him?
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-15)
Hi there EGhost, I love this experience of yours, and I can relate to it also.

I agree with Dee and Spockie, nothing to worry about. Dee makes a good point about this possibly being one of your own cats, even if you didn't have that cat in that house. I think pets have the ability to find us.

Some believe, myself included, that some homes and/or land and/or families are protected by a spirit. A 'cat' apparition is a common one. Generally people in the home will catch a glimpse or two when this spirit is 'active'. Something for you to consider is what makes these kinds of entities active. General stress, or maybe even changes to the home/land/area, may prompt it to do the rounds, restoring calm, if you will. So think about the times you and your family have felt/seen this cat, were there any stressful influences, or big changes? Whether these kinds spirits go noticed or not, I feel they're always there in some capacity, making their presence known when they deem it important.

Whether it's one of your own cats, or a kind of protective entity, ultimately I think it's a positive thing, no matter who your shadow cat is. 😊
Spockie (8 stories) (203 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-14)
We have seen a shadow cat in this house for many years now. It doesn't frighten us, but it does startle us from time to time, and, like you, I have sometimes thought I was going to step on it or collide with it. On two different occasions, it ran right past my legs in a darkened room. I don't think you have a thing to worry about. Just ignore it or step aside for it like you would one of your own pets.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-10-13)
Hi there EGhost,

Welcome to YGS. From what you've described, it sounds like the shadow kitty means no harm and seems to be acting like a cat would in the physical. It could very well be one of your cats that has passed on visiting you. There are many accounts of similar visits and sightings on YGS of deceased pets stopping by.

I wouldn't worry about it. Your shadow kitty seems to be benign. 😊

Thanks for sharing

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