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Grim Reaper Or Shadow Person?


When I was little, about seven years old, I would always see this sort of figure. It was almost like a shadow but it was pitch black. It had a pointed hood, just like the grim reaper. Now I know that some people say that the grim reaper is supposed to stand for death, but I didn't feel that way. Whenever this figure came around I wasn't scared of it. It was more like a companion.

One afternoon my best friend came over and we were going to go outside and play. We went out the back door and stepped on the back porch.

(I had previously mentioned to him that I was seeing this figure.) Anyway, when we stepped outside I saw it standing in between the neighbors yard and my yard. I pointed at it and told my friend that I saw it. But he claimed that there was nothing there. I didn't think anything about it and we just went about our day like nothing happened.

About a year ago I suddenly remembered that I used to see this figure. I haven't seen it since I was little. But I have done research, and I learned that they are called shadow people. Although, I am still confused on whether I saw a shadow person or the grim reaper. When I saw this figure, I also noticed that it didn't hold a scythe, like the grim reaper does. If any body has any suggestions to what I may have been seeing, I would love some input.

I haven't told many people about this experience in the fear of them not believing me. I haven't known of anybody else who has seen this sort of figure. But again, if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thanks, Em1234

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