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Three Shadow People With White Glowing Eyes


For a little insight, I can say I've handled lucid dreaming well. It's natural to me to realize I'm dreaming instantly and can manipulate things within my dream. But when it turns to nightmares, it gets bad.

I was just lying down and watching YouTube on my phone, waiting for sleepiness to kick in, until I fell asleep, the only vivid thing I remember is riding a military jeep (we have one) and I was on the edge of the backseat, the windows weren't sealed. I was aware, and I just thought it was a recycled memory of me and my family going somewhere or in this case, going home cause it was already dark, we were at a highway, turning there were two roads and we turned left. There no lamp posts, we only rely on the headlights. As we turned left, from the grassfields emerges three Shadow figures, as if one blob all stuck together, the only way I knew they were three is because of their distinct white glowing eyes and I immediately felt like I wanted to avoid them but it was too late I had eye contact with as I turn around.

They were heading to where we came from, but one headed straight for me, headed straight for me, I felt him on my back as if he was climbing on the jeep and hovering over my back. Now I'm trying to wake myself up, turning into a sleep paralysis, now aware of my sorrow dings but I can still feel him on back, and it even pressed its weight on my butt two times? It was getting heavy on me and wriggled my body as best as I could to wake up.

I was too scared to take off my blankets cause I felt like someone was in my room. I stayed awake (fearing that I might go back to the same dream and meet the figures) and I started hearing breathing whispers and footsteps as it someone was walking around. It was unusual since I live with people who sleep strictly early. It was just 1 am.

I've been asking my friends who believes in the unnatural about it, and says they've never heard of shadow people with white eyes. I've only heard bad things about these shadow people.

I wonder if anyone out there had the same encounter I did, or if anyone could explain this experience. Feel free to reach out!

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ambrosia (2 posts)
10 months ago (2022-11-28)
ive been looking into this for years not really ever finding anything quite like my experience. First time I saw this shadow figure was holding on to the door frame at the bottom of my steps peering right at me. It was like 5am and still dark in the house, I remember looking in the doorway and thinking I saw something so I strained by eyes a little to realize there was a spot darker than the rest of everything around it and then the shape of hands holding the door frame, shoulders, and a head were 2 ft from my face. When I realized what I was looking at I ran up the stairs into my bedroom. A little time goes by and one time I was with my ex in his jeep at night time in my driveway in I think 2009 or 2010 and we were talking about the number of people who go missing mysteriously every year and talked about aliens. I saw a shadow figure peering into the jeep from the back passenger window, it disappeared. Seconds later I saw it on my porch peering out from behind one of the legs of a table we had flipped upside down on my porch. It was so black even though the porch light was on. Once again seconds later I saw it scurrying down low dashing in front of the jeep, and we heard a bang from under the vehicle and I could feel it in my butt underneath me. The whole time I'm freaking out trying to explain to my boyfriend what I was seeing but it all happened so fast. A couple more seconds pass and it appears in the back window behind him again and I saw the very dark shape of its slightly large ovalish head and two small but very bright white lights or eyes, almost like Christmas lights appear on its face. It appeared to close them and then dissipated. The whole time I felt this overwhelming feeling of "it wants me" and it was terrifying but not necessarily evil. I still cannot find much on shadow figures with white eyes, paired with crazy lucid nightmares, sleep paralysis and near the bed lurkng, and poltergiest as well as physical touch. Right before I started seeing this being, I knew there was an entity there and I asked it to show itself to me and show me how it moved. Which it did exactly that.
eloratheira (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-04-08)
Hi Kafka,

I also had a nightmare about the shadow people with white glowing eyes. I was still in highschool at that time. But what I saw was 2 shadow people and it appeared in my dream that the 2 shadow people was my 2 brother... Just sharing bec. I don't know what was the meaning of that dream.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-27)
Hi, Kafka -

Sounds like a bad nightmare. I have had dreams where I wake up and I can still hear the voices that were in my dream. It's like they stay in your head and you can still hear them when you're awake. I've also woken up with body parts hurting when I dream that I hurt myself. I will wake up with a soar throat when I have been yelling and screaming in my dream.

We can't be sure if that's what happened to you but it's a possibility.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-27)
Hello Kafka - I would suggest for you to do two things:

A) check the stories in the "Shadow People" paranormal category of the site, some members have had positive encounters with these entities, and others not so much.

B) if you aren't currently writing one, start a journal of your dreams.

In my opinion, it's hard to say if the " breathing whispers and footsteps" were real or if your frighten state made you mistake normal noises for something else, specially if there's no previous history of paranormal activity in your house - something that you don't mention in your narrative.

What kind of material were you watching in YouTube that night? Do you think this could have influenced your dreams?

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