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Visit From Grandad/dreams? Part 2


This is part 2 of a story I submitted called "Visit from Grandad/dreams?" It is important to read that story first and then return to this one!

I posted the story "Visit from Grandad/dreams?" sometime spring of 2018, without having told my grandma of this experience (who had been widowed of course and very upset after his death) I didn't want to make her upset by telling her he said goodbye to me through a dream state. I told my mom, however not as detailed as described on Your Ghost Stories, and she also did not tell my grandma.

This past summer (2018), I traveled alone to Florida to visit my grandma in her house. She still hasn't healed from my grandad's death. One day, she was upset about him and I decided to tell her my story about how he said goodbye to me in my dream. I told her all of the details of the stairs, the hallway, the location of the doors, his outfit, etc.

In response to my dream she said something like, "oh -- that sounds a lot like the house we used to live in, in Iowa." I asked her more about it and she said that the house is exactly as my dream had looked; a short wooden stairway leading up to a door at the top that had a bright window in the room, and to the left a hallway that had some doors at the end. My grandparents both lived this house for a short while. She said that when my grandpa lived there, my grandad was in the best shape of his life, going on runs every day.

She also told me that MANY years ago, when later owners of the house had put the house on sale and had visitors touring it, a family claimed to see a fisherman at the doorway at the top of the stairs (same ones from my dream, same area my grandma mentioned). The man they saw, they said was a ghost. My great grandfather (on my grandma's side), who had been dead for some years before that, was a fisherman.

As I mentioned, these stories are new to me -- I knew nothing of these instances or anything of that house before my dream with my Grandpa. Given that my grandpa visited me at a place (in my dream) where he was the healthiest in life and was also dressed as though he were going to exercise, and the fact that others years ago have seen a ghost in that very same doorway of another one of my family members, I can't help but believe that my grandfather chose that location to say goodbye to me for a reason. Do you think he knew I would end up making these connections and figuring it out? Does that house just continue to hold some kind of spiritual energy in my family or act as a gateway to the spirit world?

Thanks everyone for reading, I would love to hear some comments or questions (appropriate and kind please:)

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-25)
Maybe, if the opportunity presents itself, visit the house. It might be an enlightening experience. I have visited old family sites in the South when I have had the chance and the feelings I have received there have been incredible... Like walking into a crowded room where everyone knows of you and is eager to see you - I can feel them there and feel their eyes on me (not in a creepy way) even though I have never been able to see them. Fortunately, I have always been alone in these instances as I talk to them too, telling them about my life etc and I would probably look like a mad woman to any passersby!
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-05)
Greetings, MNgirl.

I know the lucidity of the atemporal/supernatural state you describe in which these events occur; in my case, my first thoughts are almost always "I'm not dreaming. I should pay attention to this." That said, I'm going to address your questions.

1) "Do you think he knew I would end up making these connections and figuring it out?" I think it would make more sense if you looked at it the other way around; he knew you would not recognize the house while your grandmother couldn't fail to recognize your description of it.
Emanuel Swedenborg, a Lutheran mystic (there's a sizable Lutheran population in MN, but I'm making no presumptions about your beliefs), claimed his visions of the afterlife revealed people taking an active role shaping the environment around them. It could have been the house he most enjoyed living in, besides being the time of his life he was most fit. Happy memories suggest that his soul is indeed at peace.

2) "Does that house just continue to hold some kind of spiritual energy in my family or act as a gateway to the spirit world?" I'm going with "no" on this; this house's spiritual energy was significant to your grandfather. Letting you see it would give you, your mother, and your grandmother a place to go looking for him whenever that time comes. He let you see just a little bit more about him than you'd known previously; take it for what it was, he shared a symbol of personal significance with you that brought comfort to your grandmother.


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