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Dream About Death Attracted A Spirit?


This experience happened to me last night (4/26/2019) at around 3 a.m., and is the most frightening experience I've had by far.

It started as a seemingly normal dream. In the dream it was a dark and rainy afternoon and I was wondering around a very small city exploring the buildings. Eventually, I was walking down a sidewalk and stopped in my tracks as I came upon a scene involving Mulder and Scully (two characters from the sci-fi show "X-Files"). If you haven't seen it you can look up the two names and the show to get a picture of what these two actors look like. Funny enough, I haven't seen the show in years so it is interesting that they were involved in my dream.

Anyways, Mulder was lying on his side in a fetal position as though he had been injured by something, and Scully had her head on top of his body and was listening for his heartbeat. Suddenly, I was in Mulder's position. He was no longer there, but I had "taken his place" laying on the sidewalk. Scully's head was resting on me now, listening for the heartbeat.

As I was laying in this fetal position (on my left side), and could hear my heart beating very slowly but loudly. I could also hear my breathing slowing, and realized that I was dying. In those moments, I was accepting my death and almost trying to come to terms with it. I felt no fear during those moments. But then, I was taking my last big breath in, and the feeling of dying became overwhelmingly climactic -- I realized that I didn't really want to die and I became scared, and then my body started to get an intense buzzing-tingling feeling that felt like a wave moving from my lower back up to my head and my body was trying to paralyze itself (if that makes any sense). In that moment of fear, I jerked myself awake. I was laying on my futon and my covers where over my face and my body was still in the same exact fetal position I had been laying in during the dream. I was %1000000 awake, and my heart was racing and I was breathing at a normal/quicker pace now.

As I said, my covers were over my entire body including my face and head (my room gets cold at night which is why I fall asleep like this sometimes in the first place -- also there was a breathing hole above my head where air was still coming through the cover so I could breath and was not suffocating). A few moments after awaking, I noticed that through my covers (which are lightweight and fairly see-through) the room looked bright as though it was the early morning. I reached over my head in front of me and lifted the blankets to peek out at the room to confirm that it was the morning light. When I pulled the covers down past my eyes, I saw the side profile of a whitish-blueish glowing face, with distinct features like the eye socket, mouth, nose, etc. The figure was about 12-24 inches away from my face, and I felt as though it was going to turn its head to look at me (it did not while I was looking at it). After maybe 2 or 3 seconds of seeing this thing, I reacted by quickly pulling the covers back over my head again in fear so that I could see it. Still, the presence of this being was overwhelmingly strong, and I felt like it was tied to me in particular and focusing on me (it did not "feel" like something that was attached to the room, if that makes any sense). I laid under my covers awake and scared and eventually turned around to my right side, sill hiding under the covers -- my phone was on this side of the futon and under the covers with me (I fall asleep with my phone next to me), so I checked the time and it read 3:20 a.m.

I was sweating and it was difficult to breathe, I didn't care how uncomfortable it was because I was too frighted to bring my face above the covers in fear of seeing this entity again. I continued to feel the entity's presence for a while, and then it gradually faded and I became brave enough to check outside of the covers. When I did I noticed the room was almost pitch black and I could only see soft details of my desk and dresser, and at this point my eyes had adjusted to the dark. There were no logical explanations for the face and for the bright light it gave off because there are no significant sources of light in the room besides two or three small computer button lights which were on the opposite corner of the room from where I saw the entity, and are very faint lights (smaller than a pea). Unless I had a very vivid hallucination (which never happens to me, even when I've had sleep paralysis in the past), I have no debunking explanation for what I saw and felt.

Also I will note that this was not a sleep paralysis experience. I was not paralyzed and was consciously moving my body and interacting with the objects around me-and did not fall back asleep for another hour or so. I actually ended up going to the restroom after feeling like the entity was gone, and upon returning to my room, though on edge, did not feel like it was there anymore.

I told my Mom of this experience, and she hypothesized that this spirit came because somehow my dream about dying/my intensely involved state of mind about death had somehow opened a veil of sorts to the spirit world that allowed something to come through to me, or perhaps made me vulnerable or likely to an experience with a spirit.

My apologies for the length of this account, I tried to be as detailed as possible but please feel free to comment if you need me to clarify or further explain any parts of it. Otherwise, I'm interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience with dream death and seeing spirits, or saw this spirit in particular or know what it was? It didn't feel necessarily evil or good, just neutral and I felt afraid because like most people, the supernatural does frighten me.

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MNgirl97 (4 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)
[at] AugustM
Thank you for the reply 😊 That is a very comforting story! I agree that much of the time, dreams are just our brains kind of playing out the day in weird ways, and like you said, that some are more meaningful/connected to our waking life in a physical way.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-22)
I was almost 30 before I had my first (and to date only) dream about dying - sure I had experienced nightmares before where something dreadful was happening but I had always awoken before that critical moment. I had always feared that something awful would happen in reality if I died in a dream - I think I was nearly as afraid of dying in a dream as in reality. Then one night it happened. In the dream another woman and I were running from a killer. She stumbled and I knew that when I went back for her, I would have no time to escape. So I got her up, told her to run and with calm that I never would have expected, turned to face my fate. The man threw the knife and it struck me in the neck. I felt the impact, felt the blade go in, felt the blood pumping from the wound, felt my breath leaving my body. But I felt no fear, no panic, only peace. As though I had faced the worst and found it not so fearsome at all. As my surroundings faded, I felt surrounded by presences that I could not see but could feel their welcome and a sense of embrace. As I awoke, they were still there for a few moments as I took in what had happened. Unlike what you experienced, I could not see them only sense their presence but just as you related, they felt distinctly tied to me not my home and their presence gradually faded away.

I think there is more to some dreams than simple synaptic fancies. I think when we let down our guard and surrender control of our minds in sleep, it allows the paranormal a window into our minds. Sure, some dreams are fairly meaningless - the mind blowing off the stress of the day or working through problems etc - but others are, I believe, something more.
MNgirl97 (4 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-21)
[at] silverthane61
Thanks so much for the reply! I am only 21 and very healthy -- I have never had any heart conditions. I do however have anxiety which sometimes causes tightness/pain in my chest.
Part of me wonders though if I had thought myself very hard into a death like situation and if this happened to result in a guardian angel visiting me! (?) Who knows!
Thanks again:D
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-17)
Minnesota girl 97, you wrote a very compelling story! Could it be that you may have been close to suffering a heart attack or some other health emergency? This, in turn, summoned a guardian spirit to come and heal you, or prevent you from suffering a major health issue? Maybe you saw your guardian angel! Just a thought...

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