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Strange Incidents In My Apartment


I've been reading YGS for a bit now, and finally have courage to share my own experiences. This happened in 2013. I wrote this while I was going through it, so it would be fresh in my mind, and not affected by memory. I lived here with 3 flatmates. I apologise for how long this post is.

I'd been living in that flat for about a year now, and stuff started happening around the four month mark. The first major incidence occurred when I was sitting in this balcony that was enclosed with steel bars, studying at my desk, facing the wall and my back to the rest of the balcony. The sun had just set. A flatmate came home, and we spoke for a bit, and then she went to her room, so I wasn't technically alone. I heard this voice behind me what I can only describe as one of those voices that come from Emily Rose. I don't want to label it as demonic (I don't think I can, because I'm not a Christian, and I've never heard of voices like this in Indian ghost stories). The voice was very loud, and sounded absolutely furious. I could not make out what it said. I was petrified but sensed that I shouldn't turn, so I just kept studying. After a, while, the negative feeling disappeared, so my rational mind took over and I went to ask my neighbors if they'd been watching something on TV, perhaps, but no one was.

After that, there was just a lot of unpleasantness in the house. Since I practice Reiki and my roommate is a Buddhist, we tried to cleanse the energy and it helped a lot. Still, sometimes we feel like something is following us when we are walking around the house, irrespective of it being night or day.

The next incident occurred a few months later. I had just stepped out, then remember I'd forgotten my phone. So I went back in, and headed to my room. I didn't bother switching on the lights because I was in a hurry and assumed I'd find it without the light, but I was wrong. Out of frustration I just muttered to myself, "Why is it so dark in here?!" and immediately the light came on. I'm not even kidding, I so wish I was. I found my phone, and then very slowly and deliberately switched off the lights before leaving. I walked a bit from the house before freaking out. It was weird.

A few weeks later, my roommate was going out to get herself some lunch, and since I, wasn't hungry, I decided to take a leisurely shower. I saw her leave and then went to the bathroom. About 10 minutes in, I heard her distinctive sound of her anklet come into the room (she wore an insanely loud one, with about a 100 tiny bells attached. Anklets in India have about 5 or 6,so it is a distinctive sound. Most days it was just annoying). Then, I heard her banging on the door, in her usual pattern. I assumed she came back to ask if I'm sure I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't hear it over the shower, so I just told her I didn't want anything. I heard her walk out. About 15 minutes later, someone started calling my phone incessantly, so I got out and saw it was my flatmate. She said she'd forgotten her key... I was incredulous, asking her asked her how she'd gone to the food place that was 15 minutes away and was back so soon? She, was confused... She told me she never came back to check on me or ask me about the food. She said she'd left the keys because I'd shut the door for her when she left.

The next incident is what scared me the most. I was studying again, at around 0345 on the night of the blood moon eclipse or whatever that was. I didn't pay any attention to it as such. I was alone at home. Suddenly, I felt something standing behind me, behind my right shoulder (I'm left handed, if that means anything) It didn't feel human. I could feel fury, hate and menace rolling off of it. I don't think I've ever been that afraid in my life, and I've been in a lot of stupid situations. It was just pure dread. The weirdest part was that time seemed to slow down between 0350 and 0405. At first I thought it was just paranoia, but then I counted the seconds in the one Mississippi two Mississippi way, and it was still slow. It normalized after 0405, but the thing was still there. It seemed to grow weaker as the sun rose. I went to bed around 0700, knowing for sure it wasn't there anymore.

Another auditory experience was for my flatmate - she was headed out to meet a few friends just below the building, and heard someone call her name and tell her not to go down. It was an androgynous voice.

Other than that, the previous tenants said that they'd had a lot of cleansing rituals performed, with little effect. They found the furniture moved around, said they sensed someone sleeping next to them when they were in fact alone at home, and locked the door from inside while sleeping but found it open when they woke up. They also said that no animals entered the flat, but we haven't experienced the same problem as such. Stray cats come and go, though they stare and act strange in one of the bedrooms (the one the tenants said saw more activity, which happens to be my bedroom). Dogs refuse to enter the house.

What does all of this mean? Am I hallucinating? I really want to find some logical explanation for all this. Any thoughts? What is going on?

Sorry for the long post, I just had to get it out before I got too scared.

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Junglecat (2 stories) (56 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)

I got the order of your stories messed up but I think you can still follow. I was referring to both the first and the early morning story where it was trying to scare you.
Junglecat (2 stories) (56 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
Hi Stubborn,

Interesting read. For what it's worth, you don't have to be Christian to recognize demons. They have them in a lot of faiths (though apparently not yours?) The idea of demons came to Christianity from more ancient regional faiths of the era. Or your flatmate could be really mean and playing tricks on you but I'm leaning away from that.

The entity hasn't hurt you but the fact that it wanted to scare you in the first story is troublesome. There may be more than one because the lights came on when you wanted them, which suggests benevolence and that is quite different than you otherwise report. The bathroom incident is again different in that the entity seems like a trickster in that particular case.

You could check the cleansing rituals on this site and see if they differ from what you have already performed. The sage one is under articles and Rook's is under his bio. I think he spells his handle rookdyjinn. That might dispense with your unwanted houseguests.
sn-e-ha (10 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-18)
Thought of asking the landlords for a rough history check about the place? I think that would help
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-15)
Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for sharing. I don't think you are hallucinating. Seems your place has some interesting stuff going on there.

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