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This story happened in 2014, a story regarding my personal experience when I shot a horror short film during my college days. I and my group of friends were active in film making (we're still active now). We decided to make a horror short film. I'm the director of the film and it was my first film. Guess what? I done 10 short films for now, won many awards for my movies and still I can't release my first short film! It's like a curse. I tell you why, before that we need to travel back to 2014! Let's go!

It was my first short film without any experience! We shot the movie in every haunted areas included in a graveyard. Well that's how the story started first. We didn't do any prayers prior before shooting. We didn't ask "Permissions" either. We did shooting there in evening time around 2pm until 4pm.

First my friend heard someone tell him to "get out from here". He just ignored the voice as he thought someone pranking him. Well, that's a warning for us but we didn't listen. We continue to shoot and suddenly the camera shut down automatically just like that. My friend opened it again, we could see something like foggy in the camera screen. We couldn't see anything via the screen. All covered with fog like thing. We thought to stop the shooting and decided to go back.

That night, another friend, saw two spirits in his house, an old lady with a small girl. Next day all of us had bad dream and we shared it after our lunch break.

Days passed and we still doing that shoot until one day I realized something not right with the female cast who acted as the ghost in the film. She started to acting weird, very weird and weak.

My friends decided to go a small trip to a place near our college area. I didn't go along with them since I had an important class to attend. The next day we all gather round and watched all the pics they took there. My eyes got something very scary to see perhaps we deleted it after we saw that video. The girl who acted as the ghost, we just call her as " S". She look so weak in that video, she barely could walk. They took a group pic in that place and my friend rec a video during the trip. Suddenly "S" started to act strange, she gave a horrifying look with a evil smile and she went back weak. After a sec, she started to do the same thing. Nobody noticed her until we do after we watched the video. That evening, we brought her to see a priest. With help of him, "S" finally become normal as she was possessed with a spirit after we shoot in the graveyard.

Things never got normal after that. All of us experienced bad dreams everyday. Well for me, I always had some kind of feeling that someone watching me when I slept off. I saw a "Shaman" and he only told me one thing. Stop the movie or you will suffer more losses in future! After a small meetup with the entire movie team, we decided to abort the movie. Things get back to normal after that! There was so many things happens to us but I think it will make the story more longer if I wrote it all. The movie footage is still in my friend's laptop and whenever he wants to edit the footages, the laptop will automatically shut down. I'm also confused until now and the movie still hasn't been released yet. After hearing our stories, many teams asked me to shoot the movie again. Well we're the only ones who know what we experienced during the shoot and it still gave us all a chilling nightmare.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-24)
When I was little, I used to sneak a peek behind the sofa in the living room at Grandma's place as the grownups watched the old black-and-white Pontianak movies. Her house also came with its resident spirits who were very territorial and protective of her.

Was that your only attempt in the genre? It would be interesting if you could do a reshoot at the same locations. But because you had all that trouble, you might wish to cleanse before you go to each place, ask for blessings or protection, and then cleanse again afterwards to ensure you aren't 'followed' or have picked up an 'attachment'. Whatever cleansing ritual you choose to use will have to be relevant to your personal beliefs in order to be effective.

Under the circumstances, you might wish to ask for "Permission" though. It is always advisable to be polite when entering someone else's domain.

What sort of "Shaman" did you see? My relatives in Malaysia would have called on a traditional medicine practitioner like a bomoh for healing and protection against sorcery, rather than a pawang who deals more with rituals involving nature, weather and animals. Did the Shaman give you something to protect your friends as well as yourself?

Do take care and all the best to you.
Superhero (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
Hey Lucia

I also got the same feeling. Whenever I hear the name "Raadhana", character name of the ghost, I feel kind of scary
Superhero (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
Hey Miandra, its really spooky to read that article! By the way thanks for sharing it! Cheers mate
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
Hello Caz & Superhero,

I found this article online about deaths that occurred during horror movie sets.


I enjoyed your post, very interesting reading. Thank you.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Caz (342 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
You're right Lucia! Poltergeist was one. There were a lot of deaths around that movie. I also remember reading about another movie where strange, scary things happened during filming. Sorry I can't remember the name, but I do remember it was one of the old Dracula movies that was being filmed in an old church in London!
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-21)
I don't know... Could be. I just looked up something of this nature the other day about movies that are cursed. You could Google them if you want. Just movies that had a lot of bad stuff happening after or before they were released.
Superhero (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-16)
HELLO Majarlika012, yes I'm a filmmaker now, currently doing shortfilms and Mv Only:) I was studied at Ipoh and finished my course around 2016.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-14)
Are you somewhat a local film director? I've heard similar stories of multi-media students filming a short horror movie and experiencing paranormal. But I haven't watched any work of those.

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