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Our Haunted First Apartment


Way back in 1972 I was a newlywed to my first husband; Bill, the bum (Feel the love here). We ran away to Kentucky to get married because you could get married there at 16 years old without parental consent. It was 2 weeks after I turned 18 and I could leave Ohio at 18 as 'that' was, then, considered legal age to do so. A mistake on my part, but I corrected it a few years later. However, that's another story not really appropriate for this site.

We were living with 'his' Foster parents when we came back to Willoughby. My parents were just glad to see I was alive, but they were less than thrilled with Bill. I grew to understand that later on. At any rate, we were living in Esther's house that was a former Boarding house long before I met Bill. One room in the house was haunted by the ghost of a former boarder named Chester who was an alcoholic and, unfortunately passed on there. I encountered poor Chester and mentioned him in a previous post about Esther's boarding house. He was merely confused and not aware of his non-living state until I, gently, explained it to him. Thus, helping him to move on to a better existence.

We lived with Esther and Dave for about a year and a half, but it was hardly subliminal. We had very little privacy except for up in our bedroom, or when we left every weekend for our playing jobs. We were, both, guitarists and in a 4-piece band.

Our drummer, call her S., was, also, our manager. That way we always 'had' our manager with us. She would find the gigs and negotiate our pay-scales. That was about the only fun I had while married to Bill since he mostly didn't stay employed too long. He had a problem with work called laziness. Those weekend gigs helped keep us in gas and food though for several months until 'I' found employment as a nursing assistant in a nearby hospital. Believe it, or not. Back then $2.25/hour was a fairly decent wage, and we were able to move out to our first apartment at last. Ah, privacy!

The apartment was once a huge century old mansion that the owners converted into 8 separate apartments. 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs. We got the one on the far-left side in the back facing the street. The rent was only $110.00 a month. Can you believe that? The apartment was so tiny that you could, literally, stand in the center of the living room and turn around slowly and see the entire apartment without leaving 'that' spot. It had the living room, bedroom off of the living room, bathroom off of the bedroom and the kitchen. The kitchen was the only large section of the whole place. There was a door in the kitchen that led down to the basement, but we never went down there.

We had to wallpaper the living room since it was an ugly puke yellow color, and we laid some nice, new linoleum down since the floors were bare wood. We didn't want splinters in our feet. I told the landlords that 'we' were doing it to improve the appearance of the place to our liking and didn't expect them to increase the rent as 'we' were doing all the work. They agreed.

While we were busy improving the place and setting up housekeeping, we didn't really notice anything right away. Once we had the work completed is when we began to notice some annoying and strange developments.

It started out rather subtle at first. We had an apartment directly above us. The other 3 were located in such a way as to have 2 on one side, and 2 on the other side.

It started with some noises above us. Usually in the daytime. No big deal. The sound of the other tenants. Or so we thought. Like I said, we didn't give too much credence to it. However, those noises grew louder in intensity, and we heard them day and night. Especially when we were trying to sleep. How rude can you get? We took it for months until it got ridiculous.

When Bill was at work one day, I took the initiative to call the landlord and say something about it. When I told the wife about the rude tenant above us keeping us up all night with their racket, I was greeted with silence at first. She told me that she'd look into it. I let it go at that. I was hoping that the landlords would have a talk with the person living up there and tell them to be more considerate. No such luck.

The racket became much more distinctive at night. It actually sounded like someone rolling something around on wheels. Apparently, the floors in all the apartments were bare wood floors making it easy to hear someone walking around, or moving furniture, and the like. We, also, heard what sounded like they were hammering nails into the plaster walls. That noise was sporadic, but most annoying when you're in bed.

We knew there were other tenants upstairs. An old man that lived by himself and an older couple. We didn't know who was in the other 2 apartments. We really didn't neighbor too much.

We got pretty fed up with the noisy neighbor above us and decided to go up to the apartment and talk to them ourselves. It appeared that the landlords didn't follow through with their idle promise. Driven by annoyance, and sick of being kept up nights we marched upstairs to confront our tormentor. We resolutely stood outside of the apartment door and persistently began knocking on it. We got no answer. We kept pounding until we'd get a response. About then the woman that lived with her husband directly across from that apartment opened her door. She looked to be in her 40's, attractive, and spoke nicely to us inquiring as to what we were doing.

We explained that whoever was living in there was keeping us up practically all night with all the racket they were making. I asked "why don't they open the door? Are they deaf so they can't hear all the noise they're making at all hours? What's their problem? We're getting quite aggravated about it. The landlord assured us that they'd talk to them, but nothing's been done so far."

She had a rather blank look on her face. She introduced herself and invited us in so she could 'talk' to us. Her husband was at work, but she asked us to sit down. She offered us some coffee. We were seated at her dining room table as she brought the coffee out to us. She had a cup with us. She told us not to think she was crazy, but her husband, and her have been hearing the same noises since they moved in the year before us. She said hearing what we said made her realize that what her husband and her surmised convinced her that 'they' weren't just bonkers and hearing things. She said that that particular apartment was 'empty'.

Our jaws dropped. Even Bill, the sceptic, was stunned. We told her somebody 'has' to be in there. She confirmed that the 'only' people they've seen in there were the landlord and his wife when they come by once a week in the mornings to clean it. She said that they've seen the landlords 'showing' the apartment to several people, yet no one comes back, or has moved into it. She took a deep sip of her coffee and told us with a very serious tone in her voice that her husband, and her believed 'that' place was haunted.

I believe my reaction was "say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" She wasn't joking in the least little bit. She said that her husband, and she were looking for another place to move to because it was beginning to scare them.

I asked her if she knew 'anything' as to 'why' it might be haunted?

All she could tell me was that the old man that lived down the hall next door might know something since he had been living there for a number of years. She didn't want to question him since they didn't know him personally and weren't sure how to inquire about it.

Fortunately, I was a little braver, and the curiosity was more than I could stand.

I waited for my day off from the hospital. I did notice an old fellow that would periodically sit out on the front porch when the weather permitted it. The house had a wraparound porch, so I just walked around to the front when I saw him outside one day. I introduced myself and told him that we recently moved in around the back. I started some polite conversation trying not to be too obvious about my curiosity. I asked him how well he was acquainted with his neighbors, and did he like living there? Things like that.

During the conversation he mentioned that there 'was' a strange old guy that lived in the apartment opposite him at the end of the hallway. He said the man had to get around with a wheeled walker because he had difficulty walking.

He thought the guy was a little kooky since he was frequently thinking he had to pound nails into the walls to hang things. He wasn't satisfied with his surroundings and was constantly trying to change it. He told me that the guy was rather anti-social and complained all the time. He said that he was living there for about 4 years when the landlord showed up to collect the rent one day only to find him lying on the bedroom floor. Apparently, he'd had a heart-attack. That was that.

It began to make sense. This man quite obviously was not aware that he was, no longer, on the physical plane, and was carrying on with his obsessive habits that he had in life. I imparted my revelation to Bill, and even he couldn't argue with me about it.

We stayed less than a year and moved to a much nicer apartment elsewhere. It wasn't much of a beginning for a newlywed couple in their very first place to find out that it has haunted. Our relationship didn't improve too much after leaving, but I couldn't blame a ghost for that. Bill turned out to be lazy and a run-around. The marriage ended, and I met a wonderful man that I had my fair share of adventures with. However, John and I had some very enlightening, and fascinating stories to share with each other. I am, now, sharing my accounts here. Thank you for reading them!

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The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-18)
Hello Linjahaha, I had a note to add to your last comment, it is true about the free will aspect and spirits can remain behind for sure, and they are also bound to unwritten rules as well. Some are harder to manage than others, but there are many if you tell them to leave you alone or back off, they have to honor that. It's why we can banish them and send them away if they become a nuisance to the living, this dimension we're in is primarily for those in physical bodies. I'm not sure what these 'rules' are that spirits have to follow and as I said not all of them seem to 'obey' easily, but nonetheless there is something to it.

As humans become attached to places in life, they do so in the afterlife too. There have been countless times, I have read stories where in bad storms, residents were warned to evacuate and many refused to leave their homes. They paid the price with their lives when those homes were destroyed, so it definitely makes sense that ghosts would refuse to leave too, even though it would be the logical thing to do! Lack of common sense doesn't seem to shift when a person passes on in some cases!
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-14)
Ladyglow, it's hard to say in regard to that question! I read, in a book by the renowned parapsychologist, Hans Holzer, that we all have free-will choice. Not only on 'this' plane, but in the next. If a spirit 'wants' to remain they, simply, will do so.
It depends on the individual. However, you'd think that they 'would' want to move on since there really isn't any future in being a ghost.
Why stick around in empty, run-down surroundings when you could go on to those that you love & loved you.
Then again, it depends on the person. I heard it said by a well-known psychic that if someone wasn't a nice person in life, that they won't change in the afterlife.
Like I said it depends on the person, their individual personality/circumstances, & their own personal strength of will.
Some move on effortlessly, while others are bound for their own personal reasons to a residence, or a particular area. Such as the land.
Just putting forth some possible scenarios from what I've learned, & to some degree, experienced for myself. There are no concrete answers here!

Thanks for reading!
😊 😊
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-13)
What an unforgettable place to live at, though not for the right reasons.

I wonder if the ghost was able to move on once the place was demolished or if he is still around recreating the location he remained attached to.

Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-13)
Rajine, That's right! They never admitted that there was something going on that they were not able to explain, but rather fluffed it off by promising to allegedly 'look into it'. Ha!
The landlord never did get back to me. Did they honestly think that we would just overlook it, & continue to live there with all that going on above us without a satisfactory explanation?
They 'wanted' their money though. Just like the house on Erie Road, the landlord was 'always' there with his hand out for his rent.
Like I said. It was an annoying beginning for a newlywed couple in their first place!

Thanks for reading & take care! 😊 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-13)
Seems like someone had a very intense attachment to that specific apartment, but from the looks of it, the landlord seems to be money greedy.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-09)
Lost Voyage, Thank you for your compliments! I always was a good writer in school. Going all the way back to English class.
However, I consider myself more of a lyricist since I write songs primarily being a musician/singer. I recorded a CD several years ago, & the guys I recorded it with have asked me to do another one after I write some more songs. It was fun. I wrote songs dedicated to the memory of my late husband. 'That' writing & keeping busy with my music 'helped' me to get through my loss tremendously.
As for the house in Willoughby. Yes, the apartment house was located in a different section of Willoughby, we did cruse by it several times after we vacated. The landlords never told us 'anything'. Like the jerk landlord of the house on Erie Road, all they were interested in was collecting the rent. I'm quite 'sure' that they were well 'aware' of the situation there but wouldn't ever 'tell' anyone. Let alone reveal it to prospective tenants,
Oh, no! They just kept it clean, but only came in the daytime to do that. What does 'that' tell you? They wanted to get in & get out quickly.
To my knowledge, after we moved out the lady, & her husband followed shortly after. After a few years, we went by that place only to find it was torn down. I mean gone. A brand-new structure was erected on the site. Only it was, no longer, apartments. It was now a small office building. To my knowledge, it still is.
I'll be submitting a couple more incidents on here in future posts.
Like I've said. I've had paranormal occurrences happen throughout my life. However, the most frightening one was the house on Erie Road in Willoughby. In retrospect, it shouldn't surprise me since there are a lot of homes there that are Century Homes. They even have plaques on them designating them as such. Therefore, it should be no surprise that a lot of them 'may' be haunted owing to the history of the structures. I hope I was able to answer some of your questions here!

Thanks, Again, For Reading! 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-09)
Hello Linjahaha, what a fascinating encounter, you sure seem to have the lucky streak (with a sly grin) of ending up in some pretty supernaturally active places over time!

It's sad that this man couldn't move on after his death, although from the sounds of it, his end was swift and sudden, so like Chester, I agree with you, he may not be aware he's passed on from this plane. He sounds like he still wasn't satisfied with the place even beyond death! I have to wonder what would have happened if someone had moved in, he probably would have lost it (if a ghost can lose it, since they don't really have anything left to lose) when someone came in and started messing with the 'place' he was already unhappy with. Of course when and if he becomes aware he's passed on, perhaps he would be eager to move on if he was so unhappy with the apartment in life! Most likely he threw off a 'get out of here' vibe to any potential renters which would explain why no one ever returned.

Did you ever follow up with the landlords and find out why they acted in such a bizarre manner when you complained about the noises? I mean why didn't they just come clean that the place was vacant? Their response leads me to believe they knew about the strange goings on in that apartment. I mean they should have known you would just keep hearing the noises and complain again. Did they ever rent it out? Did the old gentleman you spoke with next door, ever note anything strange about the place? What ever became of the house itself, do you know?

Hopefully you don't mind the questions, but this story has tickled my curiosity for sure! It was a most enjoyable read, you have a unique way or writing/relating your stories that pulls the reader in! I look forward to hearing more from you on your paranormal adventures!

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