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Lady In The Mall


The haunting took place in Leung King shopping mall before it's renovation.

When I was little, I would often go shopping with my mom. Every time we were walking to the grocery store, I'd always see a lady sitting against the wall (around 30 or so). Her face is unusually pale, has long black hair tangling down to her legs, and wears a white seamless robe that shines.

People walked passed her never noticed her presence like I do. I stared at her every time I walked passed her. I could see her face features very clearly, always see her looking forward emotionlessly. I never seen her blink or move either.

Even though I saw her often during the day I even saw her sitting there during night too.

Years go by, my family have moved to somewhere else, but we would visit the mall once in a while. I still saw her sitting there emotionlessly. Once there was a pop up stall which sells folded fans and such. The stall was lit up with lights. It was located near where the lady usually sit. While we were looking at the stuff I was curious where the lady have gone to. I saw her but she was sitting far away from the stall.

She was nowhere to be found when the ruthless company "Link" aka 領展 was going to do to do excessive renovation on the third floor of the shopping centre. Luckily I didn't see her after the renovation either. But I did saw a tall greyish human like figure also sitting against the wall inside a empty commercial unit when I revisit the shopping mall last year. I quickly looked away.

That empty unit turns out to be a boutique afterwards.

** Remember not everyone can see ghosts. Children at the very young age are more likely to see paranormal activity. Usually their senses to see these kind of things would slowly weaken as they grow. That's why some people can see these things but some don't. I DON'T recommend people to seek ways to be make themselves more sensible to see these things. It's not fun to see ghosts everyday. We should be grateful not to be sensible to paranormal activity.

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