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Knocks On The Door


The incident I'm about to share with you all happened to me a few years ago. I used to stay in a 1 bhk apartment back then. I was a kid when I moved there with my parents.

I got a negative review of this apartment on the very first day after moving there. My mother and I went to a shop and the lady who worked over there told us that the people who've stayed over there before us have suffered while they lived in that apartment and was worried about us staying over there.

After staying in this apartment for almost 7 years I hadn't experienced anything of the sort the woman had mentioned. But then came the night when I called my friends over for watching a movie as my parents were out of town for a few days.

My friends reached my place, we had dinner and started watching a movie in the bedroom. There were the three of us present in the apartment at the time; after watching one movie we started watching another and while we were watching it I heard a sound coming from the door of the bedroom which was locked from the inside. Out of my two friends, one was watching the movie with me and the other one was fast asleep. My friend who was awake had heard that sound as well but we ignored it as the sound was very low. We continued to watch the movie and we suddenly heard a knock on the bedroom door, we ignored it again thinking it might be a rat but that knock was heard once again and after a couple of minutes. These knocks later transformed into bangs, we could see the bedroom-door quivering and it seemed as if somebody badly wanted to get into the bedroom, by this time we had known what was going around. These bangs continued for a while and we decided to sleep after that. Now there was no chance that anyone could have banged the door from the outside as there was nobody present in the other room and the main door was locked from the inside.

My parents returned home after 3 days and I narrated the happening that took place in the apartment. My father wasn't surprised after getting to know what had happened and he told me that a guy had died in that apartment because of drug overdose and his dead body had been chopped and stuffed into a refrigerator by his friend who wanted to avoid the police and the subsequent legal action by disposing of the refrigerator later. My mother had said that she had been seeing shadows in the afternoon while cooking. After listening to my parents I was sure that whatever was banging the door was neither a rat nor the wind.

Please tell me what was it all about in the comments section.

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Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-31)
Hi handsomerobber,

I was wondering if you were ever able to confirm your father's story about the man who died in the apartment.

It seems to me that such a violent event wouldn't be very difficult to confirm.

I found several news stories on the internet that involved victims being dismembered and found in a refrigerator. None of those stories, however, were exactly the same in circumstances.

On the surface, it would seem to me to be the spirit of the dead man. I imagine that the spirits of those who die from overdoses are confused, frustrated and unsure of where they are. Maybe, many of them are not aware that they have died.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤
jimmyto (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-12)
Oh my god! It just like that some people outside the bedroom but there should be no one, I think that some people may be die in that house and it do not want anyone to stay in its bedroom. 😨 😨
elt (1 stories) (21 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-10)
That's creepy and what kind of friend is that who does that to someone? 😕 😨

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