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I have one weird but true incident to share which was happened to me when I was 22-23 years old (9 years ago). I don't know whether it relates paranormal or not, but it leaves me with a question.

Actually at that time we lived in a rented house with my parents. House had two bedrooms and one dining and drawing attached. In one room my grandparents used to sleep and in other my parents and I used to sleep in the Divan Bed lying in one corner of drawing room which was attached to my grandparent's room.

While in the nights I always feel something unusual. The kind of silence always marked me with a question mark. My friends also told me that there is some unusual silence in your locality. But I always ignored because my mind never permit to think of paranormal.

I have never seen anyone but I always feel that someone has put a watch on me. I usually woke up in the nights and started staring here and there and sometimes out of my house but never found anything unusual except that silence and feel of something on my bed. I always felt that someone was always lying with me on my Divan Bed. One night when I was in state of half sleep I saw my mattress was pressed on one side as if someone has sprained a knee on it. Would you believe that night I was so scared and went straight to my grandparent's room without even turning back and close the door. Whole night I don't even got courage to even go to that room. From that day I never slept on that divan because it always made me feel like someone was there. It lasted for 2 years.

One day my sister and brother in law (Jijaji) visited our place with one baba (Priest). Priest told my parents that one spirit has occupied (married) your son (me) and I was not aware about it. As long as that soul is with me, I can never be married. We all were confused and he performed some rituals on me. I don't know but while he was doing rituals my jijaji told me I was shivering hard but on other hand I don't even realize what is going on because I was normal. I never haunted anyone. In fact I was leading a very peaceful life. But I have to agree this that at that time I was single and I had not any girl friend. Coming back to incident, he performed all the rituals and gave something eatable to my mother and asked her to put it on the wall of our back door and don't go back until morning.

That night I saw a witch at my back door in my dream. Next morning when we went backdoor we were shocked to see that thing (which was given by baba) just disappear. We never met that baba again, Neither us nor my sister's family

Now, after 7 years of that incidence, we own our own house. We never talked about that incidence with each other or don't want to remember. It may also be possible that my parents have forgotten that incident by now.

I don't know what was that experience?

Was baba was real or fake? How did that thing disappear? Why I saw a witch near that thing in my dream on that particular night of rituals?

Now I am happily married living with my wife and parents.

Please pardon my grammatical mistakes.

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RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-28)
I agree with silverthane61's comment.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.

Nice narration btw. Thanks for sharing.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-16)
I think your sister and brother-in-law (Jijaji) might be a better judge to determine whether or not the baba was real or fake, since it was they who brought the priest into your home. In any case, it seems the whole set of events has had an overall positive effect on your life, and as such, maybe the baba was real after all.

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