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The Shadows In The House


When I was very young my family moved into a two story brown house and I was very excited. It had three rooms all upstairs and a second living room but we used that as a different room. When you walk upstairs you would see the bathroom first, then you walk down the hall the first door to your left would be my brother's room. The next room was on the left and it was my older sister's and on the right was the master bedroom that my mom and I shared.

Every day I would dread the night. I hated bedtime because, for me, it meant seeing certain shadows watching me, not letting me sleep. When you walk into the master bedroom, to the right there's the bathroom area with two sinks and in front of the sinks there the bathroom door. The bed was in the center against the main wall and then a window to the right looking out to the backyard with a closet to the far right of the room.

I remember the same shadow person would hide in the bathroom and leave the door cracked open so it can watch me. It always had a bag and it would always reach in and throw these beautiful glowing figures like a lollipop, stuff kids would be attracted to. One I liked the most was a carousel that would actually move around like the real thing.

They would float all the way to me and once they passed over my head, I would watch them hit my headboard and break off. Kind of like when a firework is done, the little light specs come running down. I would catch myself trying to reach for them but I stopped myself because I was afraid of what would happen if I took off the blanket I would hide behind.

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JuggaloJohn (guest)
5 years ago (2019-10-18)
As a child our eyes are underdeveloped or hasnt developed yet. As we age our eyes become more mature. That's why there's more child ghost sightings than adult ones. Some adults are super sensitive or their eyes never developed properly. I believe that's what you've experienced here. The shadows didn't sound malicious or evil. Ghosts love to move things and play games with you especially if it's a loved one that passed. Dont show fear when you see one or any. You have control over yourself and the world of the living. If you ever get scared, let them know that it isn't okay to scare you and that you'd like to be left alone. Be well and remember, they were once people like us. Treat them like people.

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