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A Playful Kid


My story happened when I was just 8 years old at the province of Tarlac. I had a playmate named Kelvin. He was a playful child, jolly and nice, but one day he got sick and died of pneumonia at a young age of 5.

I remember it was our summer vacation when he died, so there is nothing to do at our house and that's why I played with my friends at his wake. We were playing sungka at the balcony of their house when I saw Kelvin's aunt looking petrified at one of the room's door curtain. I noticed that the curtain was moving and I got confused why because there were no air at that time and she just shouted out loud and fainted.

When she gained consciousness, she said that she saw Kelvin looking at her directly, covering half of his body with curtain smirking and walking towards her saying "Auntie ag ay ayam ta" (tita let's play). That's what she heard and after that she fainted. Everyone was terrified of what she said.

A lot of scary things happened at Kelvin's wake but the worse was yet to come. I stayed near Kelvin's casket one night with Kelvin's parents, aunts and grandparents when suddenly everyone in the room started crying, shouting Kelvin's name. His aunt and mother fainted, saying they saw Kelvin running around them and touched them one by one. The elders threw salt and rice all over the place for Kelvin's spirit to be at peace. I was scared to death since I did not see my friend that time.

They said that Kelvin thought he was still alive, that is why his playful spirit still wanted to play with everyone. The haunting stopped after the funeral but what happened that day was one of the most terrifying things that happened to me.

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Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-02)
Hi Jynxer,

I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Based on your statement that Kelvin didn't know that he was dead, I can assume that he passed quickly after becoming ill. I would take that as a small consolation.

Losing someone so close at such a young age when they seemed so full of life must be confusing to other children.

I was never able to make many childhood friends. My family moved around so close friendship with anyone except for my sister didn't develop easily.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤

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