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Stairway Chills


Hope everyone is well, thanks for taking the time to read. This story is a strange one. To start off I am 22 years old and live in a small village called Fradley.

Now here's a couple of things. Fradley was an Air Force base during WW2 and many people died around here. For instance, there is a story about a man who did not turn his plane engine off and was decapitated by his own propellor, some say you can see him roaming the fields headless.

Anyway back to the main story. So I lived here most my life, a good 14 years, and nothing strange happens to much. Apart from when I'm going up my staircase. Do you ever feel like someone is chasing you up the stairs or you sometimes panic don't you when it's dark and maybe you feel like someone's following you? What happens to me is strange.

Just to paint you a picture, when you leave my living room there's a hallway and you walk about a metre and on the left is the kitchen and on the right the staircase. Now sometimes when I'm going up, MOST of the time, I catch in the corner of my eye what seems like someone standing by the doorway to the living room. I have one of those staircases that you can see pretty much all the hall and kitchen door and living room door. I will leave the kitchen and sometimes I catch movement, etc.

So here's where it gets weird. I leave the living room and start climbing the stairs and I see this 'shadow/apparation' in living room doorway and then when I'm up the stairs, you need to do a pretty much 180 turn to go in my room, and as I turn at the top of the stairs this shadow is now at the bottom of the staircase. I always always catch it.

The scariest is when I'm turning all lights off downstairs and getting ready for bed. This shadow is extremely active, almost to the point where I can see it almost peeking round the doorways.

What could this be? Why am I always seeing this and no one else in my family? It's very strange, almost feels like it follows me to the doorways of the rooms in the house but never seems to pass them. It's like this shadow knows just the hallway and stairs, or maybe something stops it from entering rooms?

Thanks for reading. Any bits of help would be nice and maybe I can assist this entity into moving on. Whatever it is. - Josh

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Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-30)
Maybe something happened to this "shadow person" in the hallway and stairs area. I think it may have lived there before since it's so haunted where you live. 😳 I have saged for a person to move on where I live now and it worked. I was told to talk to him just like you would with someone standing there that you can see, so I did. I told him he didn't have to stay and he was gone. I've used it in other cases where it didn't work too. I always say a prayer for healing and protection as well. ❤ Keep us posted and God bless.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-25)
If (big if - I do not mean to scare) this is a preternatural entity, then they seem to delight in the chaos created by isolating one person out of a family to appear to. This, of course, leads to the other members of the family accusing the perceiver of being crazy, lying, etc. These entities seem to feed off the arguments created by families in flux.
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-24)
Do you happen to see the shadow from only your right side, by chance? That's a dead (pun intended) giveaway that it's probably electrical/EMF.

There are studies involving applying electrical impulses to the brain (modern day, not horrible asylum experiments), that show some interesting affects. The patients felt someone behind them to the right (when no one was there), and they also experienced seeing figures out of the corner of their right eye. I know this was done on people with epilepsy, but I think there were studies done on people without epilepsy. I need to find these studies now and refresh myself on this topic.
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-24)
Hi, Joshseesghosts!
Welcome to YGS and thanks for submitting your experience!

I believe the scared/uneasy feeling most people get on stairs is residual energy from the years of people traveling the same pathway. I experience that at my parents' 110 year old house. HOWEVER, this isn't quite the same, because of the shadow, obviously.

I'll have to think about this more, but here's a thought and question for now:
Perhaps it's an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) situation. If there's issues with the electrical causing high EMF in the hallway, staircase, living room, kitchen, or adjacent rooms, you could be more sensitive to it than the rest of your family. For example: old wiring, appliances, electrical boxes, outside electrical fences, outside powerlines, and even copper pipes (wiring might even be grounded to them) could cause high EMF around the house in certain spots. Basement electrical could create high EMF upstairs, too.

High EMF is scientifically shown to cause feelings of unease, hallucinations, headaches, etc. Could this be a possibility? You could purchase an EMF detector and see, if you think it's a possibility.
High EMF might also create conditions conducive for spirits to manifest. That's not something scientifically proven, but as a scientist, I believe that's possible.

If it's a high EMF electrical issue, fixing it will cause your problem to go away.

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