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Stairway To Shadow Cloud


Ever since my first ghost encounter, I have been so interested in ghost investigations.

Now, please note that I am only 17 years old, so I'm not old enough to have my own real professional investigation team. But, my friend and I go on little "adventures" in her apartment buildings.

This encounter I had actually happened recently. It was my friend Ally's 17 year old birthday. I was the first person to arrive to her party/sleepover. It was still about half an hour before our other friends would start to arrive so we decide to watch TV. Both Ally and I love to watch the travel channel, because it has our favorite TV show "Ghost Adventures."

This takes place in Traverse City, Michigan, my old hometown. In Traverse City, we have this old State Hospital (an asylum) that was shut down many years ago, and turned into apartments. There are still renovations going on today. As we were watching, Ally suddenly turned to me and said "Hey! We should do our own little investigation!"

I agreed, because I knew it would be fun and I didn't think we would actually get anything major. Ally's apartment is actually haunted. She lives there with her mom and both she and her mom have gotten activity. I have listened to previous EVP recordings that they have done and they have a ghost named Chris who lives in their apartment room. According to my friend, Chris likes to stay in her room, rattling the blinds when she tries to sleep. Ally has even seen Chris. He appears as white mist floating near the ceiling and she told me that Chris even showed up as a transparent figure in the doorway to the bathroom.

Anyways, back to my encounter. The rest of our friends had shown up and we had our little party. Ally and I have told them that we wanted to go investigate the other floors of building. We waited until it got a little darker outside to see if the spirits would be a little more active.

We collected our "gear." One camcorder, our phone cameras, a camera with a thermal option, and an EVP recorder. Ally's mom is also into ghost investigating, so she let us use a couple of the things in our item list that she owned. Since there was activity in the apartment room we were in and stuff moved around a lot, we took pictures before we left. Then, we set out on our little "ghost adventure."

Since we were a team of four, we broke into teams of two. Two of us in the hallways, two of us in the stairways. We would text each other if any major activity was experienced. My friend Reeli and I took the stairways. Ally and my other friend Amanda in the halls. Now, this is where it gets freaky.

Reeli has had her fair share of encounters with spirits. She has an evil spirit that lives in her house, but that can be for another story. Reeli and I were quietly stepping up the stairs, our cameras out. Nothing was happening, so we stopped and started asking questions like "Is there anyone here with us?" and "If you are here, what is your name?" We waited for a few minutes, then my EMF reader started to beep. We were starting to get activity.

I remember showing Reeli the EMF and then she pointed behind me. I turned and on the staircase above us, a dark cloud was resting there. Almost shadow like. We knew there was no one else with us and Ally and Amanda were in the hallways.

I decided to text Ally to come to the stairwell and she did. I explained to her what happened, but the dark shadow cloud had disappeared. We listened to the EVPs and we found out that there is a spirit who hangs out in the stairway is named Jeremy. His voice was a raspy whisper, but he sounded young. Like a man in his early twenties.

Ally and our small group decided to walk further up the stairs, me in the front with the EMF reader up. We wanted to find Jeremy again so we could talk to him some more. Soon, the reader began beeping and we stopped, quickly turning on our EVP and asking questions.

All of a sudden, we were all hit with a sudden chill. Please note that this was in the summer with 90 degree weather and this was a pretty hot day. But, we did check the windows that were in the area of our stairwell to see if there was any wind blowing through any cracks, but they were all sealed. Then, we saw the dark shadow cloud again. I started to get a bad feeling, like something was not right with this cloud. The shadow cloud started to descend toward us and I told everyone that we need to leave. NOW. My mind was telling me to get everyone away from this cloud as safely as possible.

We all quickly started to descend to Ally's floor. I was ahead of our group again when all of a sudden, I felt Reeli try to grab on to me. I almost tumbled forward, but luckily I was on the last step, so I kept my balance. I turned to her and asked what is wrong and she said her legs had given out on her, like something grabbed them and took the energy. We had to stand and wait while she sat until her energy came back. Ally had the camera rolling this whole time and we found that the dark shadow cloud we saw was targeting Reeli.

Reeli had sat down on the floor and the cloud was around her. It was very cold and it was making the EMF crazy where I had to turn it off. I turned on the EVP and asked questions. "Are you Jeremy?" Waited. "Why did you attack my friend?" Waited. "Can she please have her energy back so we can leave?" Waited. After five minutes of waiting, Reeli was able to stand again. The cloud had slowly disappeared and it wasn't so cold. We made our way back to Ally's apartment, wary of Reeli in case she collapsed again.

We listened to the EVP and the only thing that shadow cloud answered was my question of "Why did you attack my friend?" It said that it wanted us to leave. It sounded really mean and angry at us.

I do not know if this spirit was Jeremy, the one who answered us before. I do not know why this spirit had specifically attacked Reeli. Any thoughts about this?

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-29)
Well first of all what would you think would happen out of this so called "investigation"? Why would you go out and do that without having any protection over any spirits? An investigation is more than just calling a ghost name. If a ghost or entity does not bother you its best to not bother them or they can target you. I'm not saying don't go out and investigate because it does sound like fun. Though you should always take precautions when going and investigating. You never know what may be lurking out there and next time you may not be able to handle a situation that might be worse than this.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-17)
Greetings, J.A.P.

First, a point which raised a red flag in my mind, then I'll address your question. It is not my intention to sound paranoid, but I work in a high school and I'm surrounded by teenagers all day. Part of each faculty member's job is to be vigilant protecting our students from possible threats. I'd like to repeat a few select portions of one paragraph in your narrative:
"Ally's apartment is actually haunted... According to my friend, Chris likes to stay in her room... Ally has even seen Chris... As a transparent figure in the doorway to the bathroom." You're worried about a cloud in a stairwell, but you're fine with a male entity who lingers in an under-age girl's bedroom and in the bathroom? I'd take a few minutes to consider the priorities in this sequence of events, if I were you; why has neither Ally nor her mother attempted to tell Chris that specific sections of their apartment are out of bounds? If they've tried this, and Chris has not cooperated, they've got a powerful & stubborn voyeuristic entity in their home.

As to your question for explanations about the events in the staircase when, "Ally had the camera rolling this whole time and we found that the dark shadow cloud we saw was targeting Reeli." When paired with the quote "Reeli has had her fair share of encounters with spirits. She has an evil spirit that lives in her house, but that can be for another story" my initial suspicion is that whatever entity is in Reeli's home has been draining her energy in some way, leaving her more vulnerable to further attacks. That said, it would be far more useful if you'd post a link to your video & e.v.p.s so everyone could see it and work with direct data, instead of your description of the facts.
valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-11-15)
Sounds to me like you encountered two different 'clouds'. You do not mention any negative feelings when you saw Jeremy, but when you saw the second one you felt you needed to get you and your friends out of there.
You might try and do some research on the apartment building. Wouldn't be a bad idea for you and Ally to become friendly with any old folks who've lived in the building for 'forever' either. When it comes to history and gossip old folks are walking encyclopedias, in general. (Of course you don't want to freak anyone out, so you could fib a little bit and say it's a history project. They'll just assume it's for school.) That way, you might gather some names, dates, etc. To further your investigation along. Help narrow the playing field as it were. Research (I always feel that the TV shows don't stress this enough) is vital as it help give validation to anything you discover. I mean wouldn't it be totally trippy if you could validate that someone named Jeremy had lived there at one point?
Although I enjoy watching Ghost Adventures, I do hope you don't follow Zack's example of antagonizing spirits. That's just stupid in my book.

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