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The Lady In A White Robe


Look, to be entirely honest I still have no idea why or what it was so let's start. This is also relatively short.

I have a bad past. My old stepfather was an alcoholic and mental abuser. Please don't pity me, but it relates a bit to the story.

When I was five or six we lived with my scary stepdad Jeff and my bathroom was right across from my bedroom with about 5 or 6 foot hallway in the middle. It was a straight shot and with both doors open, from my bed I could see in the bathroom.

One day I went to the bathroom early afternoon while my mom, in a robe, went downstairs to make coffee. My mom is blonde, which is important. So I finish and I come out of the bathroom but I get a bad feeling so I stop short in the hallway, looking straight into my room.

Out of my peripherals I see a blonde-haired woman in a white robe standing by the banister to the stairs, staring at me. Now I'm thinking that can't be mom she's downstairs so I'm freaking out so I did a stupid thing but remember I'm 5-6. I called out, "Mom, Mom is that you, Mom?" It doesn't move, it doesn't look like it has a face but I'm scared, so scared.

So not knowing what to do I run into my room, wait a minute and go back out to hear mom asking me why I slammed the door from the bottom of the stairs, in a black robe.

After that I always heard walking and scratching in my room walls and attic cause, of course I had the attic room. I also one time heard my name being whispered when no one was there.

I'm no longer in that house but it still baffles and scares me today. I think because of it I've always been sensitive to the supernatural. I now can read energies and feel spirits and other things I wish to not say. I also always thought that it was my stepdad's fault all the paranormal stuff happened in that house, maybe his bad energies attracted bad stuff I don't know but that house had and has bad juju. I feel bad for whoever has moved into there.

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Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-13)
Hello Juliette,

You might not remember because it was a long time ago; did your mother also wear a white bathrobe sometimes?

I am sorry that you had to live in a state of fear. Your mother and Jeff have since divorced? Am I understanding that point correctly?

My mom is now married to her fourth husband; during my childhood, she also had several boyfriends who presented themselves in the beginning as decent people to have around your children. Most of them turned out to be substance abusers and monsters; I remember how it felt to be nervous all of the time and worried about my mother.

I think that the thing that you saw in the hall might have been brought on by your own energetic fear. I mean that I think the thing in the hall had more to do with your personal discord than with your stepfather's bad energy.

I don't "know" anything because I don't know anything besides what you have written; I think that I understand a little bit about your feelings at the time. Do you have any siblings?

I am very sorry and I hope your family life has improved. You are so young and young people can be very resilient.

Best Wishes to you and to your family.

- Maria ❤
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-13)
I have the habit of focusing on the minor details concerning apparitions such as no feet, transparent, shadowy, etc. I note that your apparition had no face. I wonder if this is important in light of the fact that you seem to possess paranormal senses. I can only infer that maybe the entity did not want to reveal itself to you - however, your guess may be better than mine.

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