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This story happened when I was still in High school. I was living alone at our provincial residence in Tarlac, my parents left me there because they needed to work in Manila and they know that I can take care of myself. I have a dog and a cat that's why I'm not afraid of being alone even though our house is notoriously haunted by beings not visible to the naked eye (I will post it on my next story) until one night after our school foundation day.

Our foundation day is one of the most festive event in our school it is celebrated the whole day with parade of the King and Queen, school competition, games and programs that are very fun to watch. Since I'm a COCC officer, we are in charge in cleaning up the area after the event and leave the venue late.

I was a third year high school student at the time. I left the school together with my fellow officer and our cadets during a bright full moon. Even though we are tired you can see the smiles on our faces because we enjoyed the event. I went home first because our house is the nearest from our school and this is when my frightening experience happened.

I was welcomed by my pets with joy. I'm so tired that when I came home I turned-off the light, went to my room together with my pets and lay-down on my bed. I heard a noise on our roof after I turned off the light but I was too tired to even entertain the thought.

While lying down, it was so quiet that I can hear our wall clock ticking, this is when I noticed the sound of throwing sand on our metal roof, my tiredness went away and was changed to fear. I immediately covered myself with blanket and closed my eyes. Then I heard heavy footstep running on our roof just right above me as if they are playing tag. I heard our antenna wire snapped and I heard the wires whiplash sound on our roof (Our antenna is fixed on our roof supported by wire). The noise stopped after 30 seconds or so but it feels like forever. I thought the haunting already stopped until my dog under the bed barked so hard as if he is seeing something or someone in the room with us. I was scared to death and hugged my cat so tightly who is growling and her hair was raising. I was so scared that I almost peed my pants, I plan of running outside but I'm afraid of what I'll see standing in the room with me until I felt someone poked my back 3 times that is when I believe I past out in fear and fell asleep.

During my slumber I heard my electric fan being played with; someone or something turned it on and off. I'm too sleepy to check it but what I'm sure of is the my fan is at full blast before I went to bed only to wake up sweating and my fan is turned-off. I was so scared with the whole ordeal that's why I went to my grandmother's house and she told me what I need to do like throw salt on the roof and onion on the window.

The following night I invited my fellow officer to sleep at my place and the sound of throwing sand on our roof started again but this time I'm not that scared since I have company. They asked me what they are hearing I told them that's the reason why I invited them to sleep at my place that night and they were scared to death but the haunting that night stopped after the throwing of sand.

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sonel4ever_05 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-29)
Hi, another Filipino here. Your story seems to fit the aswang folklore which is common in provinces, so I just wanted to ask: are you sure your grandmother asked you to use onion on your window or was it actually garlic? Following the aswang lore, I thought garlic would have been the more likely suggestion.

Also, it's been a year and I'm curious if you followed your grandmother's advice and if the hauntings have stopped. Your story was quite a nice read, though, and my father had a similar experience when he was sick.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-10)
I love to collect old cures for different ailments. The use of salt is common, but this is the first time that I have herd about using onions. There is also a pretty interesting cleansing ritual published on this site on occasion. I find that the more fear is taken out of the equation, the shorter the hauntings seem to last - at least the seemingly malignant ones.
Jynxer (4 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-27)
Grandma just ask me to put onion on the window.

One of the wires snapped when I checked it the following day.

This was not the first time this is just one of the haunting. Before our house was built way back in the 70's my mother said that there was a small mound that they destroyed (nuno sa punso) which the local believe that it's a house of elements like dwarves etc.

I'm not quite sure if someone played pranks on me at the middle of the night. All I know is I locked the door but the presence of who or whatever it is was seen pr felt by my pets.

There are more creepy hauntings I will post it later on my page.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-26)

Did you heed your grandmother's advice? Did you have to throw onions to the window's glass panels or did you smear them on onion juice, or did you place some whole onions on the sills? - Sorry, I just want to have a more clear idea of what you did.

Were the antenna's wires damaged or did you hear the sound of them braking but they were intact the following day?

"our house is notoriously haunted by beings not visible to the naked eye"

Was this the first time you experienced this kind of disturbance? If not, do you think this was one of the 'resident' beings acting up for some random reason?

What other type of activity used to happen in that house?

Did you ever ask around for the history of the house and the possible reasons for the haunting?

What happened after this incident? Did the haunting stopped for good of did it still happen but on a more subdued fashion?

Anyway, I'm glad nothing poked you again, it's unnerving to know that something invisible has the ability to touch you.

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