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Sleep Paralysis


I work at a call center in BGC and been with the company for 10 years. When I was a newbie the building itself, including the facilities, were amazing.

As an agent I work late hours and hardly get some sleep. Luckily our company has a relaxing sleeping quarters on every floors where I take my nap every lunch. Only a few agent uses the sleep rooms at that time. Since the company just recently started to operate, there were only few employees at the every floors. But what I experienced in the 18th floor sleep room still haunts me up until this moment.

I was ready to go home at 3am but decided to stay in the office because it's too early and dangerous to go out. There were a lot of reported hold-up and snatching outside the office, that is why I decided to wait until the sun rises. I was alone at the sleeping quarters; there were 7 bunk beds and I chose the middle bunk bed because there is a socket where I can charge my phone.

When I closed my eyes a blur image run from my left side which startled me, I opened my eyes to check there is no one there. I tried to sleep but again that image run, this time on the right side of the bed, I quickly opened my eyes just to see nothing. I was scared to death but as they say be scared of the living because they can do you harm but the dead will not, so I opened all the lights in the room and was able to sleep.

I heard my alarm ringing but I can't move. My eyes are half opened and I saw 2 janitors opened the door and check if the room is clean. I tried shouting for help but no noise came out of my mouth until the janitor left. I kept on shouting "Help! Help! Help!" but they cannot hear me and they closed the door and turned off the lights.

After they left I saw the blur image standing at the bottom right side of my bed next to my feet, and the image started getting clearer and clearer. It was a guy wearing barong (Philippine national dress for men) and black slacks and his feet is 3 inches above the floor. His face is still blurry but I noticed that the left side of his face was distorted and unrecognizable. Tears were running down at the right side of his face and he was sobbing. I can even see his shoulder shaking up and down but I cannot hear him. I started praying and the image started to disappear. I was able to move my body again. I stood up and run outside the sleep room and promised not to sleep alone in that room again.

I asked my friends who were hired earlier than I was if there were any reported ghosts sightings in the building. They said that there are some and started telling me a story about an accident. It happened 2 months after the building was occupied, when an agent fell from the 18th floor down. They said that the elevator door opened but there were no elevator car. The agent was busy texting and didn't notice it that's why he went in and fell down to his demise. They said that when the body was retrieved, the person's face was badly distorted and his left eyes popped out of his shattered skull. It was a grim sight and some of the employees who saw the body got traumatized and resigned because of the fear that it may happen to them.

I started to get chills all over my body. I told them about what happened to me in the sleeping quarters and everyone was shook. Maybe that guy wants to say something that's why his spirit still haunts the building. I pray for his soul and hope that he finds peace.

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Jynxer (4 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-21)
Hi jamesbond99,

Thank you for your interest in my story. I am aware of my surrounding at that time I'm not quite sure if it was a dream or an out of body experience (astral projection). I can see everything around me the problem is I cannot move. I know that I was shouting for help but no one can hear me.

About the third eye, I rarely see ghost but I can feel their presence.

Regarding the accident I was only a newbie when the incident happened and the only time I knew about the accident was when I asked about ghost sightings.

You maybe right that it is a dream but this experience at the office will always be one of my scariest experience.
jabond99 (3 stories) (61 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-20)
Hello Jynxer,

Your account is very interesting to me. Firstly, I would like to better understand how you saw an image on your right and left side when your eyes were closed. Was it mare of a feeling that something was there? You say clearly that you saw a blur image. Was the blur only the entity? Or was it a blurry image of all of the surroundings?

Maybe I should put it another way. Are you familiar with "third eye"? Do you have the ability to see things around you without eyes opened or without looking at them?

There is a big coincidence that you slept on the 18th floor and the unfortunate man dropped from the 18th floor. I don't believe in mere coincidences, so there could be some relation there. However, because you were in bed, there is a chance that this incidence was sleep/dream related. It seems that you only discovered about the man after you had the experience. It may be that you had heard some stories before this incidence and incorporated these into your dreams.

I'm not trying to doubt. Like I said, I find this very interesting. Thank you for posting the story.

James Bond
Jynxer (4 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-20)
The entity only showed up after the Janitor left the room and after they turned off the lights. I was the only person in the room after they left. In 10 years there is a total of five people who died in sleeping quarters on random floors in the same building and one of them died in the 18th floor sleeping quarters. I don't know if this is related to what I saw but most of them are healthy folks.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-16)
This is the first time that I have read of a case of sleep paralysis coupled with a sighting of an entity occurring simultaneously with third parties (in this case the janitors) present and with the lights being turned on. I am curious whether other people sleeping in the same area have also witnessed a similar event.
Jynxer (4 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-14)
Hi Maria,

The incident never came out in public to protect the company's name. The family agreed with the company's settlement deal and they were paid handsomely.

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-12)
Hello Jynxer,

That breaks my heart to read about the man who fell down the elevator shaft. I can be as absent minded sometimes, though, I haven't had anything serious happen to me.

I am trying to corroborate the account with news stories online.

Can you tell me when this accident occurred?

- Maria ❤

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