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Newbie here, found this site since I make creepy threads in fb. I decided to share my story as well.

When I was a grade 7 student, our school decided that recollections will be overnight. So we were all happy about it because we can sleep with our friends. It was 5:30 pm when our advisers told us to line up in the open court because we are about to enter the auditorium (it was where we will have our recollection). So it took a lot of time, while we were observing our surroundings, one of my friends told me that a silhouette of a tall man was standing in the covered court (I can't clearly see him, but pretty sure there was). So the time comes that brothers started lecturing then suddenly, the lights turned off. But after some minutes, the lights were back.

After the lecturing of our brothers, our chaperones told us to sleep. I easily fell asleep cause I'm a sleepy person (they also turned off the lights). Then suddenly the lights were on again, I was annoyed because I was already having a good sleep. I didn't really care what was going on so but one adviser was talking to my batch mate so I slept again.

Then it was morning, so we prepared until the brothers come and start their lecture, until the recollection was over.

It was Monday (recollection started Sat or Fri), so this is when we were already talking about our experiences and shiats. I asked my friend what happened when the lights turned on, it was like 12 am. She said that one of our batchmate almost met an accident. An electric fan almost hit her head while she's asleep. Those who were still awake that time says that the electric fan screws were slowly removing until it almost fell into her. It was like someone was screw driving them. The electric fan on her side (batchmate who almost got into an accident) was not that even broken. Also, my best friend said that a shadow of a man was standing outside on the window (that window was on our side, so basically it was front of us, we were also facing that window). Some of our classmates and batch mates who were still awake until 3 am saw it too. It was 3 am because my best friend checked the time on her phone when she saw the shadow of a man.

The staffs who checked why the lights suddenly turned off in the middle of our brothers lecture said that the lever for the lights was switched off. It was also impossible that the lever fell and so it was switched off since the it was kind of stiff. It was also impossible if us students since we were all in the auditorium. Not even our chaperones since they were with us. And especially, staffs will not even make a prank.

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Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hello there. Fellow Pinoy here.

I would agree with Alina regarding the wall fans. It is possible for the screws to be loosed by just the mere force or pressure of the motor and blades. It actually happens in construction sites where I was the Project Engineer. And another cause is faulty installation because as what you had said, the fan was hanging from the wall.

And about the lights turning on and off, I would say it's a normal thing to have brown outs in the Philippines specially in the province.

Base from what you had submitted, you were not scared or anything, I would recommend not thinking much about it and just cherish your recollection memories. Recollection are supposed to be happy moments based from my own recollection back in highschool 😁
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Before claiming any event as paranormal it's better to rule out all the mundane possibilities first.

Regarding that electronic fan, Can't it be that the screws of the fan had turned loose and the rotation of its flaps causing a pressure to be built up in the joint region resulting it to untwine? It happens sometimes on the effect of heat or cold solids expand or contract. It is a seasonal factor.

The tripping of the electric meter can be caused due to overload. The fuse is designed in such a way that in case of any overload to protect the appliances from short-circuiting it trips no matter of which material it is made of.
Therefore, any electrical phenomenon is well explananable by the laws of physics. But I'll not dive deep into it.

About the shadow man, unless the auditorium have a haunted history it can be possible that someone had tried to sneak in. Sorry, about this I don't mean to scare you but it can be possible... A potential robbery or something.

Only citing the possible explanations.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
I am wondering if the tall man was a real person and not a specter. I realize that you did not get a good look, but I am also wondering if the fan fell from not being screwed in properly. Did the tall man vanish from sight, or did he just walk away?
moon_felicite (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
The fan was hanging from the wall, and it was only nearly above my batchmate who almost got into an accident, plus we sleep on the floor with our matresses and close to each other. So even if it is dark, they can clearly see it. I'm also "not sure" if the silhouette of a man was a ghost. The back of our covered court was like a forest, but not that big of course. Only few of the workers are left and are arranging seats inside the auditorium. There is also a true story that happened in one of the grade 9 classroom, which was also my classroom last school year. His name was Archie and got into an accident and died at that classroom in which until now he still haunts it, and everywhere in our school. There are still some stories like someone got possessed, a student saw a white lady in a cr, my classmate who has an open third eye and last time saw a floating uniform of a girl getting close to her in a hallway at the 2nd floor and many more.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Welcome to YGS.

"An electric fan almost hit her head while she's asleep. Those who were still awake that time says that the electric fan screws were slowly removing until it almost fell into her. It was like someone was screw driving them"

Was this an standing fan or was it hanging from the ceiling? How far/close were your classmates to the fan? I find it odd that they would be able to see the screws moving if the lights were off.

Are you suggesting that "the silhouette of a tall man was standing in the covered court" was a ghost? If so, what evidence do you have to think that way? Could the man have been a worker or a living person, perhaps messing up with you kids?

All these lights going on and off must have been disturbing but, what do you know about the history of the building where the recollection took place at? Are there any reports about it being haunted? Is there a reason for it to be haunted?

Lastly, the fact that the events happened at 3:00 am is not evidence that this was paranormal in nature.

Thanks for sharing.

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