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Updates And Dream Recollection


Thank you so much for the positive feedback and helpful comments on my previous post! It means a lot that strangers are willing to listen and help.

At the moment, I'm staying at my partner's house quite a bit because I feel more comfortable when he's around. However, when I'm not with him, my nightmares get increasingly more distressing and unfortunately, I might be to blame.

A month or two ago, whilst my dad was at his fiancée's, my boyfriend J and our friend C were sitting in my house very early in the morning. It was probably half one or two and we had been doing not much at all for the past five or so hours. My interest in my own experiences (for which the majority of they are unaware) had led me to want to try a Ouija board. After a little encouragement and some chicken noises made in jest, they agreed to try one with me.

We looked at each other a little nervously and decided I would lead the session and ask questions. For about five minutes, nothing happened but we all were looking over our shoulders still. I was asking normal questions like "Is there anybody here" "Can somebody make themselves known" etc but to no avail. We decided, in a pretty English way, to sort of "turn it off and on again"; I shut down the session and opened it up again.

This is how this session planned out:

Me: Is there anybody here?


If somebody is here can you make yourselves known?


Is there a spirit in this room?

Our makeshift planchett made little to no movement, so I repeated these questions again, sort of giving up hope now and feeling silly.

When I asked the third question there was a definitive swoosh of the planchett to the "Yes".

C: *removing his fingers* F*** off J don't do that

J: I really didn't

Me: Put your fingers back on! (For the record, it was clear how lightly we were all touching the planchett so I got a little excited)

Me: What is your name?

More hesitantly than before, the planchett moved to the 'R' and then became still, it moved a little again towards the left side of the 'R'.

Rammy, the black cat, trotted down a few of the stairs and sat there, looking down on us and made some meowing noises.

J: Stop this now.

I'd hate for anyone to be uncomfortable so I ended the session with a goodbye and we left it there. Secretly, I was unnerved that my black cat had come to monitor the session. Does this mean he was trying to protect us? I've heard that cats are pretty spiritual animals?

Anyway, C went to the downstairs bathroom (which from my previous entry is the problem bathroom) and out of the blue vomited. Not long after he skated to his girlfriend's house not too far from mine because he couldn't shake the nausea.

I am aware of how uneventful this may seem compared to many other Ouija stories but it actually HAPPENED to me and it scared me.

Since then, I have favoured sleeping at J's.

The cats, mentioned in my previous story, are completely settled and, though once house cats, enjoy going outside into our garden and exploring. Last week, I had an experience which prompted me to write this account. It's nothing major but an update.

I was sitting alone in the house, the kitties were outside and I could see them stalking flies and lying in the sun (the backdoor is visible from the living room sofa). From directly above me (which would be my dad's bedroom) I heard a semi-loud thud followed by scrambling footsteps. If I couldn't see the cats outside, I would have assumed one of them had gained serious weight and fallen off the window ledge and ran out the room. But I could see the cats.

For the sake of my own sanity, I didn't go up to look but much later on, when going to the good bathroom (upstairs), I peeped my head around his door. Nothing explainable. The window was shut, nothing had fallen on the floor, there were no signs of a fall or a struggle.

As mentioned in my last account, my house is detached so I couldn't even blame neighbors or thin walls.

At the beginning of this post, I said about my bad dreams coming back thick and fast. To no real surprise, this started happening around the Ouija attempt and I'm willing to write it off as my brain playing tricks on me. All of my dreams have my dead nanny and grandad involved and they're always horrific. In one, everyone in my town was trying to kill each other and I managed to get back home. When I got there, my nanny was lying on the stairs, looking like she did in younger photos but mutilated. She tried talking to me but just choked on blood.

In another dream, my mum and I were visiting my nanny and grandad in a care home (neither of them had ever been in one) and my grandparents had forgotten who we, and each other, were. After being there for a while, we noticed the staff starting to hit the patients and I witnessed my grandad being brutally whipped by a nurse for standing up without permission. In the same dream, my nanny (the sweetest and most caring woman) snarled at us and told me to "F*** off, nobody wants you here" and they both laughed evilly.

In another dream, I was in an antique looking shop and an old gramophone was playing "April Showers" from the old Bambi film. (I find this song so creepy). Everything in the dream was sepia toned and I looked out of the shop door. Outside was modern and in colour. I witnessed a car crash in front of me and when I looked in the car, my grandad was slumped, dead over the steering wheel covered in blood and staring directly at me. My nanny was in the passenger seat, partially sprawled over the dashboard and her broken neck made her look directly at me too.

The dreams go on and there are more. It seems that my deceased grandparents are a recurring theme in horrible ways. I studied psychology and dreams, I'm unaware if they are involved with the paranormal happenings in any way.

As a little footnote, I would like to add that whilst I have been writing this, something happened. From upstairs in my dad's room, I heard a noise which sounded like someone stifling a rough cough. Both my cats (who were outside) ran in to investigate. They both seem pretty content and not spooked so I feel okay about it. (I don't know of I mentioned in my last account but my grandad died of lung cancer? Could it be him?)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any comments are greatly appreciated!

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Tallyia-fx (2 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-22)
Thank you everyone for you kind comments and help, I'd first like to apologise and say I'm not sure how to tag other users or directly respond to their comments 😢

Rammy is the only being (cat or otherwise) woth a name beginning in "R". My Grandparents are Louis-Xavier and Valerie.

Rammy has a strange meow, he sort of purrs and meows at the same time a bit like -prr-aow- and it tends to be an inquisitive noise. He is also a scaredy-cat (quite literally!) And isn't usually present when j have friend over because he is cautious of them!

I have kept a journal of my dreams from quite a young age (10/11) and, although I usually suffer with nightmares, these are something else!

Thankyou again,
Many regards
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-17)
Greetings, Tallyia.

As the planchette moved to the letter "R" on your board, I have to ask: is Rammy the only individual whose name begins with "R" in your family, neighbourhood, etc.? What was the first letter of your Grandad's first name? Your Nanny's name?

Rammy's appearance may have been a pure coincidence, but our cats (they're sisters from an animal rescue charity) tend to react to surprises in opposite ways: the larger grey cat panics, flees, and cowers behind large objects; the tortoise-shell cat hides near the source of the surprise so she can investigate it as she calms down. When we return home, it is --more often than not-- the tortoise-shell cat who ventures out to see who is entering the house. My guess is that Rammy was reacting like my tortoise-shell cat, either to C's shouting or to the mysterious R's presence. IF your Grandad's name was "Ronald" or "Richard," Rammy may have heard his arrival and come to visit, but been confused by your Grandad's spiritual state. Domestic cats are more vocal than wild or feral cats, but they meow when they want something (food, affection, attention, etc.). My cats also make a weird chirp noise "m'YA" when they've found something unusual, such as a spider or a beetle (we kill the insect and give the cats a chicken-flavored kitty treat for finding, but not eating, the invader). Was Rammy making this sort of noise, or was it the more plaintive 'meow'?

Thanks for letting us know,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
P.S.: This is a general note on submitting a typed response to your descriptive account (it's mostly me just grumbling). When I type the letter "R" without quotations, it's not texting, I am bloody well using a capital letter. The YGS "editing program" for responses doesn't recognise an insular capital "R" without presuming that it is a substitution for "are." If I use a full-stop (a "period" to American writers) after the insular "R," the editing program presumes it is the end of the sentence and capitalizes the next letter! When I put four ellipsis points (i.e.: "continuing to the end"), it removes the last one and leaves only three (i.e.: "continuing until the thought is resumed"), so I've rewritten that sentence as two different sentences. Oddly enough, I'm allowed to write "i've" instead of "I've," without being corrected by the editing program. Being corrected is fine (we all have much to learn), but when a computer program mangles the sentences constructed by an English teacher in order to make them laughably incomprehensible, it is maddening as all hell. (I feel like I'm David Mitchell on "Would I Lie to You?" or "QI," now.)
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-07-07)
Although we don't do dream interpretations on this site, the dreams in this story may be relevant to what the o/p is experiencing. However, the main focus should be on the possible paranormal part of this experience.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (817 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-07)
Dreams fascinate me, especially the idea of interpreting dreams. Sometimes they are just nonsense, sometimes, they are important.

What do your grandparents mean to you? As people in dreams rarely represent themselves, think about what they mean to you. Does your nanny represent, to you, comfort and security? If so, that she shows up in your dreams injured, mutilated, or with an attitude that is not hers could be a warning of worse things to come.

Have you tried Rook's cleansing?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-07)
Ok first things first...

Granddad and Nanny appearing in your dreams:

They may be trying to warn you against a difficult decision you are dwelling on. The car wrecks/beatings they are suffering may represent how 'difficult' the question is for you to answer... And their various deaths represent different answers you have considered and how they 'feel' about them.

That was my FIRST IMPRESSION about the nightmares, of course they could just be showing how displeased they are with you for using a Ouija Board 😕.

Now a word about Ouija Boards, In my book there are 3 VERSIONS...

Toy Store: These are the mass produced, sold as a game type that get so many people 'in trouble' because they use them without taking any sort of precautions and very often the individuals that do have no idea how to properly open and close a session. Leads to much Mischief and Mayhem.

Home Made: Made by an individual who understands what they are for using, 'time worn' methods to create a board that is 'safe' to use. Created by serious individuals who 'want to do it right'.

Spur of the moment: Created 'on the spot' using paper, pen/ pencil and a 'whatever is handy' for a 'pointer' (often a shot glass). *See notes on 'Homemade' as to what tends to happen with these.*

Ouija Boards are Tools and need to be treated as such, I am glad you opened and closed your sessions however just by using a 'spur of the moment' type of board you may have opened yourself up to 'seeing and feeling', well 'more'. Hence the uptick in 'Nightmares'.

Do you keep a Journal? Is there a question or situation in your Life that requires a decision by you... One that really effects the direction your life can take?

Keep a Journal, compare the 'dreams' about your Nanny and Granddad... Then compare them to how often you are dwelling on any 'questions/decisions' in your life and what responses you have considered.


ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-07)
Your dreams are really horrific and unbearable. I cannot say whether they have a paranormal connection or not but they are very disturbing.

Thanks for sharing 😊

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