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My Sister's Haunting Part 2


This is my second submission on this site after the first one titled ' My sister's hauntings'. As I had mentioned in my earlier post that my sister was being haunted by some unknown entity for past 16 years and had caused delay in her marriage. That thing (a lady as per my sister) had threatened her that she would never let her get married. I had also mentioned that I am a devotee of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot and in my various replies also I mention the same. It's going to be a long post so sorry in advance.

As for me I was working in Dubai and I had introduced my sister and my family to Dindori Swami Seva marg, Nasik. It happened in Dubai. One day while taking an afternoon nap I saw that I was in my sister's house in Punjab. I went to the washroom and in the mirror I saw a lady standing behind me. When I turned around that lady turned into a very ugly small girl. It flew and caught my neck. In retaliation I caught hers, opened the door, went out and told everyone that look this is what was troubling us for so many years. That small girl looked at my and said ' MAAR DAALUNGI' meaning that she would kill me. I some how over powered her. I got up from my sleep really worried as my relationship with my boyfriend had started turning sour. I had heard that these powers often attack people who try to get into their way and I had gotten into her way by introducing my sister to Swamiji.

After some days I decided to read ' Sri Gurucharitra' which is a very divine book of Datta Sampradaye and people from Maharashtra and Karnataka would surely know about it. At the same time an alliance came for my sister which was excellent but my parents were not very hopeful as in the past many good prospects would come, see my sister and would reject her. My reading which is known as ' PARAYAN ' was going on. On the last day of parayan, around 5.30 am I saw a dream. I saw that I was in my house in India and Swami Samarth Maharaj was standing in my garden. I was inside the house hiding behind curtains. I thought to myself that I have heard he does miracles so let me see what he does. And what happened, only devotees of Swamiji would be able to acknowledge. Swamiji spat in my garden, rubbed his hand on the spit and put his hand on the head of a black dog which was standing there. I saw a ghost type face leaving the dog screaming and vanishing. Just like it happens in movies. I got up with a jerk and didn't tell anyone back home what I saw. That was 27th June 2019. The guy came to see my sister on 3rd July 2019. And she got married on the 10th of July 2019.

It was unbelievable for all of us. In my entire clan no marriage that too of a girl had taken place in just 6 days. This year my sister welcomed a baby boy too.

As for me my relationship broke and I lost my job too in Dubai since the entity had already warned me in my dream. But with Swamiji behind me nothing is impossible.

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Shabtslover (11 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-29)
I really don't know much about swamiji but I have respect for your faith in him, and I am glad that your sister is happy now, and congratulationss to her for the baby boy, and yess I am pretty sure that you will have an amazing future, cuz that lady can't do anything to those who truly believe, well at least that's what I believe

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