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It Wasn't A Dream


Hey everyone, I've been floating around this site reading stories for a long time now and finally built the courage up to send in my own.

For a bit of background info, back in 2011 I had a small 2bdrm unit in Adelaide. I had a friend who was in need of a room and I had a spare room so he moved in. He stayed for about 6 months. For the last 3 week's he didn't come home and was behind in rent so I messaged him asking wether rent was going to be paid or if he was moving on.

I came home to his room being cleared out and other random things of mine missing, he even took brand new bottles of shampoo and conditioner and a packet of ear buds from the bathroom cupboard lol. To be honest I can't remember the other things that were missing but I thought it was so strange he took these things so they've stuck in my mind. I noticed he had left behind his epilepsy medication and his repeat script on top of the tv cabinet in the lounge room.

I was so angry he stole from me and I stewed on it. It was all I could think about.

Two weeks later I woke up and opened my Facebook. There were RIP messages all over it about my housemate. He had an epileptic fit overnight and died out the front of his mates house. I was so confused how to feel. Looking back I can see how silly I was. I was just so angry he stole from me I couldn't grieve the friendship I had lost.

That's when things around the house started happening, there was a white glowing light that floated from the hallway through the dining area and into the kitchen one night, also doors started to open and close and swing randomly. And random noises, banging and creaking.

I started sleeping in the lounge room. This one day, probably about 2 months after he died, I drifted off to sleep. It would have been about lunch time from memory. I woke up to a knock at the door, it was my room mate. I was shocked. I said come in let's have a smoke together I'll make you a cuppa. I kept saying things like "this is real" "omg you're really here" "this isn't a dream" over and over. He didn't say much. Then I clicked and I said "hang on, you stole from me. You know what, I think you should leave" he said "is that what you want?" And I said yes. He stood up from the couch and walked towards the front door and asked again "are you sure this is what you want?" And I said "yes just go" and he walked out the door and slammed it. As the door slammed I woke up sitting straight up staring at the door as the sound of it slamming echoed through the house and the glass pane next to the door rattled.

I've never experienced anything like it before and in the 9 years since. It wasn't a dream, he came to say goodbye and I kicked him out. I still regret the way I reacted but it is what it is. After his visit all the noises stopped and the doors stopped swinging.

I think I have made my peace with him in other ways since, I've grown up a lot in the past years since and learned to let things go a lot better than before. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Thanks for reading.

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Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
4 years ago (2020-10-15)
Hello Maverick_30,
That's such an erie experience. I believe you didn't dream when you say you didn't.
From what I have read, dreams can also be a way of communication.
I'm glad you have made peace with him.
He's lost more than shampoo and conditioner. He's lost his life. What he did was wrong. I guess he knew that and came to apologise and say goodbye.
Try not to let it eat away at you for telling him to leave.
Most people do the same even when the spirit hasn't stolen something. I know, I do. I'm always telling my pesty spirit to rack-off.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Best wishes,
Maverick_30 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-12)
Thanks for all the replies, I only just noticed them.

Lady-glow I agree I think he was trying to apologise or make peace with me as we got along really well and it all came from no where that he left the way he did.

Jubeele I think we are at such an open place when we sleep it's a perfect opportunity to connect with our past loved ones, your story about your father is touching. I'm intrigued about the orange peel incident.
I remember waking up feeling like he had actually been there and how strong it was that it was a real encounter.

Maria I have seen the movie but never made the comparison before, maybe the writers of The Sixth Sense have had first hand experience in the area.

VeronicaMarie very insightful, he definitely was on a bit of a self destructive mission. He had had a few fits while staying with me and I think he knew it could be the last time with each one. He had that live fast die young mentality because I felt he had those close calls. I felt a bit guilty after I heard he passed because maybe if I had dealt with the theft better he may have come back for his medication.

I do talk with him from time to time when I'm by myself and have apologised for what happened. I've made my peace with it all in my own way and just hope he was around to hear my apology.

Thanks for your replies
VeronicaMarie (5 stories) (106 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-11)
Maverick, I find it so strange that he left his medication behind (in an odd place) and then died two weeks later. And that he'd basically disappeared for three weeks before. I wonder if he'd been in some sort of self-destructive state. A thought that came to mind was to have you say out loud to him that it's okay and that you forgive him. You may well have already done that, but if not, it might give you additional peace.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing story.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-11)
Hello Maverick_30,

This is a touching story. I think your friend felt bad about stealing from you and vanishing before he died. His regret was so strong that going back to your house was the first thing he wanted to do. He couldn't communicate to you so he came to you while you were asleep.

Forgive me for making a silly comparison from the movies; but do you remember "The Sixth Sense" and how Bruce Willis was finally able to talk to his wife while she was asleep?

I'm really glad I read your story.

- Maria
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-11)
Maverick, your account resonated with me. After my father passed, Mum felt so betrayed by his infidelities that she got rid of everything that once belonged to him. When she saw him in her dreams, she told him to leave. Which he did, apart from an incident with an orange peel. But the strange coincidence is that I started seeing him in my dreams after that.

I think that the dream you had was a true visitation. Perhaps you called to him through the strength of your emotions and the weight of unresolved issues. In your hurt and anger, you sent him away. But it is what it is. At the time, you needed to close a chapter on something that carried a lot of pain for you.

The "white glowing light" does seem to indicate to me that a spirit was present at your place. I've experienced odd clicking sounds, glass crackling and wooden frames creaking that could not be explained away by temperature changes or mechanical reasons. What is significant is that the noises and door slamming all stopped after you told him to leave.

Like lady-glow, I think your friend came back to tell you he was sorry. But the main thing is that you have made your peace. Perhaps you can say a prayer or express a wish for him to be at peace too. It does not matter whatever religion you believe in, or not at all. What matters is the will and the intent. As long as the feeling comes from the heart, I'm sure the good wishes will reach him.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-11)
Hello Maverick.

This is such a touching experience. Yes, you had a visitation dream and, in my opinion, all the activity was your friend trying to get your attention. Perhaps he was full of regret after stealing your stuff and was trying to apologize for his actions.

Rest in peace.

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing this interesting experience with us.

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