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It Wasn't Supernatural... Or Was It?


The year was 1970. I know this because this happened when I was in kindergarten. My family Mum, Dad, two brothers had all moved in to a brand new 4 bedroom ranch style home in Huber Heights Ohio. We had an acre of land that had once been farmland. Our home was built on a single street with homes on each side of the street and that ended in a cul-de-sac. Behind one side of the street the backyards faced the back of a strip mall and some other shops, while on our side of the street our backyards faced corn fields and a small forest and stream. It was a great place to live as a kid!

My older sister "K' was not actually with us when we had moved in because she had been in Barny's Children's Hospital for a very long time with Rheumatic Fever. I was not very thrilled about my sister coming home first because I would have to share my room with her and also because I did not understand what she had gone through when she was in the hospital and us kids had not seen her in almost a year. She had become a stranger to me. I also think I was rather jealous of her since my parents were so often visiting her in the hospital, people sent her special flowers and gifts, and basically all I knew was she got a lot of attention. At 6 years old I did not grasp the whole seriously ill concept and I seemed to have "developed" an imaginary friend to deal with all I was going through. I do not remember when my friend first came to me I felt like he had always been with me.

So the room my sister K and I shared was the second largest bedroom in the house. We had twin beds along one wall that faced a very, very large window on the opposite wall that also held our two dressers. On her side of the room was also a regular sized window and on mine there was our closet and the door to our bedroom.

When it was bedtime we all put our pajamas on, brush our teeth and go to the bathroom, drink some water if we needed to and then my Mum and Dad would come in to each of our bedrooms, close our curtains, pull back our bed covers (I loved this part since our sheets were always clean and crisp and smelled like sunshine) and kneel with us at the side of our beds and would guide us in our nightly prayers. (My Mum came to America from England as a governess and was very proper) Our parents tucked us in and turned off our lights and said goodnight. My sister and I would whisper back and forth for awhile and then she would want to go to sleep... But not me. I waited in anticipation for my imaginary friend. To my delight he usually showed up, a soft ball of white light that for some reason I had named Blinky. Blinky would appear in the top left hand corner of my room and seemed to dance around my ceiling. I would talk to Blinky in a low voice that I thought no one could hear. I knew Blinky could not stay very long so I would tell him my latest joy or woe and he seemed, at least to me to be listening, then he would be gone.

I remember a couple of times when my friend would come down to me and float close to me but never touched me. It was like it felt when a really big horse on my Aunt's farm would come gently up to me and I'd feel amazed, a little scared but pretty special and in awe of its beauty. I always felt a sense of love and goodness when I spoke with my friend.

My sister would sometimes wake up and tell me to shut up. I wouldn't so she would yell for Mum or Dad. We would both get in trouble and my parents would say "Go To Sleep!" My sister never saw the light so I received teasing from my sister and older brother about my friend but my parents would not really say much about it to me. I am sure my father thought it was my nonsense. My Mum would just sometimes tell me that it was alright, and not to mind my siblings.

As I got used to having my sister back and my life got into a more normal routine I saw less and less of my friend. However, one night, my sister K was telling me to shut up again since she was trying to sleep. I said "Look, he is right there!' and my sister looked and she actually saw Blinky! K yelled for my parents and Blinky was gone.

As I look back at that time in my life I remember being upset about my brothers and I always having to stay with one of my Mum's two sisters, my aunt's, while my parents where at the hospital with K. And once or twice my little brother and I were left alone with my older brother if my parents were not going to be there very long. My big brother was a real jerk back then and was pretty mean to me. Those were very scary and emotional months for me and I was insecure and missed having a normal routine.

When we moved to the new house in Huber Heights things were calming down. It really took some time before my brothers and I felt normal around my sister again because she was still pretty sickly when she got home and everyone seemed to give her all of the attention. I feel ashamed about how we treated Karen when she returned home after so long. To be fair the adults in our lives really did not sit down and explain things to us kids which I think was kind of the norm back then with adults. Something I've never understood.

So I wonder, was Blinky just my imaginary friend or something more supernatural? Why did my big sister see him if he was just my imagination? I have gone on in my life and have had more experiences with the unexplained. However, I will never forget a soft ball of white light that came to me so long ago and now I wonder what it was?

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Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-04)
Hello Shelbyloree,

Thank you for sharing The Elephant Story with me. I have heard a story sort of like that before... But in a different context. Your telling of this story really helped. I appreciate it!

I did not see that you had sent me a message until today because of some other issues keeping me away from this wonderful site.

Shelbyloree, I am about too read all of the things you have submitted to YGS.

I look forward to reading your submissions!
Be Well,
Ann 😊
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-28)

This was a nice experience! 'Blinky' and 'Charlie' aren't so different, so who's to say?

As for you inquiries, the East Indians have a story about 5 blind men. They reach their hands out and each man takes hold of something; one believes he holds a snake. Another believes he holds the trunk of a mighty tree. Yet another believes he holds a palm leaf. The fourth touches what he thinks is a wall, the fifth, a brush.

In reality, each man is touching one part of an elephant, but because they are blind and cannot fully understand or see the elephant, they take hold of their one piece and proclaim it 'truth.'

This story is a metaphor for the spirit world/religious schools of thought. The blind men are the schools, the elephant is the spirit world. Every piece holds some truth, but are also misinterpreted by 'blind' humans who are unable to grasp the entire picture.

Still, even though we are 'blind', it never hurts to examine every possible aspect of the spirit realm, there's probably an underlying theme coursing through that some may be able to comprehend. People have spent entire lifetimes pursuing 'truth' (Plato springs to mind), and I think we all think of it now and again. Hope that helps?
Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-23)
Hi Lady-Glow,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my story. I am so happy that I have a place to share and read and learn! I have read all of your submissions and I completely enjoyed them! Thank you!
I've experienced some other things in my life but nothing like Blinky! Nothing so comforting or positive.
I look forward to reading more from you too!

Be Well,
Ann 😊
Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-23)
Hello Randym,

Just had a chance to see your new comments. I must say I found them very informative and thought provoking. (at least for me!) Once again, thank you. I find it heartwarming to think my brother Charles might have been looking out for me. It is certainly a special memory for me!
The idea of the spiritual world is newer to me and it makes me ask if there is life after death than does reincarnation play a roll in it? Or is it just a spiritual realm? (I don't mean "just"as in not of impressive magnitude but as in only if that makes sense?) What of God and life in other solar systems? Why is there good and evil/positive and negative?
I feel like there is finally a place to explore these questions and ideas! I am very curious!
One last thing Randy... I really enjoyed reading your own story. I'm interested in the very concept of you contacting your Mother in the Spirit World. I think it was beautiful how your Mother made you feel so incredible!
I have so many questions! I am sorry. I do not expect or even ask you to respond to all of my queries Randy. Thanks again!
Be Well,
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-21)
Ann4shadow: Thanks for sharing such a beautifully written experience, whoever that ball of light was, sure was caring and comforting.

I'm looking forwards to read more of your submissions.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-21)

More than happy to give you some ideas to think about.

About a couple of comments you made.
You mentioned that you were not psychic so you didn't think you could see a spirit.
I don't think you have to be psychic. I think 2 things have to happen
1st the spirit must "allow" you to see them. If they don't want to be seen I don't think they will even if you were psychic.
2nd. You have to be "open" to the idea they are real.
As a six year old I'm sure you were. Its after we start to grow that we are told there is no such thing as ghost, Santa and the Tooth Fairy. We become jaded and closed off and a veil of sorts comes up and the ability is lost. You were much more open to the idea of these things as a small child so it really didn't take a lot of effort to happen.

You also ask about your brother Charles.
Yes I do believe it could have been him. Most certainly. Consider this. We are eternal spirits that come to earth to learn and grow.
We start out here as a baby, needing care and raising, etc.
But that is not who we really are. We are that spirit that is eternal. So you brother Charles, being back in the spirit world is not a baby at all. In fact, he is much much more advanced than you living out your human life. You may have had concerns for your sister you didn't show and may not have realized you had. I know Rachel told me as she got older that she was very afraid Miranda
Was going to die. But, while going through the illness and recovery she never showed or talked about those fears to us.

I really believe that one of those close relatives of yours just came by some to check on you, be with you, and be your pal at a difficult time.

Just my opinion

Thanks for reading
Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-20)
Hello Randy,

Thank you for commenting on my experience. I was very nervous trying to write about it, and describing events from over 30 years ago. One thing for sure. I never forgot that event in my life. Ever.
The only relatives that were not alive at that time were my brother Charles who had died shortly after he was born and my paternal Grandfather also Charles. (my brother had been named after him) The rest of my grandparents were still alive at that point in time. I never knew either of them though and Charles was a baby... Can a baby feel concern for a sister he never met?
I guess it could have been any number of people on my Mum's side.
Either way, I am not psychic so I did not think I could see a spirit...
Randy, I must say I am very sorry you, your wife and your twins went through Leukemia together. I am glad you chose to share with your girls about it. Information often makes fear more manageable I have fund over the years, and you seemed to know at that time. Not knowing what was going on only made me more afraid and made me blame my sister for loosing our family.
I imagine that must have been a horrific time in your lives, yet you seem to have gotten through it since you said to this day she is still very protective of her. I am happy for you...
Again, thank you for commenting. I never even considered my brother before... Could it be? I guess my Grandfather is still more likely.

Be Well,
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-20)
Hello Ann4shadow

Thank you for sharing a charming experience

I really try and make paranormal a last choice but for some reason I feel different about your story
The first thing that popped in my mind was a deceased grandparent. If they were all alive at that point in time then perhaps another relative. I'm
Sure your older brothers stuck together as boys will do. Just maybe the possibly deceased relative felt you needed some special attention of your own

As for your parents withholding information I can only say that each parent makes choices on what they think is best for their children.
I have twins girls that are now 22. When they were
3 1/2 one of them became sick with Leukemia
We elected to tell her twin sister and be honest about everything including her risk of dying. It turned out to be the right choice because the healthy sister became an active participant in her sister's recovery. Plus with the risk of dying we just felt she needed to know so it could help her understand the seriousness of her disease
To this day she is still very protective of her
As a parent we often don't do the right thing just what we feel is right at the time

I'm so Glad your sis is well and you know that in life's most difficult moments that there are those standing right beside us even though we may or may not sense them

Thank you again for sharing.

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