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I volunteered at a nursery for a period of 6 months before it closed. It was small and we only had 7 children. It was nice for my first week, but then it got creepy. The layout was the main hall, a small walkway to the kitchen and a closed off bit that lead to the storage room. It was used as a social club too and the chairs used were stacked in an old bathroom. The door we used to take the children out was weird. There was a curtain that hid this massive sink, or that's what I assume it was. Maybe it was a bath? Not sure.

Anyway, on to the experiences.

In the kitchen, I always thought someone was watching me from the doorway. I was washing up and I walked into the open cupboard door. I am sure it was shut. Other cupboards and draws would open and shut. In the end, I was looking around, making sure to note what was shut, so I would know if something opened on it's own.

I walked out of the kitchen one day, and the other staff were talking about ghosts. I was interested in what they were on about, so I asked. They told me that the owners of the hall said they heard footsteps in the hall when we had all gone home. We were all a little freaked by that because they checked, and the hall was empty.

It all died down, everyone forgot. It could've been anything causing sounds.

They started leaving me in the nursery alone because we had to be different places. I would finish the washing up and sit in the hall, waiting to be picked up. Sounds would surround me, thumps, footsteps, clunks. I told myself people were in the bar next door to keep myself from freaking out. In the end I took the broom as a way of defense in case something attacked me and watched youtube to stop being scared. I would go to the toilet and the beanbags would've moved.

The staff changed and I was no longer left alone in the nursery. Around that time, we started to look after a baby. He would sleep in the storage room. We had a monitor in with him and we would hear strange noises on it. The manager insisted he always made those noises when sleeping. His dummy would always go missing. It would be under the cot, under the cot's mattress, somewhere really weird.

Another time the door to the storage room opened by itself and shut again. The oldest child and me looked at each other, then she went to tell the manager. The manager insisted it was wind.

I have looked into the place, but couldn't find anything.

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LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-14)
Hi Lorenzo,

Your story is definitely creepy 😳 Kudos for volunteering at a childrens nursery, and for having the nerves of steel to stick with it!
I had a few strange experiences with my own child's baby monitor with some really weird noises taking place while he napped; I stopped using it after that. Maybe, whatever spirit or energy was there in the storage room w/the baby you cared for, liked playing around with the monitor and the dummy? Or perhaps it didn't like either of them? Either way, it doesn't sound as if it caused anyone harm, maybe it just wanted a little attention?
I really enjoyed your story, LightMight
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-14)
Hi Lorenzo,

I don't think a place necessarily has to have a dramatic history to be haunted. Maybe there's just bad energy in the place and it attracts paranormal riffraff.
Think you did the best thing in ignoring it, distracting yourself with youtube. Because if paranormal riffraff is what you were dealing with you better believe they love being noticed, anything for a reaction. Kinda like little naughty children in a way, ironic really.

Thanks for sharing. Pity you couldn't have a proper chat with coworkers about it.

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