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My Grandma's Ghost (part 2)


So I am back hello once again everybody. This is in kind of the same vein as my last story, as you can tell by the title, but this one is about my other grandma, my mom's mom. She died when my mom was 20 of ovarian cancer, so I never met her. So let's get going, shall we?

So earlier this year (May of 2021, I don't know when this'll be posted), my family went to south Dakota to visit my grandpa and step grandma because they're old and we go to see them every once in a while just to see how they're doing, you know? Well, we were sitting at the table, eating lunch, and all of a sudden, my grandpa starts telling this story. He was napping in his chair, in his den (that's what he calls his office), and all of a sudden, this woman shows up in his doorway. She doesn't say anything; she just smiles, and then she disappears. Instantly, I think that could be my biological grandma. I think my mom thinks it could be her mom, too. My step grandma kind of brushes it off, because I don't think she believes in ghosts, and she's used to him rambling, because he's old. My grandpa's in his late 80s, and you know how old people are. They kind of like to ramble about random stuff. Also, she's a no nonsense kind of person.

Anyway, I didn't ask him about it in the moment for a couple reasons. First off, I didn't want to remind him of my biological grandma, because I thought it might make him sad. Second off, I didn't want to talk about my biological grandma in front of my step grandma because I didn't know if she would like it. I don't know why but I thought it might've made her angry. You know the whole thing about not talking about your exes in front of your wife/girlfriend? Yeah. Anyway, we kept on talking, kind of glossing over that, but obviously, I kept on thinking about it.

So later that night, I was in bed, in our air bnb, when I felt that same feeling I was talking about in my last story. I knew it was my biological grandma. I didn't even have to think about it this time. Who else would it have been? I could feel her standing over me, just looking at me. Just like last time, I couldn't see her, but I could feel her. I got up and went to go turn on a little light in my closet, because her presence was a little unsettling, but she didn't go away like my other grandma did, which I thought was interesting. She just sat down in a chair in the corner of my room and continued watching me. I thought it was really comforting and peaceful. Just the two of us, sharing a moment, you know? Eventually, her presence started to fade away. It wasn't like I felt her presence one moment and then the next moment I didn't. It was very gradual. I just felt her fade out of my bedroom. Again, it was extremely sweet and I loved it.

A couple days later, we were heading back to Colorado, and we stopped at this motel in Nebraska. Side note here, but it literally looked like that motel had not been renovated since the 50s. It was kind of cool actually. Anyway, the first night that we were there, my grandma showed up again. I first felt her presence by my bed, and then she walked over to my parents' bed, which was in the same room. I have a theory that the reason she did that was because she wanted to see my mom. She hadn't seen her daughter in so long, so I think she just wanted to see her again. Then she just stood by the door for a little bit. I didn't feel her presence fade this time, though. I think she might've faded out after I had gone to sleep I don't know.

I loved this experience, just like I loved the last one, but I'm a little concerned. If you remember my last story (you can go read it if you don't), my dad's mom showed up on Christmas, and within a year, my aunt died. So I'm worried a similar situation is going to happen here. I love my grandpa and I don't want him to die yet! Another sign that's kind of concerning is the fact that my grandpa actually saw her. I don't know for sure if that was my grandma, or if it was just a random woman, but it would make sense that it was her. If he is going to die soon, at least he got to see her one last time.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3138 posts)
9 months ago (2023-05-15)
Hello ghostsarecool.

Passing away is part of being human, as natural and unavoidable as breathing. It always hurts to say goodbye to a loved one, but it's reassuring to know that their departed loved ones will be waiting to welcome them to the other side.

Enjoy every opportunity you can spend with your grandfather, those memories will keep you strong in the future.
ghostsarecool (2 stories) (8 posts)
9 months ago (2023-05-14)
I need to say that less than a year after this experience, my grandpa had a heart attack. He didn't die, but obviously it was a pretty serious thing, because like I said, he is in his late 80s. So yeah. If I get a visit from any other family members, I'm going to be nervous, because it seems like they only visit me to tell me something bad's going to happen.
Rajine (14 stories) (713 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-22)
Hi ghostsarecool

I really enjoyed reading your incident, makes me think about the loved ones I unfortunately lost, but not in a bad way rather a happy and a little sad, I really do believe that the people who we loved and lost are always around us even though we can't see them, always guiding always protecting us, and I agree when you say that your grandma wanted to see your mom.
BaiAnina (3 stories) (41 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-19)
hello ghostsarecool!

That's such a touching and lovely story ❤ I wouldn't want to think any visits from my grandma is foreboding as well but perhaps it is a reminder from her to cherish your family while you're able. I think grandparents are very special indeed, so shower them with attention, love and affection while you can. I'd like to think it's also a reminder from your grandma that she will always watch over your family, even from beyond 😊 ❤
Scary_Annabelle (1 stories) (8 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-15)
Hi ghostsarecool!,
I loved your story and It's such a Lovely thing to see our Dead relatives come back to see us. Sadly, until now, I didn't saw any of my dead relatives come back. Anyways, I loved your story; God Bless you and Your Family!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3138 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-14)
Hello ghostsarecool.

Interesting experience. My advice would be for you to enjoy the present as much as you can, and spend time with your grandfather, call him often and spend as much quality time with him as possible without worrying about the future.

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