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After reading a story from a girl that had stayed in the uni lodges in Warwick I felt I had to say something. I too stayed in the rooms that are connected to the building where companies give training, meetings etc.

It happened to me in 2017. I was attending a week and a half training course. The first week was fine, I was staying in the same room and had zero problems or bad vibes. I went home for the weekend and then returned for the last part of the training course where I was given a different room. I think it was room 152 or 158. As soon as I opened the door I noticed a strange smell, but it was more of a damp smell so I didn't really take much notice at the time. After unpacking I sat on the bed and felt a little anxious but put it down to nerves about the course and being away from home yet again.

After I finished the day's training I went back to the room to shower and change clothes. I felt uncomfortable but didn't understand why. I just didn't feel right being in that room. I met up with a mate in the bar, had a few drinks... Literally a few! I wasn't drunk! After the evening was over I returned to the room. I turned on the tv and lay on the bed but started to feel really uncomfortable. I couldn't concentrate or relax. I kept looking into the corner of the room but there was nothing there. So after trying to watch a film I switched off the tv and went to bed.

It was a hot summer night and I don't know what time it was when I awoke but I awoke suddenly on my side with my back to the window and away from the corner of the room where my attention was constantly drawn to earlier in the evening. I was hot, sweating and my anxiety levels were rocketing! I was hyperventilating and thought I was having a panic attack (I never suffered with) . For some reason I felt I had to look into that corner yet again. There was barely any kind of light in the room but the corner looked even darker. At this point I suddenly started talking... I kept saying " I don't want to talk, I don't want to talk" over and over again. My breathing was all over the shot but I managed to calm myself down and convince myself I was delirious and maybe getting food poisoning or something.

I managed to fall asleep again but yet again I woke up at some stage laying on my side with my back to the window again. I kind of rolled onto my belly and the turned my head to the left, facing the window. The light from the gap in the window frame was broken by a shadow. As I looked up I could see a figure, jet black, no real shape to it, but it had arms! The arms we're moving erratically in my direction and I heard a woman scream which turned out to be me screaming! I was absolutely terrified! I'm pretty fearless in life but I was absolutely wrecked but what I was looking at! I actually hid under the sheets like a child. I lay there curled up scared out of my mind for what seemed like a week!

Gradually the morning light crept into the room and I slowly peeped out from under the sheets. The room was light enough to see everything and it looked normal. After a deep breath I basically ran to the door, flung it open and ran to the reception where I just sat and waited in my boxer shorts! When the girls who worked the desk arrived later in the morning I told them that I needed a new room. They seemed a bit confused at first as I was literally starkers! They asked what was wrong with the room and I told them the room itself was fine it was what was in it that I needed to get away from! To my surprise they actually said "ok we know what you are talking about."

I got a new room but had to go back into the old one to get dressed. As soon as went back in I could feel this thing basically on me! It was a feeling of desperation and depression that felt off the scale intense. I got quickly changed and then went out for a walk to get my head together. I had breakfast and told a few colleagues about what had happened. My mate agreed to go to my room with me to help get my toiletries and clothes etc. As soon as we opened the door he froze and refused to go in. I went in and grabbed my gear but again I could feel it almost on me! I went into the bathroom and it just felt like it wanted me to almost talk to it.

The new room was fine but that feeling didn't really leave me, in fact I had problems with dreams about it maybe a year later!

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KenS80 (1 stories) (42 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-21)
This feeling is so similar to what I have experienced Stevep74. All the feelings you describe here are so familiar.

Are you still commenting on this dialog?

I would like to know if you experienced those feelings when you were on your own or all the time in that room. I know you said your friend came to the room to help you pack but he did not go in with you. Did he see the dark aura or sense the same feelings.

I never witnessed any dark auras as you did but everything else was pretty much what I've experienced and that is why I would like to converse some more.

Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-18)
Hi Stevep74

I would have not spent even one night in a place like that, your experience sounds scary and sad at the same time, I have to agree with [at] Lady-glow perhaps if you know the history of that room it would shed some light on what you experienced, but from your narrative I can guess that it could be a spirit of someone who was depressed and suicidal.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-17)
Welcome to YGS.

Wow, what an unnerving experience!

" It was a feeling of desperation and depression that felt off the scale intense."

I wonder if this entity was trying to communicate the feelings they had at some point while staying in that room. I know it is a long shot, but it makes me think of a person contemplating suicide.

Knowing the history of the place and, particularly of that room, could shed some light about the nature of this energy.

Thanks for sharing.

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