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This Is My Life!


My name is Plaza and what I am about to share is a very real part of my life. Nothing is going to be exaggerated or worded to sound better than what it is, what happened happened and I've tried to debunk it all myself with no such luck.

First off, I am not the world's best writer, I was kept off school more times than I attended and because of that, my grammar can be a bit sketchy. But I don't claim to be Shakespeare, I am a nobody, who will not really be missed when I pop my clogs. I am what I am but I am honest if nothing else.

Right then, let's begin.

I was born in Ashton Under Lyne (Lancashire in England) in 1968 which makes me 54 by the time this is submitted. My parents split up when I was 7 years old and that is when my life went downhill, but that's not important. What is important is, where my parents lived and my dad who is 81 this year (2022) still lives in the same house that my parents bought in 1967.

One of my first memories is screaming when I saw something in my bedroom which I shared with my brother who is two years younger than me. I saw something standing next to where my toys or clothes were kept, I can't recall exactly but it resulted in dad coming upstairs and trying to tell me it was the light off the TV. I must of been 3 possibly 4 years old. Back then, there was no Tv in bedrooms, it was just a Tv in the front room, but dad had to tell me something I guess.

What I was told many years later was, that wasn't the first time I had screamed in terror. I was informed by mum that whenever it was time for me to go to bed I would start playing up. Mum told me I was petrified every night of going to bed and I would start to scream whilst being carried upstairs.

I was told that when my brother was born I seemed to not kick off as much and every morning I would be in my brothers cot/crib.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night one time and something was sitting on my legs and I started to scream because I could not get my legs free. The moment the bedroom light came on, my legs felt the pressure lifted immediately. I was around 5 years old by now and again, every morning I would be in my brother's bed or he in my bed.

Back then, the two bedroom stone terrace house had the bathroom which had been converted into the loft. Whenever I was having a bath and I was on my own, I would sense something was watching me. At that age I didn't know about ghosts or anything like that, so at 5 or 6 years old and I still remember this, that feeling something was looking at me and it would freak me out, but apart from the leg thing and me seeing something standing next to my toy cupboard, was all I could / can recall.

Mum had started seeing this other guy at work and one night when dad had gone to work on the night shift, I recall mum waking up me and my brother and then we started to live with this new man in the next town. I was 7 years old when this happened. It's funny, but I recall mum taking me on bus rides before this and we would visit this flat and I was quite happy on this balcony looking at the bus tickets I had started to collect. It's only many years later I realized mum was having this affair and I was put on this balcony so they could do rude things I guess.

Anyway, it was arranged that dad would have me and my brother every other weekend and we would spend Saturday night at dad's house. Dad had turned to drink, or he had always been a drinker (according to mum) so we would often spend a lot of time in the pubs with dad. He would play cards and me and my brother would be happy with the occasional coke and a packet of crisps (potato chips in the US). Eventually over the years we would spend more time in the house while dad was in the pub just up the road. Nothing had changed, I was still scared to death at night and me and my brother would sleep in dad's bed. Dad would fall asleep on the sofa at some point.

I am guessing I was around 9 or 10 now and this particular weekend was no different. I recall, it was getting late and dad wasn't back yet and we knew he wouldn't be long, so me and my brother had gone upstairs and I recall being excited because dad had told us the next time he had us, we would be going to Blackpool.

For those who are not great at places, Blackpool is a seaside town in Lancashire in England and about 55 miles from where we lived. We always got super excited and we would talk about what we would do and what not.

So we are on dad's bed and I was lying down with my head on the pillow. The double bed was in the middle of the bedroom but the headboard was right up against the wall. At the bottom of the headboard was a gap of about 12 inches, it was the style of the headboard. So my brother is looking at me while we talk and then suddenly my hair is pulled very hard from behind. My brother sees my head go back with this tug and we both just start to scream. I know 110% I was lying with my head on the pillow and I wasn't moving, so I know I had not caught my hair in something and my brother saw my head go backwards towards whatever had just pulled my hair. Back then, longish hair for boys was quite fashionable so there was a lot of hair. I can't recall what happened next, but I presume we both stayed downstairs until dad came back. I also don't recall what excuse he came out with as to why my hair was pulled. I know one thing, we didn't stay in dad's bed again.

I don't know exactly how much time had past from the hair pulling to the next thing to happen. But I know the story is the same. Dad was at the pub, it was late and me and my brother had gone upstairs to bed. We now stayed in the back bedroom but still shared the same bed. I'm guessing I'm about 11 or 12 years old now, but with the past experiences, I could never imagine sleeping in a bed on my own. My brother was also scared so neither of us complained about the other being in the same bed.

On this particular night, nothing had set us off to be afraid, yes we are uneasy but that was the same every other weekend. We kind of just accepted something happening and it had been many months since the last ordeal, it might of even been a couple of years. But we didn't go to bed frightened by anything. I know this because we would not of gone upstairs to bed if we had heard or seen something.

So we are in bed talking when we hear footsteps starting to climb the stairs. That's weird, neither of us heard the front door open which with the pressure, always blew open the kitchen door. But yet we hear the footsteps on the stairs. I still remember my heart thumping in my chest with the fear and everything came rushing back from the past. I'm sure in real time all this would of taken no longer than 7-8 seconds to climb the stairs. They also had their unique sound, so it's not like you heard next door by accident. One stair at a time we kept hearing and quite quickly, these footsteps climbing the stairs had almost reached the top. We both instantly knew it wasn't dad and just before the footsteps hit that final step, the front door opened which blew opened the kitchen door like it did and we both screamed for dad to come upstairs. Of course, the footsteps stopped when the front door opened, but it was timed to perfection.

We told dad what we heard and yet again, he tried to say it was next door. I know he was just trying to play it down. Now if I was on my own, maybe my imagination might have had the better of me, but not both me and my brother and especially not when it wasn't in our minds. I'm almost 100% certain what we heard was someone or thing on our stairs and definitely not next door's. Why didn't we hear movement from next door after dad had come home? So yeah, dad did his best to convince us otherwise.

Eventually, mum and her fella who she left dad for, split up and we returned back to the same town where we lived and this brought an end to staying at dad's house. We could visit him any time now and I had no need to stay there ever again, yippee... If only...

Mum didn't waste anytime looking for a new man and I was 16 when I decided to leave to go live with my cousin at my Aunt's house. I didn't leave on great terms with my mum. She wanted me to pay house keeping to the same amount she lost when I left school. The problem with that was, I was paid £25 a week on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme). I was to be trained up to drive all kinds of transport from Fork Lift trucks, a car license and then onto 7.5 ton class3 Heavy Goods Vehicle, then class 2 and then onto the big 40 ton class 1 Vehicles. Then finally onto PSV's (Public Service Vehicles) all the way up to driving double decker buses. A dream training job. The only problem being, it was 8 miles away and needed 4 buses in total to and from the training site and it cost me £4 or £5 a week for a bus pass. But mum had lost £23.50 with me leaving school and that's what she wanted. I didn't even have enough for the bus fares. With that and the fact mum's new partner sided with mum and we didn't see eye to eye anyway, I packed my stuff together and moved out.

Due to me missing a few days because I didn't have the bus fare, I was kicked off the training course and it took me years to forgive mum for that. What an opportunity I had and all for free.

But a new chapter had begun.

Me and my cousin had become close since I moved back to the same area as the rest of my family. We spent a lot of time playing asteroids or football manager on the ZX Spectrum and many a night all through the night. We would walk the streets in summer at all hours. For some reason he was also scared to death of ghosts. I still do not know the reason why. From memory, he had not seen anything.

Everything was ok for around two years. I was working in a paper mill which my gran had managed to sort out. Again, it started as a YTS but we were all taken on after the 12 months and I was earning good money for an 18 year old. But unfortunately I was made redundant when the paper mill decided to move over to Ireland.

I wasn't stressed about losing my job, I didn't drink or smoke or do drugs. I was starting to get into girls a lot more and I had started to see this girl. But it was very early days and I still liked to hang out with my cousin playing this football manager game.

This one particular evening, we were all in bed at my Aunt's house and for some reason, I could not sleep. I was on the top bunk, sandwiched between two bedrooms. I was just lying there and then I hear this rocking noise. It was weird because everyone was asleep, so no one was up or moving around. Straight away, it brings it all back about my dad's house and being petrified and I recall just lying very still with goosebumps all over my body. This noise is like a rocking noise and it sounded very near to where I was. After about 5 minutes it's still going and I need to look what's going on. I lift myself up and turn my head round to look in the direction of this noise. What I see absolutely shiats me up. I see a pram that once had the kids in at some point and this pram is at the top of the stairs where it's always been. Not right at the top ready to fall down the stairs, but pushed up against a wall towards the top of the stairs. I see it's rocking, like a mother rocking a pram to make a baby go to sleep type of rocking. I 100% know, no one is rocking that pram, but here it is. I can see it and hear it and that was me done. I can't recall if I waited until the next day or I left that house immediately afterwards, but I know, I never slept in that house again. I was scared stupid.

I now had a dilemma, I had no where to go. Mums was a no no, I can't stay at my Aunt's house now. My brother was in another town living with a girlfriend. So I had to do it, I had no choice, but to move back into my dad's house. But I had a plan.

Dad worked 5 nights a week 10pm to 6am Mon to Fri and sometimes weekends as overtime. I could sleep with the light on and the radio going. That way, I wouldn't hear anything. I was of course open to being assaulted again, but I had no choice and it was now many years since that happened with no repeat.

It worked out a treat, I set the alarm for 6am so I could turn the light & radio off. I would still stay downstairs watching Tv until I was so tired I knew I'd drop off to sleep immediately after going to bed. This is mid 80's so no Tv in bedroom yet.

The next thing to happen was on a Saturday night. Dad was working overtime and I felt good after seeing my girlfriend that night. So like normal, I was downstairs watching Tv late in to the night and this horror movie had started. Due to my fear of ghosts, I could never watch a horror movie. Alien, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th were all considered too scary for me to watch. I can't recall the movie that came on but it was an horror film and I turned it over. Back then, it was still just 4 or 5 Tv channels in the U.K. So I turned it over to match something else and I dropped off to sleep on the sofa. The remote was on the floor like I always placed it.

The next thing, I wake up and I instantly know it's not the same programme that was on. It must of ended and an horror film must of come on afterwards straight after the thing I was watching. The remote is still on the floor and go to grab it so I can turn it over.

I do turn it over and now I'm super spooked because I've turned it back over to the channel I was watching before I fell asleep and the TV was on the horror film again. I instantly know, I would never of turned it over to the horror film. It is possible I could of turned it over in my sleep. I even thought someone with the same Tv could of turned it over with a similar remote, but it was like 2am in a small town, but who goes around at that time with their remote turning over Tv stations at 2am when they didn't know who had the same TV sets... So that's been dropped. Could I of really reached out to grab this remote and turn it over within 10 minutes of me falling asleep?

At least that can be semi explained.

I end up getting my first proper girlfriend pregnant. Her parents kick her out and she starts to live with me at my dad's and I can't recall anything happening. But then again, we were given a house due to our circumstances within a few weeks.

From there, I leave her to live with another girlfriend who happened to be my first love despite her being my second partner and she becomes pregnant very soon afterwards and we live together for around 3 years. All uneventful in regards to ghosts. She eventually dumps me and I'm heartbroken.

I had a job that involved working away all week and while I was away, a group of lads kept my partner entertained and she eventually told me she wanted to do things that she could not do while me and her were together. If she had just cheated on me it would of been better for me to handle. But it hurt like hell for 18 months and serves me right for dumping my first partner.

Me and mum had made up our differences and mum invited me to stay with her until I got back on my feet. Little did I know it was going to be about 4 years... I swapped working away and decided to work at the factory instead on nights after dating the boss's daughter. This way I could not be sacked, but it didn't last long anyway. But I found working nights was the best job in the world and after the factory received noise complaints, it was decided that the 6 man night shift would change blades on these granulators that chewed up metals. It was this, that was making all the noise while running at night. So a 10 hr shift working for at least 9 hours suddenly turned into a one hour job being paid 10 hours.

So we had a lot of time to do what the hell we wanted and yes we did. We would go over to the pub or take drives out when it was summer, if you wanted any job, it was ours. Imagine being paid to play cards for 8 hours a night.

What happens next, boy, how do I start to explain this. Hopefully, you now know a bit about me, how I feel and how I operate. What comes next is something that a lot of people will believe its a load of bollox and that's their opinion. I have absolutely nothing to gain by what is written next. I have tried for almost 30 years to debunk what I'm about to write and I can't. This happened 100% and nothing is exaggerated. If anything, it's played down. I have said on many occasions, I will do as many polygraph tests as possible to prove what I wrote, actually happened the way it's written. Due to me sharing this on Quora, I will copy and paste the whole thing in it's entirety.

So one night at work and after playing cards for a while, I start reading this newspaper and I read a piece about an 18 year old girl called Lisa, she had taken just two paracetamol and unfortunately she had a reaction and she died. The article was to highlight the dangers of taking something like paracetamol.

I read the article and read it again and I remember (this is about 30 years ago now) feeling all emotional. At that age, I was nothing like I am now, so it was weird for me to get emotional, but I couldn't shake this story off my mind. Even days later I'm still very upset about this poor girl. So I tell mum and she says, why don't you ask for her via the Spirit Board (SB). I recall saying to mum, "can you do it please because of my experiences at dads house?" I was shiat scared of ghosts & spirits and I had never done the SB ever. Anyway, mum said no, like mums do.

Again a day or two went by and still I cannot get this girl out of my head. Everyone is out of the house at home and I think bollox to it, I'm doing the SB. So I set it all up and I'm scared shiatless, but this thing about this girl was eating me and I just had to do it. So I start and ask for this girl Lisa. The glass starts to move very slowly and I ask, are you Lisa? The glass goes to no and I explain what am I doing. I can not recall exactly what happened next, but I either say thank you and close it down, or I have another go at trying to contact this girl Lisa. But for arguments sake, let's say it was the same time just after the first conversation with the first spirit.

So I try again and the glass starts going round in circles and I'm bricking it. I know I am not pushing it and it keeps going round and round this table, I say I am trying to reach Lisa, the girl in the newspaper and it immediately stops going round in circles and it goes to yes. Yes what I ask? Are you Lisa and it again goes to yes. I still remember the hairs on my neck standing up right and on my arms. I get this warm feeling go through my body. I knew then it was the girl. I do not know how, but I just knew. Again unfortunately, I can't recall what was said or asked but I recall feeling great when I ended that session on the SB.

Almost immediately afterwards, I get this sensation with the hairs on my neck and arms and it's like someone blowing softly on your neck, you know, when you get all goosebumps. I don't say anything about it and put it down to being over the moon with excitement about what had happened. But for about 2 - 3 days this kept happening, way more than it ever did and I eventually tell mum what I did and what keeps happening to me. Straight away she says," I bet you didn't upturn the glass afterwards did you?" Come to think of it, no I didn't, I just put it back, which was upturned back into the cabinet. Mum tells me, the spirit can not leave unless you free it by turning the glass. So I find a quiet place in the house and set it all up and straight away Lisa came through. I apologized and pretty much leave it at that. There was nothing about ever talking again, I felt that was the journey's end.

If only that was it.

I would say maybe a day or two later, I start to think I'm going potty. I keep hearing this voice in my head. Never before had this happened, but the voice says, please visit a Spiritualist church. This was so weird because, I was not religious, I had never heard of this kind of church and I was hearing a voice in my head. If it happened once or twice I could dismiss it, but it was like a constant reminder. So again, I ask mum and explain what's going on. She says, she wants to tell you something and I should go. Seriously, you think I should go? "Well she really is not moving on or away from you, so yes, you should go."

It must of been two weeks before I finally give in and I find the nearest spiritualist church and lucky me, I still had time to go to this church then onwards to work and still not be late. So, this is late 1980's maybe early 90's. I get to this church and I am in my work clothes and because it's a dirty job changing blades on a big granulator, I don't look my best let's put it that way. So I enter and sit down away from everyone and there's about 12/15 people sat down. I do not know what to expect either. It starts off with an introduction, then songs are sung and then prayers and I'm thinking this is definitely not for me, but I go along with it, because hey, I was told to go by this voice in my head!

So service over and then the medium starts. She talks to this lady and then that lady and the lady over there and then this man and then this younger girl who I noticed, I would say was suffering from some learning difficulties, not that that matters, it's just what I remember. The medium speaks to about 7 people and then says, ok, that's me done. Thanks so much for coming everyone and I'm like, what, huh, what about me I'm thinking. Well that's just great.

I am so annoyed, I didn't stay for refreshments that was offered and off I went to work. I didn't drive back then, so I had time to think about things as I walked to work and I just laughed and said thanks mum to myself. Almost straight away, this voice again says, you have got to go again, you've got to go again. I chatter away to myself saying, no way, I've done what you asked. I feel a fraud because I'm not religious and thank god (sorry) I did not speak to anyone (remember this, it's important) at the church. So I pretty much dismiss it.

Well after that night shift, I get home and explain it all to mum, I say, I can not go again. Mum says, but maybe she had to wait her turn and time ran out. Seriously? Spirts have to queue to, unbelievable I say. So eventually I say fine, I'll go again, but this is definitely it.

So the next time was on the following Saturday evening. At least I could look presentable and this time there's a lot more people inside. I think to myself, no way am I getting spoken to. But I do what I have to and go along with the hymns and prayers and then the medium is introduced. She literally took the microphone off this person and she says, "I'm sorry, but before I begin I have to give this to that young man over there," and points straight to me! I say me and she says yes, (wow!) I have this young lady who's extremely keen for me to give you something." The medium says, it's like she wants you to have this for what you have done and I say ok, she then says, it's a big pink heart and this is her gift to you from her. I literally go cold all over my body with goosebumps and all the hairs on my neck stick up. Words can not describe the feeling I had when she told me that, it was unreal.

Once she gives me this message she says, I have another two spirits with me who belong to you, she says I have an older gentleman and I have a teenage girl and the girl is a little shy. Yet again the same emotional reaction I have.

The things this medium told me was impossible for anyone to know. When I said about my first time to the church and said I spoke to no one, well I didn't. But this medium, wow, I was told my family name, my birth sign and the month of my birthday. I am not saying she guessed it or fished for the answer like you see, no, straight out with it time after time and remember, this is pre-internet and Google and mobile phones. I did not write anything down the first time and although I can't recall where this medium had come from, it was miles away from the church I was at. In other words, there was no way she could of known me or even my mum. But she told me things that only I knew. She named a good mate who I had forgotten all about who died on a motorcycle and she told me the make and colour and his first name, Martin.

She was absolutely unbelievable, but at that time, I did not know, that she was one in a million, I thought this was how good mediums were because it was my first experience with one, I found out many times after, she was miles and miles better than the rest combined. It's 30 years ago now so remembering anything else is now forgotten, but wow, she was something special. Also, there was only one week in the year that I could be that star sign in that month and she nailed it. But not only that, at the time, I had only lost two members of my family. That was my grandad and my teenage cousin who topped herself and we grew up quite close. This was why when I was told I had this older gentleman and this teenage girl with me, I went all goosebumps again. She spoke to me for easily ten minutes and everything she said was bang on. I have yet to meet anyone else that good since.

It's not like I'm behind the door either, I know about scams and cons and fishing techniques but when it's told to you like she did, she either had to know me more than anyone else including my parents or best mate or well, there isn't a or. But this is going off topic, so I will get back to it.

I can't recall when I next went back to the church, but the next time I did it was during the week because I had work and I know I had work because of what happened next.

This next time I attended, there were a few trainees on stage and they were encouraged to speak out if they had received anything. Again straight away, this woman stands up and says, I have a message for this guy and points to me. Again, I'm told, there is a young lady who wants me to tell you something. I can't recall exactly what she said, but it involved me being the most caring person and she just had to tell me. Words along those lines. But that wasn't the best of it. I was not spoken to that night apart from that little message and afterwards I start to make my way to work, walking the couple of miles. But the instant I start to walk, I have this tune come into my head. Over and over, I can't explain it, but it's the same tune. I do not know this tune and I'm wracking my brain trying to think what this tune was and where I had heard it but I couldn't. I get to work and this tune is still in my head and it reminds me of when I read the story about this girl, it's the same, I just can't get this tune out out of my head.

For my job I work alone and whilst doing my job, I would get a snippet of the chorus to this tune. Then a bit more and a bit more. No word of a lie and I still have the paper I wrote it down on, but during that night shift and by morning had arrived, I knew every word of this song. Like I said, I wrote it out and I asked all the night shift guys if they had heard of this song and no one did. It's like when you learn something and you can replay it in your mind and you know it from top to bottom, that was me with this song by early morning, but I was now getting annoyed because I didn't know the song. I get home and ask mum and straight away she says," I know that song." I sing it all the way through, well not exactly sing because I'm the worse singer alive, but the words came out. Mum digs around for a bit and finds this record in her collection and put it's on the record player (pre cd) and I sing it word for word. How can that even be possible? I've tried for 30 years to explain that and I'm still no closer. It's not like mum had played it ever and I had not lived there that long since returning after leaving when I was 16 and mum never played her records, ever.

So what's so important about this song? Well it's the title and yes, there's another goosebump moment. The record was called, Dedicated To The One I Love by the Mamas and the Papas.

From there, things moved on a more slower pace, that was because I started to have conversations with this girl but through my mind if that makes sense. It's the same way that tune and the words came into my head, they are just there, it was the same with this voice. The best way to describe it is, how Mediums gets their messages, they get spoken to and they listen, it's the same thing. Only small conversations at first but over time they became longer and longer and in time I stopped going to this church. There was no need now and remember when I said I was spoken to again and on many occasions, but they all failed to impress. I could never place names or places and so I had no need to carry on going now.

I can't recall to much of what happened over the next 6-12 months. I did keep a diary and I wrote quite a lot of what went on, but for the sake of trying to keep this answer readable without falling asleep, I will not bore you with small snippets of conversation. I do recall getting these weird goosebump moments and it would make me smile because I knew she was close. I say she, I have not mentioned her name since the beginning, but she's called Lisa. So I would get these random moments and every time it felt amazing and so emotional.

I would say about 12 months on from our first encounter, she did have one more thing to share with me and I had no idea what was going to happen. It was about 2am during the weekend, a Saturday if I recall. Being a night worker, I often found it hard to sleep during the night and this night was no different. I would sleep on the sofa during the weekend, like I said, I had broken up with my first love and wanted to get away from that area and this was only going to be a temporary move until I got back on my feet. Some years later...

Anyway, back to this night. I get up to use the bathroom and get back under the sleeping bag on the sofa. I can't recall how the conversation started, but I was having this conversation with Lisa in my head when I got back comfortable on the sofa. She then asks me, if I would like to experience something. No description, just would I like to try something. Ok, this is new I recall. I ask, does it hurt? No, you will be ok. So I say, yeah ok, what is it. She tells me to lie flat on my back and I remember my legs hanging over the other side of the sofa. I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen, I swear, but I am a little curious. I remember thinking, she was going to show herself, like a ghost. But Remember, the only thing I've experienced are these random goosebumps and a warm fuzzy feeling every so often. So Lisa asks, if I'm ready. I make sure I'm comfortable and say yes. The moment I say yes, Oh My God...

I get this feeling of pure Ecstasy is the only way to describe it. Words can not do it justice. It's like, I've been plugged into this machine and every molecular in my body is dancing. Not to be crude or anything, but take your best ever orgasm and times it by a 100, ok maybe 10. But that's ten times better than your best ever orgasm, no word of a lie. It lasts well over 30 / 35 seconds. There's no stomach tension like just before the orgasm, or that feeling down to your toes, no, it's through my entire body and then it stops. It might be 30 years ago now, but I still remember that feeling like it was 10 minutes ago. Words are not enough to do it justice, it's just incredible. I have never taken drugs, but I'm guessing, when you inject yourself with a drug and you feel this thing flow through your body and that bliss you feel afterwards, then multiply that by a factor of 10, maybe even more and you should get a sense of just how powerful this was. Even writing this down, I have goosebumps just thinking back to that moment.

I ask her, what have I just experienced and the reply was, would I like it again, er, silly question really. So again, I say yes and again it's the same instant sensation throughout my body and it feels slightly more intense than the first time and maybe slightly longer to. It may of been exactly the same, but it felt stronger, but seriously, I have never ever felt anything in my life like that, it's very hard to put it into words. It seems like every atom in your body is dancing with this vibrancy that is so hard to compare it to. Those 2 or 3 seconds right before an orgasm but by a factor of 10 and 30 seconds longer if you can imagine that and before to long the second occasion had ended.

(Just a side note, there was no 'stuff' that happens during an orgasm, but more importantly, I knew 100% I had got up and used the bathroom upstairs and I was still awake due to being a night worker, so always found it hard to sleep at weekends. So zero chance of it being a wet dream of some kind. If I thought it remotely possible I would say just that. I don't have to impress anyone, you take it or leave it, it honestly doesn't bother me. I'm just sharing everything that's ever happened to me throughout my life. I've tried to debunk everything and things that could be explained, I have not included at all.)

Lisa would not tell me what it was, Lisa also never repeated it again either and I've asked for the last 30 years, just once more please. But no.

I never told a soul about that, not even my mum and we would speak openly about everything. I mean, what do I say, oh by the way mum, Lisa made my body vibrate with such a force that an orgasm will never ever compete with what I experienced last night. No, I never said a word to anyone for quarter of a century! I know I did not imagine it, that I do know, It was very real. But no matter how much I begged, it's never been repeated.

Eventually, I decided to share what happened to me that night on Quora. I'm now at that stage of my life where I don't care if people believe me or not. I know what I've been through and so like I said, I eventually shared that night on Quora. Surprisingly, some people on Quora also said they had experienced what I had experienced and one reply was from someone who knew exactly what happened. Now, I'm not that gullible to simply believe what someone says, but they actually told me about a book and told me what book it was and what page to read. I did look it up and it was 100% there in front of me exactly what happened to me. I had a sexual encounter with a spirit. It says it there in print, an orgasm will never compare to what you experienced and you will forever seek it again. It also says, that those who are fortunate enough to experience that feeling, will also be a spirit when it's time. So at least I know now and I have to say, it's correct, I have always asked for it to be repeated & an orgasm never has compared to it, but still, I wait.

I know peeps think mediums are con merchants, 99.9% probably are, but I can't get away from how spot on this medium was. If she fished for her information I would say that, but it's pretty hard when she nailed it time after time. The same with the SB, there was only me in the house and me touching the glass. There's just to much happened for it to be coincidental and if I read my diary, I could probably tell you more unbelievable things.

I have a couple more experiences to share and they are not related to the above. This is (touch wood) the last experience I've had with a ghost shall we say and it's been around 25 years ago now.

I met an ex partner now, when my mum married for the last time back in 1996. The reception was at a pub near to where I lived so about 2 miles away. I started the day with one girlfriend, danced and swapped tongues with a girl on the dance floor, I was then dumped by first girlfriend, dance girl disappeared and so I flirted with the barmaid who was working behind the bar at the reception and she became new girlfriend.

The next day, mum and new step dad and me, went back to the pub to have lunch and say thanks for a great day. Barmaid girlfriend was there and we ended up going out from that day and we had a good 3 years together.

I did know the owners of the pub from when they had another pub. When I turned 18 I would frequent this pub and the owner took it upon himself to teach me how to play pool. Many a night we would play pool well into the early hours of the morning and I became quite a decent pool player. I eventually signed up to the pool team and had some good laughs over the years. I can't recall why they left that pub, but it was a nice surprise when I bumped into them again at mums wedding and their new pub.

This helped the relationship of my new girlfriend who was the barmaid and over time I would spend more and more time at the new pub until I started to work there and joined their pool team.

By 3 years together I was one of the staff and I was trusted to run the reception room on many occasions. I loved the job because every week it was a new set of people celebrating a birthday or a wedding and being an out going guy, I got on with a lot of the punters. After the bar had closed and the guests had all left me and my partner would clean up the function room.

On this particular night, I can't recall why, but I was too tired to clean up after another good evening. This was the first time it had happened and I asked if it was ok for me to come back early the next morning to clean the function room and this was agreed. So next morning (Sunday) I make my way to the pub and find it's just the landlady who is in the kitchen prepping food ready for Sunday lunches. Peter her husband was out somewhere in the car. I say hi and make my way upstairs to the function room. God, what a mess I think to myself. So I make a start and start collecting all the empty pint glasses and wine glasses.

I am about an hour into cleaning up and I hear a laugh, it's a little girl's laugh. I stop whatever I'm doing and listen again, nothing, so I carry on doing what I was doing. About another 5 minutes and I hear her again and this time it's longer. I place the laugh inside the owner's bedroom which is next to the function room. It's clearly a little girl laughing and I remember smiling thinking the owners Granchild must of arrived and think no more if it.

I'd say about an hour later and I eventually finish cleaning and during that last hour I keep hearing this laughter. Sometimes longer laughing sometimes short bursts of laughter. I think to myself, it's weird that Dot the owner or her daughter who I am friends with have, have not checked in on the little girl or popped their head in to see how I was getting on or to say hi, but think nothing more of it. All done, I go downstairs and into the kitchen. Dot is still prepping but she's on her own. I say to her, "I heard your grandchild having a lot of fun whilst I was cleaning up."

Dot kind of turns round and says, her grandchild isn't here.

"Huh," I say,"but I heard her laughing upstairs, she's in your bedroom."

"Darren," Dot says," they aren't coming up this weekend."

"So who is in your bedroom then?" I ask.

"No one, it's just me and you."

"But I heard laughing," again I say.

"Darren," then she breaks off, "ohhhhh that little girl," Dot says. "You don't need to worry about her, she haunts upstairs." Just like that Dot says. "She's harmless, she just likes to laugh sometimes" she continues to explain.

Now before I go further, Dot never knew about me and my fear of ghosts. It's not something I go around telling anyone. But throughout my childhood and some of my adulthood, I have been physically attacked and heard lots of weird stuff at my dads house which you've now read. Such is the fear of my dad's house, that at 54, I will still not be left in that house on my own, or go upstairs when it's dark. It's scarred me for life and so whenever I become aware of anything ghostly, I can not go back to that place.

So with that bit of history and getting back to me discovering that upstairs in the pub I work at was haunted now by this little girl, who I am sure is perfectly harmless, was the end for me. I quit that job the same day and that caused me and my barmaid partner to end our 3 years together too. Such is the fear and no doubt caused by dad's house.

I can't move into anywhere old incase it's haunted, I immediately know if it's a good place or bad place, I just get this vibe. Even just 10 years ago when my then 85 year old gran was taken ill and was in hospital and I had traveled up to be with her and stayed in her little flat, I knew within 5 minutes something was not right in that flat. Again, lights and Tv on and I stayed just that one night. But when Gran was out of hospital and back in her flat, I kind of got onto the subject in talking if she believed in ghosts or spirits. That's when she began to tell me about the old lady who would often appear at the bottom of her bed. Yeap, I went so cold with goosebumps all over my body when she told me that. Not a surprise that I never stayed there again.

Even now, me and my present partner of 20 years, we live in a house that's newish and the reason why we've lived here renting for the last 18 years, because there's no bad vibes.

The thing that gets me, going back to the pub is this, I could be a guy who absolutely does not believe in ghosts at all. If I was that guy and everything about the function room was repeated and I heard the same laughter of the little girl and knowing it was just you and Dot in the pub the whole time, how could you not believe in ghosts afterwards? You may try and dismiss it, but knowing what you heard, without any prior knowledge so not to be swayed in thinking your brain is playing tricks with you, how could you possibly deny what you heard and that's what gets me.

I am not religious and that's probably because I have never had an experience that's led me to believe in Jesus or God and the same can said for UFOs. I saw something once that to me could only be a UFO and so I believe in that. So unless you've had an experience with a ghost, there will always be people who say it's a load of tosh, well, until you hear or see something that can't be explained!

I did say I had two more experiences, well this is the second, the missing slipper incident and although it's not scary, it's definitely weird, but let me know what you think and this is it then I promise.

Me and my partner were preparing to go upstairs for a nap on a Sunday about 4pm. This is roughly 8-10 years ago now. We turned off what needed to be turned off and the last thing I did was to take off my slippers. Wifey went upstairs before me and I know 100% I took off my slippers and left them at the bottom of the stairs. This was very common of me, the times I had forgotten to put my slippers back on after being upstairs was hundreds of times I'm sure and it always resulted in either me or wifey going back upstairs to retrieve said Slippers.

An hour or so passes and we head downstairs. We go down together and when I reach the bottom of the stairs I go to put my slippers back on. The problem is, there's just one slipper and I say to Wifey, "have you moved my slipper", She answers, "no" and asks where I left them. I say, "bottom of the stairs like I always do".

We searched for about an hour on the Sunday but no slipper. I'm now convinced wifey took it and wifey thinks I hid it. I know of course I didn't hide it and we piece together exactly what happened. (This is why I can remember in such great detail.)

After the hour passes we go about our business and leave it at that. The day after, we practically turn the whole house upside down looking for this slipper. We live in a small one bedroom house, so you can imagine just how long it took us to search the whole house and during that time no slipper.

We don't have close friends in our area where we live and no one has a key to our house. The position of the stairs makes it impossible for anyone to take the slipper via the mail box via a line of some sort, yes we thought of everything and anything to come up with a reason the slipper went missing. So the only explanation is, Wifey took it despite it being impossible because I was the last one upstairs and we came down together, but that's the only answer we can come up with.

A full 3 days later and during that time, I had purchased another pair of slippers, which is why I know Wifey did not take the slipper, because she would never do this, or carry it on for this long and would no way let me buy another pair of slippers knowing she had hid it.

So Wednesday afternoon and we go for another nap upstairs and the same thing happens. Wifey goes up first and I follow immediately after her.

Nap over and I go downstairs first with wifey behind me.

You know what's coming don't you?

That's right, in the same spot where I left my slippers on Sunday, my other slipper is exactly where I left it on Sunday. I turn to Wifey and say, "Absolutely no way is that slipper there". She looks at me and we both just start laughing and saying yeah nice one to each other. But over time, we know neither of us hid it. It just can not be done, once we piece everything together.

How can both of us miss this slipper for 3 days. It's again impossible for it to be there all this time with out either of us tripping over the slipper.

We did have another time when I placed my driving glasses down whilst I put my jumper on, only for the glasses to disappear without a trace. This time though wifey did find them a couple of days later on the opposite side of the front room, under the radiator. But there is an explanation despite it being extremely unlikely and because of this, it is not counted. It's just weird, that within 20 seconds, the glasses vanish and I needed those glasses to drive a 500 round trip by car. So it's not like I can explain, like this as an answer without putting everything together. But the slipper story is beyond weird. The fact it's two of us who witnessed the slipper not there and Wifey still swears to this day it wasn't her and I know it's not her. She would never do this in the first place and by some miracle it was her, she would absolutely no way still deny it after this length of time. But that's the only answer I can give. Wifey thinks I did it, but of course I know I didn't.

We have lived in this house for 18 years now and no one has a key. It's only happened twice with the glasses being the only other time and we were both in the room when they went missing. Like I've stated, they were found on the other side of the room (behind the radiator on the floor) which in itself is near impossible. I would be very interested for any suggestions as to why or how this could of happened. We thought about someone breaking in, but Wifey is such a light sleeper, she can hear a spider spinning it's web in the other room! Ok slight exaggeration, but I've never known anyone to be this light in sleeping. I spoke about tripping over the slipper even if both of us had some sort of brain freeze that prevented us from seeing the slipper and with the house being so small it's 110% certain it would of been kicked during those missing 3 days. We have thought of absolutely everything to answer this mystery.

Having watched the British Series, Spooks recently. I guess someone could in theory pick the front door lock and take said Slipper so quietly that Wifey would not hear and then return the slipper 3 days later. Crazy idea for sure.

So that's it. My experiences throughout my life.

I am not religious, I have never been told by Lisa about any God or Jesus, admittedly, I have never asked, but it was never brought up and considering what we have both been through, I suspect if she knew I wasn't religious and it did exist, I would of been told. But that's just my opinion.

I still continue to visit my dad who is 81 soon and still lives in the same house. He still says, he's never experienced anything, but my dad is very hard to convince of anything anyway. Even if he did experience something, he is most likely to say it was his imagination or he was drunk than say yeah I saw something.

His partner of 34 years is also shiat scared of that house and that's without me saying anything about the house to her. She is never left alone in the house at night and if dad goes out, she comes with him. We don't speak that often and it was years before I even spoke to her at first due to one thing or another. So it's weird that she is scared of the house.

I'm now 54 and am I old enough to spend a night in that house on my own? Not a chance... I do have to make a decision when dad is no longer with us. I have thought if rigging the house up with camera's to see if it picks up anything, but that's just an idea. My brother Ja says he's experienced things when he moved back in for a time, but he handled it better than me. But then again, he was not physically attacked or scared shiatless before he came along.

I do believe and although I can watch a good horror these days, I still get uneasy.

This is true of mums house even today. She died suddenly in 2012 and left my half brother John who has a mental age of just 8 despite being 39. Over the years, I fought for John to keep mums house for himself and out of the care system. Me and Ja look after him and I visit about once every 3 months and I stay a few nights and in mum's bed. But I still get the eebie jeebies some nights and I sleep with the light on and that's my own mother. However, it is better than it was. I started on the sofa and only moved into mum's bed after a friend of mum said, she's not going to harm her own son. She did have a point. But I still get scared sometimes. The last time I was up there was just 2 weeks ago and every night I was spooked by something and so the light went on for the rest of the night.

The thing with Lisa isn't that much these days. I still try and convince myself she's still here, but truth of it is, I haven't felt her or 'spoken' to her in years. I still try and talk to her in my head from time to time but I feel it's subconscious talking or I think is talking back. It's absolutely a million miles from 30 years ago when I knew 100% it was her, I felt her presence all the time, the random goosebumps like when someone softly blows on you. I haven't had that feeling for again many many years now.

I do keep intending to book a good spiritualist, but with the internet these days, I'd never be 100% I haven't been looked up. But there are some good ones who tell you to book in a false name, so maybe that's an idea. The best ones are booked up for up to 12 months in advance, so I know it's not going to be anytime soon.

I've also lost my mum, gran, my daughter and 2 Uncles and 1 Aunty since I last went to a spiritualist church. But I don't think I've ever felt my mum who died in November 2012 or my gran who in later life we were inseparable. Whatever my gran wanted I made sure it happened. She didn't want to go into a Carehome so I kept her out despite my mum being her next of kin. When she went into hospital I stayed up away from my home for over 3 months and visited her every day. That's how close we were. Maybe I've just lost the gift or I've upset them somehow. Or they can't travel any sort of distance, I don't know, I'm not an expert and I live 4 hours away 250 miles one way.

I think it's important I tell this too, so I am not trying to kid anyone in still saying I'm in contact with Lisa or this happens or that happens. Apart from the slipper in our current house, nothing has ever happened or I don't think anything else has. But that bloody slipper is a mystery. Wifey thinks other things have disappeared and then they are there again, but that didn't involve me so it's not included.

Many thanks for reading all my experiences. I have tried to debunk these many times during my life. Someone mentioned about homes in the 70's with gas fires caused some kind of hallucinations from the fumes, which I guess could be true. But that doesn't discount the hair pulled watched by my brother. It would explain the stairs I guess if both of us could be affected at the same time hearing the same noise of the stairs. But it's the uneasiness that I feel, especially at my dad's house and the night I stayed at my gran's flat. I just knew if that makes sense. If I do get around to a good spiritualist reading, I'll share it with you. But that's your lot.


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KenS80 (1 stories) (42 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-19)
Thanks for your reply plaza.

There's nothing wrong with doing things properly. (⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕)

You needed to tell us the details and the more you tell us, the more we get what was going on.

Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-17)
Hi Kent,

Sorry it a while to respond to this reply. I didn't think anyone would reply after this long.

The sexual thing, I don't know if I can call it that now. I think I covered this is my update. Just because it said it was a sexual thing in a book doesn't mean that's what it was. At the time I didn't class it as such, it was only after someone told me about this book which described what I experienced that it said what it was. I now think it was something much more specific which a spirit can produce.
Don't get me wrong, it was amazing and all that but thinking about it more deeply even more, sex isn't part of a spiritual encounter because it s a physical thing, right, in the real world. I wasn't in the real world. So I am fine calling it something else, I just don't know what to call it, all I know it was very special and I feel extremely fortunate to have had that privilege with, what should I call it...

How about, touched by Angel, no, that's not right either. This is real time stuff, I'm trying to think of a better word.

10 minutes later... I am still thinking, I got it, I had a spiritual awakening, yes that sounds more akin. A awakening that touched every cell in my body which was like nothing I've ever felt period (and since). Like it was a goodbye gift of sorts.

I never bring that book up now if anyone ever asks about this on Quora were I first submitted after staying silent for over 25 years and just last week actually, I shared this whole Lisa tale with my family, again, not some thing I've done in over 30 years. Yes mum knew about the beginning and she did help me, but nothing after that first time I was spoken to at the church.

I wish I had shared it now with mum before she died quite young at 64. But I wasn't the sharing kind back then. Mainly due to me being labelled in some way should it have gotten out of course.

But moving on, thanks for your kind words. I just wanted to put everything down in one place which I had never done before and where better than on this site for all to read. It's 100% gospel despite knowing how it reads with voice in my head or with that spiritual awakening I speak about. I know science says nope, can't be real, but I can't dismiss what was said by that first medium, that's what for me tells me this or was real. In a way, it would have been better if nothing was said by that medium, because it would have told me it was never real but somehow my brain tricking me.

But also the pub and little girl laughing. I don't care who if you are the least person alive who,doesn't believe in things like that, but if you heard what I did in that pub, there is zero chance you can say it wasn't a little girl laughing coming from the next room. No way.

So combined with the medium, the voice in my head telling me to visit that church, then again once I left the building and then a third time with this song which again, hand on heart, I had never heard before to knowing the entire song because I heard it through my head and then having conversations for easily 6 months plus the same way which once I was no longer freaked out by it, we just spoke but without talking, a kind of telepathic is the only way to describe it, without all that and I wouldn't of shared this ever.

When she took that mic and looked straight at me and said, I have a young lady here who is desperate for me to give you something, for me to hear that, knowing that's why I was asked to go, still leaves me with goose-bumps. The fact she didn't even say hi but came right at me with that, it just blows my mind end of. I don't care how many people say it's all bollox and I've called everyone of them bollox that spoke to me after that first time, because they were. That's how critical I am of myself.

I know I keep going on about it, it's just to try and let, not just you know, but everyone who reads this, I am not easily convinced of anything. So I know if was staged somehow. I even thought, how predictable would I be, to be there on a Saturday night, who is most likely to pick up in me and why would I, a young 20 something be at a church. Would I be there for maybe a dead girlfriend or wife or would I be there for a mum or grandma. But to come out with a young lady straight out like she did, I just can't imagine it being a scam medium, I just can't. She knew to much. To name my mate Martin was unbelievable who had died many years ago on a motorbike, wow, just wow and that's on top of everything else she said which was also bang on.

I do not care what anyone tells me, there's no way she knew that much about me. Even if they lied about a phone and mum called and said blah blah blah because mum didn't know about Martin. If she didn't name him I could maybe think how likely am I to of lost a friend on a motorcycle, prob 50/50 but to name shim, nah, not a chance in hell.

So again thanks for your reply and I hope you enjoyed it. It wasn't meant to be a story or novel. Trust me, I didn't mean it to go on quite so long, but I was always told, if you are going to do some thing make sure you do it properly.

KenS80 (1 stories) (42 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-26)
Talk about an extensively detailed story Plaza.

I've got to say, I am still reading, and reading, and reading it. In fact I'm up to chapter 71 of 105 chapters approximately, leaving me a ton more to read. (⁠◔⁠‿⁠◔⁠)

I am still yet to read you recent comment.

Let's hope I can contribute to this story soon.

You have gone to a lot of trouble to publish this story Plaza, which is quite nearly a little novel. (⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠)

In the meantime, I am ploughing through.

I am trying to avoid your sexual encounter with Lisa because I think that's too personal for this site, but the rest of your story is interesting.

I feel for you having to miss out on so much, not have bus fairs, and jump from home to home. You sound like an emotionally strong man as a result of life's hurdles and no doubt better off having experienced some of those growth lessons. I am not referring to the hard times of not having money for bus fair and shifting from home to home. No one deserves to go through that kind of pain. Sorry you went through that mate.

Kent, (⁽͈˙̑⁾˔̉⁽˙̑⁾͈)
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-23)
Hey people, it's been a couple of years since I posted my lifetime experiences that I can not debunk and apologies to those of you I haven't replied to.
I have read all the replies and so many of you thank me and praise how I wrote it. It was the longest thing I have ever written and if you knew my schooling, you'd know I am no Shakespeare. I am 100% not a writer nor have I ever thought of myself as a writer. It's only the progression of technology that helps me with some of the big words with auto correct. In the past if I couldn't spell a word I would change it to something I could spell, but that's the skill level I am at. So I was amazed at the compliments I received. I just tell it exactly how I remembered it and try and put in how I felt at the time knowing this wasn't normal.
The thing with Lisa and the way the voice just suddenly came into my head, I knew it was not right, but what do I do, ignore it despite never having this happen before or try and think what else it could be? That first message was about going to a specialist church and it was over and over, nothing else, just that. There was nothing again until I came out of that church when I hear the same voice, I had to go again, I had to go again and then nothing until that bloody tune. I've spent decades trying to understand how it could be possible and that's the thing with me, I do try and debunk things, but I can't unhear what I was told, I heard it plain as day.
The randomness of the sensations of someone blowing on your neck, I knew it was happening more than just random intervals because it happened so many times and I even knew it couldn't be due to either wanting it so my subconscious made it happen because it was at weird times when I totally in a different head space and again, if just once or twice I would not be here saying this. So I definitely knew it was more than just coincidence.
Since I did post everything in this post, I've learned that mould can be a good reason why we see and hear things that we perceive as paranormal. I already knew about gas fumes from old gas appliances back in the 70's which could result in seeing and hearing things and yes, that's probably what happened when I thought I saw someone or felt someone on my legs when aged 3 or 4. However, I do not go into details into those early experiences, I just shared what I felt and saw what kicked started all this. I could probably write that book if I put all the paranormal stuff that happened to me in my dads house, but I don't and will not because there's a good chance none of it was real. This is why the two incidents that I shared was with both me and my brother together. It's pretty hard to imagine having my hair yanked so hard and feeling that pain afterwards for a long period of time and for my brother to see my head get yanked back even with the mould or gas fumes for an explanation. The other incident with the stairs, was also just weird because we both were not thinking of something bad that's going to happen and why would two people have the same hallucination or whatever the word is for hearing something paranormal. I do find it weird to this day, that it was timed to perfection. That the footsteps reached the top just as my dad came through the front door. If I was on my own, this would not be included in my post, unfortunately I wasn't alone which for me anyway, validates it did happen because we both heard it independently.
The sofa tale and the horror film could in theory of been the result of the mould or fumes, so I guess I can chalk that one off as a possibly solved case.
I've actually just remembered something else that happened constantly as a group thing too. When mum left dad and moved in with her new man, so from 1976 to when I left home in 1984, the number of electric equipment, so TV's & video recorders that would turn on and off randomly was way way more than random. Now I have never looked into this, so it may be a common trait for TVs and Video machines to turn on and off while watching, while tuned off, it didn't matter. Also, it wasn't at just 1 address or with one Tv or one video recorder, it followed us around. It's not classed as official because it could simply be a common issue, although I've not experienced it for decades now, but at that time it was pretty much a weekly occurrence. It could just of been a surge or something, I don't know because I am not an electrician.

For me, I know what's real and what is not. If I for one minute thought it could be my mind playing tricks, I wouldn't be here writing this, I value my time and sitting typing for hours knowing something didn't happen, it is just not me at all.

Someone mentioned the little girl laughing and the hair pulling. You could be the worlds best non believer, but if you heard that laugh, there is no way you could dismiss it knowing full well afterwards that you was alone just doing your job. But what freaks me out is, I slept in the bed in the room where the laughter was coming from. Admittedly, I was worse for wear so my spider senses were malfunctioning (there's also a body part that didn't work that night either, sigh...) It was just a one off, me staying in that bedroom for 1 night and I definitely didn't feel how I normally feel when I enter a building, especially an older building, like my grans flat which I stayed in for just a single night. That one night was a very long one, I slept with the light on and the TV on and I was in my 40's!
All I know was, I never thought the pub was haunted, otherwise I wouldn't of worked there for 3 years with my new girlfriend and like I explained, I never told anyone anything in fear of being ridiculed and especially to non family. I know 1 million percent I was not set up at the pub. I also know, if I did think foul play, I would have checked out peoples stories about being in the pub but discretely that Sunday morning.
Another interesting reply was about the missing slipper. I think I am in saying that it's quite common and is called under foot or something similar I think the reply stated. Maybe so, but for me I had never noticed anything missing and then reappeared some time later. Who knows, maybe that is why the one slipper was taken (or moved), so I'd know or definitely get noticed. Well we did definitely notice that's for sure. That's just so weird and thinking back, I still find it impossible what happened to happen. Granted, if we had family or friends close by we could pin it on them. My family live 250 miles away and my partner's family about 40 miles or so away. But it's the putting it back 3 days later in the exact same spot that is the real baffling play here. Who or what takes a slipper and returns it 3 days later, knowing we had both gone back upstairs and being so quite as to not wake wifey, if she fell asleep in the first place, it's that same 1 million percent certainty, she would of heard something even if she was asleep. I have never met anyone who's such a light sleeper than wifey. I think I mentioned we live in a Cul De Sac and our home is right at the end. In other words, you'd be seen walking towards our home, without knowing if we were going for a short sleep or not.
I bring this up like I do because, since I wrote this encyclopaedia of a post detailing every paranormal event I've ever had the pleasure of remembering, we have had something else happen. It is very much like the slipper, but we knew instantly this time something was missing and being the ever intuitive person, I immediately took a photo on my phone of the place where the item had been just minutes prior. I am talking about our bread knife or for me, my salad knife. This happened at the start of the English warmer weather and during this time, we eat a lot of salads to try and lose the excess weight we have put on over the winter. I had used the knife at lunchtime and I remember putting it back in the cutlery drawer per norm. When I went back into the drawer to start preparing the salad, no knife. It's weird because I immediately thought it's gone missing, which was unusual for that thought quite so soon. I ask wifey if she's seen the knife and she says, it's in the drawer. Nope and she tells me she saw it in there. Needless to say, we can't find it and I do something strange next. I take my phone and take a photograph of the cutlery draw and its contents. I say out loud, ha, now what are you going to do, you can't put it back now and me and wifey just laugh about it.
The following weekend, wifey blitzes the cupboards in the kitchen and no knife. She keeps saying, it was in there, I saw it.
Days later and still no knife, but we knew, which is weird because it's not natural, but we knew the knife was going to turn up at some point. Me taking the snapshot of the drawer maybe wasn't such a good idea after all. That's because days turned into weeks and unbelievably, turned into months.
But I am writing about it, so those of you who know your onions, will know it's going to turn up, I mean why would I write about a missing item that's simply been lost and not found right?
It was at least 5 months and we now had given up on the knife turning up and it was all a false alarm, it must of accidentally been lost in the garbage bin at some point during the day of it going missing and we simply had a blank memory of it. I was due to travel to see family shortly after the 5 month mark of the missing knife and we would start a list of things to buy on my next trip to see the family. That's because things are a lot cheaper where my family live and where I am from, which is 250 miles away in the U.K. And those of you who know the U.K. Know it's not that big of an island to start with, so 250 miles is like one end of the country to the other.
So me and wifey eventually give up and put knife down on the list. I had used other knives to prepare the salads but it's wasn't the right type of knife, so we give up and I was going to buy another knife.
Incidentally, like the original post, we still don't have friends who come over, or we go out to socialise. We have two dogs and we've always felt so guilty leaving them at home, so it's extremely rare for us to leave them. In other words, no one has been in our home for years and much like the slipper, in fact, it's worse this time because the kitchen drawer is Impossible to access via a window or door, so zero chance (again) of anyone attempting to play a joke on us. We also know, the last time the knife was used, which was just a few hours previously. This is why we eventually said, it's got to of been thrown out, which of course is very plausible.
A week before the 6 month anniversary of the knife disappearing (because I have the date of when I took the snapshot of the drawer when it first went missing) and in the same week I am due to travel to see family, I am in the kitchen and two days a week wifey needs to go into work, she's just walked through the front door and comes into the kitchen. I'm making her a cup of tea, which I always do at 5pm and one of the very few things I can still do despite living in this chronic pain.
I hand her the cup of tea and I start to prepare the salad and wifey starts to tell me about her day. I open the cutlery drawer and pick up the missing knife and I start to cut the lettuce. It's about 10 seconds later when it just clicks, I say to wifey, what have I got in my hand?
Ohhhh you found it then, she says, where was it?
I hesitate for a second and say, I've just picked the knife up out of the drawer, you've just seen me do it. I swear to her, I've literally just opened that drawer and picked up the knife. Where was it she asks, it was just on top of the others. We both then look at each other with those puzzled looks.
I told you I say, I told you it would turn back up again, I told you it wasn't in the garbage bin and that's why I took the photo. Ha, see, I screwed up their plan, that's why it's taken so long for it to return back where it was.
Wifey knows me to know I didn't hide it for 6 months to play a joke. I know wifey was at work all day, so I know she could not of placed it back in the drawer, nor would she do that anyway. It's exactly like the slipper, we don't do tricks on each other, especially at 55yrs old. Maybe if we in our teens yeah, but not at 55.
We talk through the events and it's 1 week off 6 months that the knife was missing. In other words, zero chance it was in there all this time, zero chance. Zero chance it was anywhere inside that cutlery drawer because I saw her clean it out just days after it went missing.
We both knew the instant it went missing, it was going to turn up again. Ok, so yeah, we did think maybe we do have it wrong this time. Nope, there it was, in my hand almost 6 months after disappearing and I have the picture to show me and wifey, it wasn't in the drawer.
Granted, to anyone else, it's just a drawer with cutlery inside it. I mean wow, seriously, that's got to be some kind of record right for the missing item phenomenon, I think Thats the official terminology.
Wifey is just glad it's returned, it's been with her for decades and she was gutted that she thought it was lost forever after months of being invisible.

So there you have it, nothing else has happened over the last two years since I wrote the post describing ALL my unexplainable episodes. Wifey thinks some of her items are currently missing, like her winter coat and the dog's toothpaste, but she found that just yesterday actually. It was behind some boxes in the bedroom and theoretically it could have fallen down there. Wifey says she checked down there before, but I know nothing about that so it's not part of an answer.

I still haven't heard, felt or gotten any signs of anything weird for years now. I did look up the nearest spiritualist church recently, but only because of the knife missing which is what triggered the urge to check to see the nearest church and I did briefly think of going, but the thought of the drive and then the seating and possible uncomfortable chairs, with the return drive home was more than I was prepared to endure my body through. That's the closest I've been though. I might still go one day, but that's not any time soon.

So, I will now close and again, thanks to everyone who read and replied. Thanks to everyone who liked the style of how I presented it, it's something I've never thought possible with what I write, being so intellectually challenged if that makes sense. Pre iPad days, there was no way this would have read the way it's written. Again, I'm no writer trust me. But also, thank you for being so kind in your feedback, if I had read that post I would have a hard time believing it all. The Lisa thing is totally out of this world and I doubt anyone really can believe it happened the way I tell it, but nope, it's exactly how it happened. The emotion from reading the story of Lisa and the terrible way she died, The voice in my head, the random goosebumps at so many times a day, every day for weeks on end. The direct messages from that first interaction with the spiritualist, I know peeps will probably think this was not so real, but I can only tell you how it came out, I am not here for likes or views, I am not that type of person, so if I say I saw a blue pig walk the street, trust me, I saw a blue pig walking the street. It really doesn't bother me if you think I made up the blue pig, if that's what I saw and no, I didn't see a blue pig, that's just an example and if I did see a blue pig walking the street, I would say, I think it was dyed blue to trick people into thinking they say a blue pig. I just wanted to put it all down in one place. It helps that of course you like it and anyone thought anything could be explained, I'd welcome any answer. It's here because I can't debunk it. But in a way, the rocking pram, the Tv turning channels could be potentially debunked due to being on my own and in theory, been affected by either mould or gas fumes. But I also know, I will take being attacked with the hair pulling incident, the stairs incident, the entire Lisa incident that was 12 months of just weird constant activity (including that first medium speech which I know could not of been guessed because it was so direct and on point time after time) and the little girl in the pub laughter incident to my grave because, I know, like the sun will rise tomorrow know, that they all happened.

To close, I had this random thought the other week actually, I mentioned about the final thing with Lisa and that sensation that words can't describe moment and I said I was told about a book which described what happened to me to the letter. Well, I've been thinking, it's possible that the book just fits what happened to me and it's quite interesting to me anyway, that if I saw a red bus with the number 96 on it and someone pointed out a book that said there was a red bus with the number 96 on it at page 100 for instance, does that mean, if it then said I would win £1million exactly 12 months later and It somehow came true with say a scratch card jackpot win of £1million, does that mean the book can tell the future? No, of course not, it was just coincidence. That's what I am starting to think about with the book I was told explained what happened to me with Lisa right at the end.
So you see, even after 30 years, I am still seeking out ways to debunk what happened to me. Hopefully, that gives any new readers an insight to how I operate. I do not do bollox, there are enough people who will say and do anything to get noticed already, we don't need another 1 adding to that list.

Please feel free to reply if you want anything answered.

Thanks for getting to this point lol

Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-04-28)

I apologise, I seemed to have missed you out of my replies to those who left feedback. I appreciate everyone's comments and who knows, maybe if things had been a bit different when younger and I had not missed a lot of my schooling due to my mother keeping me off school for no reason other than to keep her company during the day. Yes I know, but we were so poor once mum left my dad. I say poor, her new bloke insisted he had money for the pub every night. Unfortunately that left little money for clothes or bus fare. When at school I excelled but was kicked off the school choir, the school drama production, the football team (soccer) and the chess team. You had a sense of my past when I explained about the training scheme I landed that was an unbelievable opportunity to drive everything up to the big 40 tonne rigs. Who knows where my life would of led me. But I can't blame it all on my mother. My dad was the one who gambled, he played the slots, bet on football and rugby and I followed suit. The slots where my escape from my surroundings when mum left dad. Both me and my brother hated the new dad but we couldn't do anything about it. Dad worked nights and he and my gran who was mums mum put together a legal challenge to get custody of me and Ja but it was dismissed I was told.
I always had these wild ideas and when at school the teachers always said I had a good imagination, so who knows, in a different life I might have been a writer. But the credit for how this story reads goes to my partner. Over the 20 years she's taught me a lot of what is correct and what simply doesn't make sense. It's a million miles away from what it use to be like and my spelling was horrendous. But with the help of technology that's almost non existent now. I still can't get my head around as & has no matter how many times it's explained. A noun or a verb mean nothing to me still. I have however feel I have mastered there, there're and their. In the north of England I was taught it was, there over here, or your in my place. Now it's they're or you're and their is when it's someone. For me it's improvement to others it's standard junior lessons.
I also struggle to retain information short term. Working on my poker means going over something over and over and even then it sometimes just doesn't stick. I know that's a problem with most of us these days. But thanks for the suggestion, I know deep down I have no chance, my imagination is ok but it's not varied enough to keep coming up with new idea's. The story above was easy due to being so ingrained through my fears and the Lisa episode was just weird full stop that I could never forget that, although a lot of conversations I did indeed forget. It's just so unreal for me because no matter how I put it down into words, I know almost everyone will or could never believe it. This is why I said about the polygraph test. I know I would pass that test 100% even if given the test 100 times. Not because I thought it was real myself, but what actually happened. The first time I went to the church and laughed at myself because I somehow told myself I had to attend this church and then didn't get spoken to by the medium. But mum telling me maybe she had to wait her turn to speak, which kind of made sense. But because of what mum said, I did indeed go again, but to then get told what I did as soon as the medium grabbed the microphone simply proved to me it was real after all and not just once but by someone else. I did say I was not easily taken in and no one knew this, but I did think my mum could in theory have phoned this church and explained everything. That was until after a couple of weeks I asked if I could have the phone number for the church, only to be told they didn't have a phone, but even then, I asked someone else a week or so later to make sure, but again was told they don't have a phone or a line.
The voice in my head, I was told by someone on Quora I was a schizophrenic who heard voices. I didn't because I only ever heard that one voice and I have never ever heard voices before Lisa and only after a week or so after the spirit board and even then it was something very short in, please visit a spiritualist church and not some random message to kill my mother because she was evil, no, nothing but please visit a spiritualist church. Even the words to that song was literally one word or two every so often during the night shift and again, nothing else just the words to this tune I had in my head. So nothing like, please remember these words or this is a song to me, no, it was just snippets of words to this song during that 10 hr night shift and it never happened again after. So no other song. In time though, we did start to have conversations but that was many weeks after I first attended the church and it must of been at least a dozen or fifteen times in total I went to this church. To be honest, I was glad about the conversations because it meant I didn't have to pretend I was religious. For the record, my mum was and my gran so it wasn't like it ran in the family that no one followed religion. I could in the end have a full conversation with Lisa the same way mediums get told their information. There was never any other voice that came through or tried to come through and it never concerned my mum about my conversations with this voice. But I was living this for the first time, it was all very raw for me and even today now I have never had another voice say anything to me. Well I say never, I'm not 100% on this, but when my partners parents died within 18 months of each other with her mum being the last in 2019 along with my daughter in between those, I had a message from her mum to give to my partner and all she said was, tell Jo, mummy is back with daddy. That was it and I told my partner exactly that and she burst out crying. When they where together that's how they would talk when no one outside their family was around. I didn't know this, but I'm still not 100% convinced it wasn't just my subconscious. I say that because it wasn't the same as when me and Lisa would speak. I know 110% I was having a conversation with Lisa just like I know when I speak to my partner for instance. That message from her mum I'm not sure, but then again why did I say it the way I did without knowing about the mummy. It was only after, my partner explained.

Anyway, something extra for you because I did forget you Xander.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who replied. I am so pleased no one called me a crackpot, not that it would of mattered to me. All the above happened exactly the way it was written, I just can't remember exact conversations in some parts. Then again, almost all of the above was 30 years ago now.

Stay safe peeps

Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-04-27)
Mrs Ramsey,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. My apologies it's taken me over a month to do so though. I suffer bouts of depression quite badly and when I am in one of my dark places I tend to leave everything alone. Emails and letters go unopened, along with other things that require daily checks. I decided to come off my antidepressants about two years ago and I was getting fed up with sleeping up to 16 hours a day everyday due to the AD's & my opiates for my chronic back pain after the original back op went wrong leaving me in at least 3 times more pain than before the op in 2009. 11 years of corrective ops and every scan known to man all failed to diagnose the problem and in 2020 I was informed nothing else could be offered in terms of treatment. Anyways, I get so down sometimes I just drop everything like I explained. But I feel I am turning a corner and the warmer weather seems to help me, so maybe that's why I feel better.

Your words are appreciated and I take comfort in your reply. I had never put everything down into one readable text before and I didn't realise once I started just how long it was going to be or dreamed of ever writing something so long. But I wanted to give everyone an idea of who I was and my fear and how that fear came about. I am just a nobody so I don't have anything to lose by sharing my past and now at my age, it really doesn't bother me if every single reader wrote, what a pile of crap that was. I can't change what I remembered, I have tried to debunk everything and if I thought something could be explained it wasn't included. One such thing was, when living with mums new fella after splitting up with my dad, it became quite common for the Tv to turn its self on and off. This was before remote controls to. Not only that, but when mum moved back to the same town she left and we had a house, the video recorder would also turn itself on me off. I remember just watching Tv and then the video player would whirl into action. We always joke it was some ghost or something but it was never taken seriously. I put it down to random power surge of some kind and definitely not paranormal. So I didn't include everything because I didn't count those two examples.

Since I wrote the above life story, I have thought about going back to the spiritualist church. No voices this time telling me, just me deciding if I should go or not. I am still undecided, I still recall every other medium apart from the first one all being ermmmm not very good, so the odds don't seem promising. I don't even know why I want to go back, maybe a part of me wants things to go back to how they used to be, but that's over 30 years ago now. I will probably not bother going, but that's where I am upto at this present time.

The gambling is a hard one, I gamble responsibly with everything other than the slots. This was why I never asked for help. I know they would try and get me to stop gambling altogether and I just didn't want that. I've spent 20 years playing poker and I've spent a lot of time learning the finer details of playing poker. But again, it's seen as a part of gambling. No, I had to do this on my own. I knew it was almost impossible for me to stop playing the slots and that proved correctly. The weird thing was, I knew it was out of control but I still thought I knew when a slot machine was ready for paying out and that was my Achilles heel. I would stop playing but then watch some poor person put it all their cash and win nothing. I would know it was ready for paying out and boom, I was back playing slots again. So it was hard, but I did it in the end. It has spoiled my life, my entire life and although I would never swap my life for anyone else's I have memories of things I will take to my grave. Not many can say the same.

MrsRamsay (guest)
2 years ago (2022-03-18)
One more quick comment, Plaza.
I am not a big poster on forums, but what I like about this one is that the posters seem to come from all different walks of life and we are all perhaps seeking validation of our own experiences and perhaps theories. Or not theories, maybe suspicions, about what we've experienced. And like you said, we're not trying to convince anyone, but simply discussing. Ya'll are like sitting next to a good listener on an airplane with the occasional really good advice. Plaza, I've never gambled a day (not even a lottery ticket) and can't imagine your life, but I respect the heck out of you/it. Perhaps, just as someone mentioned the feelings you get from people, what I've noticed here are that the majority of posters here seem to be basically good souls, helping and sharing in an area that's not really that accepted, even today. I also liked your description of the tv shows. Who really knows what's real and what's made up drama... Most of us are likely up for a good ghost story, but I do sense we are also discerning. OK, got to meet the builder for my bathroom reno. If my house is haunted by its last owner, now would be the time for her to join me for a complete master bath overhaul. Wish she could contribute to the cost!
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-15)

Yeah, us 68 peeps need to stand together! Seriously, thanks for your kind words. Trust me, I wish they weren't authentic, that way I could easily get on with the rest of my life without a care in the world what house I end up in, be it my dads or some old building wifey wants to move to. Also trust me, I would not spend my days typing a load of bollox to try and convince a group of people I will never meet about something that's not happened to me, it's a waste of my time and a waste of your time and for what? Exactly, nothing.
I believe I've been very fortunate to witness both good and bad. I would not change a single thing about the Lisa saga, nothing at all. I still get goosebumps thinking back to some of what happened and how it happened and I can't get over to anyone because I don't have the intelligence to word it perfectly how utter unbelievable some of the things to of happened. I mean, how do I share a conversation I had with someone in my head to any human being, I can't and 100 years ago I would probably of been sent to the loony ward. It's only because I somehow stumbled upon this group that I thought of actually sharing my entire life of what has happened to me. I might of been ridiculed on here, I did not know how my experiences were going to be greeted but it still would not of mattered to me because they are part of my life and I will take it all to my grave. Thankfully, my experiences seems to have touched some of you or you can relate to bits of it. I'm not a writer and if you saw how bad I was at writing after leaving school you'd be shocked to what it is now. In other words, it's only because of wifey, who's helped me with words and grammar and technology with auto correct that I can finally put things into something that's at least readable if not perfect. All your comments help me because it gives me the confidence to maybe share more about my life to other groups. I've been addicted to slot machines for over 40 years and in time I intend to share that story to a gambling forum of some sort.
Ps. It's 3 years in April that I last played a slot machine and if anyone would of ever said I would of gone three years without playing a single slot, I would of laughed at them, such was my addiction. But that's not this group so I shall close now.
Rest assured my friend, it's all absolutely genuine. I wish these lie detectors didn't cost so much, I'd do one and add the transcript to my original post.
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-15)
Hey peeps,

Finally, I am able to function again after the weekend's unbelievable episode of my chronic pain. It's been many a year since I was that bad.
Having said that and this may be absolutely just pure coincidence, but at my worst which was on Sunday evening, my lower left leg felt like it was on fire. I was lying in bed but kind of sat up, which is my normal position because of the chronic pain and wifey was next to me while we were eating our late meal.
This pain in my lower left leg had now gotten so bad I had to stop eating and I rolled up my pjs on my left leg with wifey asking, what's wrong.
Around my shin was a scratch about 2 inches long, but it was the pain that was the problem, it was horrendous. Wifey asked if I had banged it somewhere but because of the chronic back pain, I had not moved from the sofa bed in at least a couple of hours. Wifey goes to touch it and wow it felt like she had a blow torch on my leg. It was so so sore and she said maybe putting some Savlon cream might help. After she had peeled me back off the ceiling when she applied this cream it did start to ease thank god. Not immediately but gradually and with two hours the pain had stopped altogether.
What's weird is, I had started to watch Paranormal caught on camera for a few weeks and I had seen episodes of people getting scratched and this intense pain they felt afterwards. Of course, like so many of us on here, we don't believe everything we see on Tv and 100% know it's real, right and I don't think for a second my scratch mark and the pain it produced was anything paranormal. Apart from the slipper incident and maybe a couple more instances of things going missing for wifey, anything remotely had happened where we presently live and have done for the last 18 years. This is why I don't believe it's anything like that. I had taken like I explained, quite a few extra breakthrough meds, on top of paracetamol and then some extra long term pain meds. But... What is interesting and you can't know this, but it's been a couple of hours in between that last sentence and I thought, I know I'll have a look at my leg, it's been over a day since it last hurt and guess what? It doesn't look like a scratch at all, but a burn. How weird is that then. I've taken a photo now but just for my self interest. Again, I don't associate that leg pain that felt like it was burning and then it looking like it was a burn a day after with anything paranormal, it takes more than that to convince me.

Right, I'll give some feedback from the replies I've had since I last replied.

The Sweet Devil 23,
Many thanks for reading and sharing your own thoughts. I must admit, it's only very recently I thought of maybe it's something we have yet to discover and like you, this planet is huge and we are literally just seconds in comparison to the age of the Earth for human beings and we can't even unravel the pyramids or other recent events in history, so what are the chances of finding out we share this planet with another dimensional entity. It's only not believable until it's been proven that hmmmm what we dismissed is ermmm actually true. Maybe 'they' find it difficult to try and communicate even with our state of the art electronics or brain power, maybe this is just the start of trying to communicate. Who knows.
Regards your the older you are the less fearful you seem to be. I can relate to that, but regards ghosts, I'm probably scarred for life due to the two instances you mentioned. Even though the little girl laughing I'd probably handle it a bit better now, but only if I heard it again while passing Dots bedroom if the pub was still there of course. It's not like I would spend the night in Dots bed again despite it being a little girl laughing, that's just to far out of my comfort zone. If I drove past the building and just happened to see a little girl say out of a window, that would not freak me out so much now, but if I was offered a ridiculous amount of money to stay a full night within the building, I'd still be poor because I just couldn't do it.
I appreciate the kind words and I just told it exactly how I remembered for everything I experienced. I didn't realise until a lot older, that people just didn't experience what I had, I thought this was the norm to be so afraid of the dark due to what we hear and see. Then again, I was brought up near Oldham just outside of Manchester and those that know their history will know about the Moors murderers and then Dr Harold Shipman in the late 90's.
Zander (7 stories) (146 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-14)
Thank you for the wonderful story! Your attention to detail and potential alternate explanations are really nicely explained. Honestly, you could be a writer. Everyone has really liked your story.

If I may, I wanted to mention something to you about the slipper... Algerians count this type of phenomena as something of a regular occurrence and call it "under their hands" (apologies for how unbelievably creepy that sounds.) As you might have guessed, this is their explanation for the inexplicable disappearance of objects which later "return." Someone not of this dimension has hidden them, momentarily, or for a few days, it would seem...

Also, I had a friend who was in the U.S. Air Force at your Rendlesham-Bentwaters base in the later 70s... She and her roommate had all kinds of occurrences of objects disappearing. They were quite good friends but really had no other logical explanation than to blame the other! Later my friend, A, would learn this was one of the classic symptoms of an active location.

In any event, my friend and her roommate decided to ask to be moved to a new room. They were, and the activity stopped! One day my friend was walking across the base and encountered two black American servicewomen. "Hey, didn't you used to be in (such and such) dorm room?" 'Yes, I did' replied my friend. "Oh, that room was haunted as h3ll" one of the black girls replied. My friend felt equally vindicated and terrified...
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-14)
Hey peeps,

Apologies for the lack of response from me to those who have left comments since my last reply, it's not intentional I promise. It's not me to ignore someone who's taken the time to read and reply, but the last few days have been my worst for many a year.
You don't need to read 10, 000 words about my unlucky life since 2008, which is not connected to the paranormal, but I will give you a brief rundown, that way, it should cement to some, that I simply have no motive to write anything random or made up on a site that I didn't know existed some two weeks or so ago. I gain absolutely zero from it. There's no star prize or interview I get for telling a great tale, besides, I've done all that anyway through playing poker for the last 22 yrs.
So basically, I have always been a hard working individual (not counting the job I had on nights at that factory). I had never broke a bone or even had stitches and definitely no operation despite being 41. But I did have an annoying pain in my lower back after moving a pallet in my van that I was delivering in 2006. I was told it would take 18 months to settle and go back to pre 2006. 2 years later and the pain was getting worse and so it was decided I needed to have my last disc removed in my lower back.
I had the op and the moment I came to, I was greeted with an immense pain in my lower back. 13 years later and I still have that same pain. I have been medically retired since 2009, I am very heavily medicated with high dosages of opiates and I spend 23. 5 hours a day lying in bed because over time, I found less was best. Everything and anything as been tried in the last 13 years and still no one knows what this pain is. Without knowing, they can't operate and it's now not practical because of the risk of damaging my spinal cord. No more can be offered in the U.K.
It is what it is and I just have to live with it. But the last 3 days have been really really bad in terms of the pain. The high dosage of opiates didn't touch this flare up and I guess I was close to overdosing with the amount of breakthrough pain meds I've taken over the weekend. But I'm still here, so no harm done I guess.
When I'm not suffering as much I will catch up with the comments. I thought until an hour ago, there were only one 4 o clock...
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-11)
Hello Plaza, I can offer some insight as to some of your questions regarding your experiences but keep in mind as Val mentioned, we're not experts, we can look at it and respond from what we feel and what we have come to believe.

You had asked why spirits can be able to have intelligence and move objects with no physical form? There are many fascinating studies that have concluded our consciousness is not housed in our minds/bodies, take near death experiences for example, which begin to point to the fact that our bodies are more like vehicles for our consciousness that gets us around here on this dimensional plane. Much like a car is needed to physically transport us from one location to another.

As far as being able to move things, it's all energy. We actually use energy in applied form to open a door, to move a book etc. Spirits, seem to draw the energy they need from the environment around them, hence the cold spots people walk through, a spirit actually draws the energy from the atmosphere and it cools the temperature down. Same thing with flickering electronics, and lights. People have reported cameras and phones going instantly dead despite being fully charged. The spirits take the energy they draw in these ways to manifest in a semi solid form or to interact in the environment, touches or moving objects, or make noise/sounds.

As far as why Lisa didn't scare you, when some of the other encounters did. She had no ill intent toward you. Spirits are much like people. They give off energy. If you've ever been around a bad person, say someone that was out to hurt you, or a thief. They give off a vibe and you feel uncomfortable around them. Maybe they look and act perfectly normal, and you can't put your finger on why they make you uncomfortable, but they do. Later you find out they hurt someone, or robbed someone etc, and then you put the pieces together. It's why dogs bark and growl around bad people and they do the same with spirits, they're just much more sensitive to the vibes being put off by the living or the dead. If you're around someone who loves you and has always been good to you, then you have a positive warm feeling around them, its the vibe they put off.

Hopefully that helps. I have another feeling why you and Lisa connected after her death, but that depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. It sounds like you have immersed yourself in a lot of paranormal research as it were after sharing your story to try and relate what you went through better. Perhaps we've all added to your understanding of the supernatural. Good Luck!
Sroy (4 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-11)
It was a great fascinating absorbing account of your life and paranormal experiences. I am believer of the paranormal and all your encounters seem authentic. I am a 68 born too and that made your story all the more interesting to read.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-10)
Wow! You got some unnerving and spooky experiences. Usually when I read any story here, I always get different sort of vibes that also kind of gives me an image of how the person is and I try to put myself in their place. The mental state of a person really gets affected with such eerie experiences. So what I am trying to say is that your experiences had given me such different emotions while reading it that, after a long time, I am commenting here because at certain point of time, I got scared. Like legit scared which I usually don't. Nothing scares me anymore as I feel at this stage of life, its mostly us humans who are the bigger monsters as once a friend of mine said that "Don't be afraid of ghosts and spirits, you can't see them but be afraid of humans whom you can see and can hurt you back in every worst possible way"! I usually just read stories and then go away offline without any remark. But yours made me think again especially the point where you said wht if ghosts and spirits are different life form about which even science isn't aware of.
We are yet to discover so much about our own planet yet, so what if spirits and ghosts are manifestations of all those wars, battles, massacres and so many other man made disasters. What if we humans did something in past so out of our comfort zone, that it ended up breaking laws in "haunting" n these beings or energies started interacting with us... Sorry! For my rambling,, but at this hour of night in my country, I tend to have such random thoughts. I could be wrong or right.
I don't have any knowledge regarding paranormal nor parapsychology, so I won't have much to talk about ghosts or spirits but lately in last couple of years paranormal stories of others as well had made me again think n question my own skepticism in this aspect. What made me so much engrossed in your story are those two incidences... One is that hair pulling incident and the second one are those giggles of child in that pub u worked for. Being personally attacked by such presences in past mostly psychologically, I empathize with your feeling of being scared of your dad's house... Its the same with me n my uncle's home where my gramps passed away ages ago, yet I felt something really weird for long time. That heaviness has now gone after a decade or more from their home... Reading your further comments in this section helped me in understanding more that why I don't feel that way anymore.

Sorry for my rambling but I tend to do so, especially when I see another person on this site who has done full justice with sharing some most uncomfortable moments of their life. I wish I could be a bit more like you. That openness and frank nature just shines out in your posts. Thankyou so much for sharing this. Have a great day ahead!
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-09)

Once again many thanks for your detailed replied. I think you are spot on with the explanation. Since I wrote what I wrote above and then the subsequent replies, I have been reading up and watching a lot of paranormal things both online and TV. I'm not that gullible to accept everything I read and watch, but what you say does hold some truths. When peeps see a ghost, it's something that tends to just float with no intelligence, but a spirit does have intelligence. Now, the problem I have is, how can a spirit have intelligence, how can something formed from energy be able to move things, hide things, speak and move around slamming doors and moving furniture...
Ready for my latest suggestion? I now think they are some other life form that's not been identified as such yet. All the non believers are just that until they see something that can't be explained with science. We humans are the worlds worst when it comes to ignorance. Unless it is presented on a plate in front of us, it can't be real. It wasn't that long ago when we thought we where the centre of the universe and then the Galaxy and finally the solar system. Dinosaurs still don't exist in religion despite anyone can dig up dinosaur fossils. All through the ages, man can't do this or that until it's done and then it's accepted. I would love to see the world in 500 years in the future. We know dogs are quite good at picking up spirit energy and have been recorded doing odd things around spirit activity, we just haven't quite gone about it the right way. It doesn't help, with me definitely included in this, that when we hear or see something weird we always run in the opposite direction, so it's no wonder proper contact and intelligent conversations haven't taken place yet.
I just think the non believers are so stuck in their ways that it can't possibly be true that spirits are real. When shown footage recorded, it's fake they say. So the argument will never be won, well not in the near future.
Finally, why don't the peeps who don't believe go on several paranormal investigations of well known hotspots for spirit activity. I'm not on about normal folk like you and me, but scientists or famous broadcasters. I would love to have Professor Brian Cox go on these investigations. They can't all have zero hits all the time, so let them try and debunk what they hear or see. But they won't and why, because they don't exist or they can't exist and it's a waste of their time. Until that changes, there's always going to be sceptics.
Re my dads house Miss Ramsey, I'd love to sell and make a fresh start. Unfortunately neither me or my brother can pay the other off. I would sell, but he likes the idea of receiving rent on a monthly basis by getting someone into the house.

I spoke to my partner yesterday about what I wrote and after she read it, she remembered some other incidents that had happened in our current house which I had forgotten about. Nothing scary, but more things being moved and then replaced. One incident was a set of keys. She was just about to go to work and had put the keys down when she remembered something, came back and the keys had disappeared. I now recall it because I was still in bed and she was having a fit because she couldn't find the keys. I end up getting out of bed and start to look for these keys. I can't remember exactly where they were, but it was something like, spending ten minutes looking for these keys when I see them and they are right next to her bag she used for work. She asks, where did I find them, I tell her and she says that's impossible. She knows 100% she had checked there and she had actually moved everything off this chair and on more than one occasion to and there they were. It was something like that like I said. But the weird thing is, that doesn't scare me at all. The slipper incident was actually funny we thought. Weird...
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-03-09)
Mrs.Ramsay, and Plaza,
Please be aware that there is no such thing as an 'expert' on the paranormal. It's unknown territory, and at best all anyone can truly say is, "this seems to hold true." There are also those who claim there are no ghosts or spirits only demons, and still another faction says it's none of the above, we're all just a fry short of a happy meal because they simply don't exist.
The differences between ghost and spirit are subtle. The largest is that ghosts are thought to be 'stuck' and anchored to a particular place or area. They have more of a negative connotation associated with them when in comparison to a spirit. But, ghosts are usually associated with someone who is angry, aggressive and has a lot of hurt and pent up frustration within. On a happier note; most ghosts are of the residual variety. Spirits though are in real time. They keep their once human personality aspect after passing (mischievous, mean, etc.) and generally are the ones who take great joy in messing with you. They become a member of the family whether you like it or not; unless you give them their walking papers.
An intelligent haunting involves spirits that interact and make their presence known in more ways than one. They are most often upset about something you have done. Time is of no matter to them,
And whether it's your family, or two families after yours, they're usually there for the long haul. And yes... It's not unusual to have both - ghosts and spirits - in one location.
Don't forget it isn't only a building but the land itself that might be haunted. (Hence the whole 'built over a burial ground' scenario so popular in ghost stories.)
If we accept these definitions as true, then I would say Plaza has dealt with spirits not ghosts.
MrsRamsay (guest)
2 years ago (2022-03-08)
Val, I appreciate your explanation of ghosts vs spirits, I had no idea. Count me as one who has not read much non-fiction about the paranormal. I'm pacing myself haha.

Plaza, your ernest account offers much to think about, and I appreciate your reply. Like you, I've had experiences. Most were initially because I've just lost a lot of people I love and over the years have connected dots about things that have happened. As I've become a real believer in the paranormal/supernatural (still not quite sure what to call it) in the last 5-6 years, I find myself continually noticing things (I live in a very historic and haunted location where much Civil War activity took place). Just last night, sitting at my daughter's high school soccer game, there was this mist that kept moving around the stadium... Yes, it had rained earlier, so there's a possible explanation for the mist, but it was the way in which it moved around that caught my eye. The stadium less than 1/4 mile from one of the bloodiest battles of the war... I took video and still photos (which I'm about to go analyze) but I can probably tell you right now that I'll see soldiers in the mist. Once you start to see, you can't really unsee. But I'm cautious. Which is part of the reason for my question. I think in death, like in life, we're less afraid if we know people's stories. And I do think ghosts are all about having their stories known. Thanks much for telling yours! And SELL your dad's house, start over and don't feel too bad. You deserve all good things.
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-07)
Thanks for the comments. So if I have this right, everything that's happened to me must of been by spirits and not ghosts. I have never seen a ghost (thank god), but if that's the case then spirits are the ones that can move things, talk, walk, laugh & attack you, on top of going through one's body to cause the goosebumps or touching you, but also communicate with a medium. If all that is so, it must mean the are two types of spirits then. The good ones like Lisa and the not so nice ones like at my dads who grabbed my hair. I mean, why would a spirit pick on a child like I was back then. Why all the negativity at my dads, what could I have of done to upset this entity so much that it's resorted to violence and scared the crap out of me from before I could remember. That's just bad in my opinion.
I wouldn't mind, but it must be someone who is not family. I was maybe 13 when my grandad died who was the first relation to die and why only pick on me.
Like I replied, it definitely effected my life from a very young age. Without the attack, I might not of been as bad as I am, but who knows. There's a reason why I hated going to bed from even before I remember with the screaming mum said I did every night when it was bedtime.

I've been trying to think since I replied to Miss Ramsey, why wasn't I affected with Lisa. Was it due to her not being a dark entity or just the way the whole process happened. Even now at 1-10am I'm typing this out and I'm thinking back why didn't I get spooked when I was first spoken to and told to visit a spiritualist church. I know when I didn't get spoken to that first time I went, I did think it was my imagination, despite not knowing about a spiritualist church. But the instant I got outside the church after that first time, the voice did say go again, you have to go again. I can still recall it some 30 years later. But all that got turned on it's head when the second visit and the medium broke off her introduction to tell me about this girl who was bending the medium's ear. Then I knew the voice was real enough.
I'm still confused as to why I wasn't afraid. Then again, I had seen mum doing this SB and she never told me anything bad had happened to her. I'm sure it's all related some how. The thing at dads I was always aware I was being watched, so that's a dark feeling. Compared to getting all emotional when I read about Lisa dying at just 18 and I did genuinely feel so bad for her. But without a shadow of a doubt, if Lisa started moving things or giving off negative energy at some point which did cross my mind, kind of get me groomed in a way under her spell before bad things started, I would of instantly shut up shop. It's hard because I'm trying to remember if at any point at the beginning apart from what I mentioned, if I did at all get afraid at any point.
It all happened so casual though. I told mum about this poor girl, mum suggested I do the SB to try and make contact. When I did do it, I wrote, I thought that was journey's end. So I had no idea what came next and when I did hear this voice, I told mum and mum didn't freak out and say you should not be hearing voices, she told me the opposite and I should go to this church. After that I guess I didn't have to be afraid especially when I was told the second visit to the church. I never watched a medium start the way she did when she broke off her introduction to speak to it before she was ready to. I was told good things so again, maybe that settled me down some more.
Ok, I've done it again. Waffled on. Thanks again Val.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-03-07)
Hi Plaza, in your comment you wondered if there's a difference between ghosts and spirits. Although we use the words interchangeably, there is a difference. Ghosts, according to Hans Holzer, professor of parapsychology and writer of 119 books on the subject, are similar to psychotic human beings, incapable of reasoning for themselves. They're tied to the location of their death, usually a sudden or tragic one, and they often don't realize that they are dead. In most cases, they have "unfinished business" as the deceased person does not accept the way in which they died.
Interestingly enough, unfinished business can be as innocent as a person being attached so strongly to their home that they cannot leave it behind and pass over. At the other end of the spectrum unfinished business can take the form of dark energy when a person's death is extremely violent and unexpected.

A spirit, however is thought to be a person's 'soul' that no longer has a body to reside in. They are free to move from one dimension to another and can return to us at free will. They're often referred to as an 'intelligent' haunting. Just like the living spirits can be good or bad.
I hope that helps some?
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-07)
Hey Miss Ramsey
First of all, many thanks for taking the time to read and reply. In response to your comment, I've never thought of it like that before. Thinking back, the Lisa story was in between my dads house experiences and the laughing child at the pub, but I've never thought about why the spirit experience in full never scared me.
I had to laugh with your Sheetless of a ghost comment. I had actually wrote shiatless & shiat scared, but hopefully this reply doesn't change those words into the same words that you read above. Trust me, it wasn't me writing shiatless, I thought it was changed automatically to avoid using the (s h I t) word.
But getting back to your point. I guess it's a very valid point and I don't think I know the reason why. Maybe it's something to do with mum doing the SB from time to time in the past and I would walk in on her doing it, so maybe I didn't fear spirits as much. Or the way the whole Lisa think happened especially with me feeling so emotional about her story in the newspaper and it was still affecting me days later, so it was a different kind of experience. I know when I decided to do the SB myself, I had put it off so many times before I actually did it because I was genuinely scared stiff, but I knew I needed to do it. Everything after seemed just to fit into place. The random goosebumps so many times afterwards or this warm fuzzy feeling that kept happening. I also know some of it could of been caused naturally especially after the SB experience, but I also knew, it was happening way more times than could be natural and at times when I wasn't thinking of something like what I had done, but like eating my dinner talking about whatever. It was so random and why it's included. If I thought it could be something easily debunked trust me, it would not be included. I'm not here for any prize or notaries, I'm just sharing what happened which I can not debunk. I wish I could, I wish I could debunk the whole 9 yards. That way, I would not have to sell my dads house when he's no longer with us and I can move in and live rent free. But the fear of my dads house is something else. Maybe that can be debunked due to a child experiencing something so frightening that he's scarred for life and no matter what he's told, it's always going to be negative. Maybe if something negative happened at the start of the Lisa story it would of turned out totally different, I don't know because it happened the way it's written and at no point did I fear her apart from when she asked if I would like to experience something. I did say, I thought she was going to show herself and despite everything up to that point being nothing but good vibes, I was shiat scared that she was going to show herself because that's what I fear the most and still do at 54 years old.
The little girl laughing in the pub, would I handle it a bit better now, maybe but I'm not 100%. I would not know until that time came. But when I visit my special needs brother and sleep in mums bed, I still get spooked and have to turn the light on for the rest of the night and that's my own mum. It's just how I am wired, but I don't know why Lisa never freaked me out apart from that first SB session and thinking she was going to show herself and remember, that's after being in contact with her for 12 months. So there must be a difference between a ghost and a spirit, in my mind anyway. But like I keep saying, I am no expert, I have never read about or studied anything to do with the afterlife, the above is everything that's happened to me that I can not debunk.
Hearing a voice in my head, like I say, I thought I was going potty, a voice talking to me. I recall an answer on Quora saying I was a borderline schizophrenic hearing voices in my head. Thankfully, that voice didn't tell me to kill Joe Bloggs or my family like you read about in the news. No, this voice told me to visit a spiritualist church, so I was spared having to kill people... I should not joke about that sorry, people might actually have lost loved ones via a person like that, but I at least now understand why these people carry out these crimes and say they where told to by the voices. Jeepers, how did I get on to this subject.
I would love an explanation on how I was told so much information at my first contact with a medium. I've watched TV programmes about how they 'fish' for answers, but that wasn't the case with me, bang bang bang all on the money. I thought my mum must of phoned the church because that was the only way I thought she knew what she knew which is why my mate on the motorcycle knocked me for ten because mum didn't know about Martin because we still lived in the other town and we became friends after a Christmas party for kids at the club where did would drink sometimes. Imagine my horror when I asked someone for the phone number of the church a short time after getting that first lot of messages, when I was told they didn't have a phone. I've tried to debunk the lot and I can't. If I read about Lisa from someone else, I'd say it can't possibly be true, how can it be. The only reason I know it is, is because I experienced the lot myself, no one else. I thought, after that final thing with Lisa, firstly, what the hell was that and who in the right mind is going to believe that. Hence the silence for over 25yrs. But to then not only be told what it was, but to read it in a book which described it on the nose, that just blew my mind and that's the power of the internet, which we didn't have in the early 1990's. It's probably happened to thousands of people before and after my episode, I've just never looked into it, I've no need because I know what it felt like and would give almost anything to experience it again. I will stop at my life and / or soul though.

Now look what you made me do, waffle on like I do do. Hopefully somewhere in all that is the answer to your question. You might come back and say there's no difference between a ghost and a spirit. Unfortunately, for me, I have had entirely two unique experiences and they will always be different to me. If Lisa did show herself has a ghost, it would of had the exact same reaction as to my dads and the little girl and that would of been the end, no more conversation and probably moved out of mums to. Although Lisa might of followed me. Thankfully and hopefully she remembered or knew never to make a noise or move objects (on her own without me touching a glass) but more importantly, shiat the life out of me by being a ghost at any time during my time with her.

Reading the first paragraph on preview, it's seems you can't write sh it after all, it's been automatically changed to what you read in my story, but it wasn't me I promise 😕

MrsRamsay (guest)
2 years ago (2022-03-06)
Hi Plaza,
It's interesting to me that you are so afraid of ghosts, yet your experience with Lisa -- a ghost with a name -- is completely opposite of that.

Can you figure out why or have you pondered that before? I think if I was you, I'd be a lot less afraid of some footsteps or a ghost child laugh, and scared SHEETLESS of a ghost that could talk inside my head and get me to do things like lie down on a couch (and then proceed to affect my bodily sensations like a "drug"). I'd tell you to be careful, but as you say it's been years. Crazy stories, thanks for taking the time to share them.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-06)
Hello again Plaza, no worries on the word count, honestly, I feel your story needed to be told just the way you told it, length and all. It was very good. I get it, I can be rather lengthy in my stories and replies as well, in fact the story I had posted on this site I actually broke into 2 parts, you're welcome to read it if you want. You can find them by clicking on my name in this reply, which will take you to my profile. The House on North Street is the title and its in 2 parts.

As far as the slippers/glasses, it may not have been done by anyone you knew. You're right, the fact that it only happened those few times is a strange, usually it happens more often than that. However I have read accounts where it only happens a couple of times to people. The situation however is much the same, the articles taken are usually pretty important, like car keys just before someone needs to leave the house for something important or in your case the glasses which you especially needed to drive. Taking such valuable or needed items obviously is done to get the person's attention, but why? Possibly because it cannot be ignored. It is however very frustrating and irritating nonetheless. It is a mystery and it may never be solved but at least it only happened those few times, if it was a regular occurrence that would be a problem for sure!

Good to hear from you again my friend, take care and enjoy the site, there's a lot on here, a whole library of fascinating accounts!
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-05)
Thanks Dream Bird for your praise, it's appreciated.

Same to you Lost Voyage. In response to why I hear nothing now, I had never thought about they have all past over. I don't know why I didn't think about this but it makes perfect sense and certainly fits in with why I don't sense anything any longer. Lisa absolutely, she is probably the reason why I'm still here alive. The fact I've been with my current partner over 20 years does fit why Lisa may of past over. Thinking back, I don't think there was anything else we could of done. We did the communication, she give me the messages, we moved on from having to attend a church and maybe that was her gift to me towards the end with that experience we shared which even right this moment makes me well up with emotion due to what we shared and how powerful it was. I know it was special but back then I didn't want to share that experience with anyone because I didn't think anyone would either believe me or think I was losing the plot. It was only 25 years later when I shared it eventually that others had said they to had experienced the same thing. I knew then it would be accepted and I would not be thought of as some crackpot with a screw loose.
The same thing when I lost mum in 2012. I have never felt her part from the very start when she died. But that makes more sense because I did promise her that if anything happened to her, I would step up and make sure John my half brother with special needs who mum looked after, would be ok and I still do that to this day, along with my younger brother who I spoke about in my original post. So mum would absolutely know I kept my promise and she crossed over. The same with my Gran who was my rock, I have never felt her. She so wanted not to be here though at the end and I could see it. Covid19 took Gran right at the start of the pandemic and at long last she would be reunited with her first love who she lost some 26 years ago.

Re the slippers and glasses. Having watched sixth sense so many times, I knew spirits could take things. The thing that gets me is, apart from the slipper and then the glasses there's been nothing at all in 18 years of living here. This is the only thing I have a problem with. Why just those two incidents and when the glasses went missing, I actually called out and explained why I needed those glasses. I was about to make the 4 hr drive to spend some time with John and I needed the glasses to drive. So I knew it wasn't mum and despite asking for their return, they didn't show up and I had to drive with no glasses which was not great. When wifey found them either the next day or two days later I can't recall which, I knew they'd been taken but by who. I never did find out or have a clue who it was. Unless of course they did somehow fly across the room and land under a radiator by accident, but that's why I don't really count the glasses the same has the slipper because there's a very small percentage that I could of flicked them when I went to put my jumper on, despite it being almost impossible to replicate.
There may be other times things have disappeared, but me and wifey are just so stupid we don't realise something is missing. That could account for it.
I have now read some of the other stories on this site and yes, I think I may of overdone it with the word count... But seriously, like I explained, I just told it exactly how it was, nothing exaggerated and I'm not after anything in return, so I have zero reasons to make it stand out or better than it was. Trust me, I don't go around posting any thing everywhere. I do reply in detail sometimes in answering a post on Quora for instance. I have led a varied life with gambling, poker playing and a 41 year slot machine addiction which I thankfully kicked 3 years next month, so I give my feedback on those subjects and Crypto is now part of my life, on top of my disability that I suffered while having a routine back op in 2009 that left me living in Chronic Back Pain ever since. Also my upbringing and relationships plus of course various sections of my original post but never all together. Finally, it's through a lot of dedication from my partner who's helped me with my reading and writing. I missed a lot of school growing up with no cash for bus fares to send me to school and it's been a long slog to get it where it is today. I know it's not perfect, but from where it was to now, like I said, it's a million miles different. Helped of course with auto spell & correct. So given I have a lot of time every single day, I can get carried away once I start, just like this reply... But thanks you again for your very kind words. I have never been complemented on my writing, ever. Which is why I thank each reply I get.
Thanks for the warm welcome to, I don't have friends these days due to the Chronic Pain and always being heavily medicated. But it seems I might like it here and with a good set of people. Yes, it does help that we know of the other side and so we will find it easier to get on together. I am very open and honest and if I think something that I've experienced can be debunked, I will suggest just that, but also open to hear from others who are way more experienced and braver than I will ever be...

The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-05)
Hello Plaza, great story, very detailed and rather captivating. I have to say, I've been reading stories on here for some time and that is the longest recount I have ever come across.

You have a gift, those that have passed on know it, and they will reach out when they can. You somehow connected to this Lisa, in merely reading that article about her and she knew you could sense her. Leaving life the way she did, she probably had unfinished business. I would venture a guess that the reason you can't communicate with her now as that somewhere along the way she completely crossed over to the other side and went back 'home' so to speak. I too have has experiences like this, but much lighter than yours and not everyone it's occurred with is dead, some are very much alive. It could be because of the connection you established that Lisa was able to move on eventually.

I know you've tried to debunk the slipper and glasses incidents, and you were very thorough, even in stretching the realm of reality behind these incidents. However I say quite simply, a ghost/spirit moved and hid them. You stated that you really haven't read anything on this site, but if you did, you would find this is a common occurrence, in the paranormal realm that is. In many cases, all a person has to do is ask the offending ghost to return the item and it reappears later in either the same spot it disappeared from or in another that's just been searched or is in plain site. I think ghosts do this to get our attention, to say "Hey I'm here, pay attention to me".

You've shared some intriguing accounts, and told in a very matter of fact way, it's quite refreshing. There is nothing in your experiences that leads me to question their validity.

I appreciate you sharing with this community, you have friends here. It's easier to share with people who have had bizarre incidents in their lives and yet cannot explain them. For many we have more open minds, but still with a healthy dose of skepticism. Take care and good luck!
DreamBird (7 stories) (25 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-03)
Thanks for sharing your story. I couldn't stop reading it. It was very very good!

Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-02)
Thank you Giffy.
To be honest, I have not read anything on here and this was the first time I have shared my entire life of the unexplained shall we say. So I didn't know if it was long, short or boringly long. I just put it all together and I was surprised at the end when I looked at the word count. It's definitely the longest thing I've wrote about.
I had to put myself and my voice into it so you get how much I was shiat scared and I still am of my dads house but why I was so afraid. I literally told it exactly how it was with nothing exaggerated or played up and even my end comments are true about me still trying to debunk any of it. But I know, a non believer will still not be swayed because it wasn't them. That's why the incident with the little girl stands out so much. I could of been my dad and he'd never be able to debunk what he heard if it was him. But I can only put so much info into how long I spent in that pub beforehand, where when read it reads like I'd only been upstairs a few times.
I did leave something out which once I knew about the little girl, made my skin crawl. But I've actually slept in Dots bed when she and her husband where away on holiday. Let's just say, I wasn't on my own for half of that night and if that little girl was watching, well who knows, maybe that's why she was laughing... I'm sure you can work it out and that was the first time after that I had been on my own. Who knows, I know I don't, but it freaked me out enough to quit that same day and end the 3 year relationship with my girlfriend. Again, who knows, maybe that's why she laughed, knowing I'd not return and would cause me and my girlfriend to split up. After all, it wasn't the girlfriend who I shared Dots bed with for half the night. Maybe it's her way of payback despite being a little girl!

That's how I write, I just think things while I reminisce and put it down while I recall before I forget and maybe lost forever.

Again, thanks for your kind word, it's appreciated.

Giffy (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-01)
Dear Plaza,

I really enjoyed this whirlwind supernatural memoir. You put so much of yourself and your voice into this account. It's definitely the longest I've read on this site and the first that prompted me to comment, just to say how much I appreciated it.
Plaza (1 stories) (13 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-01)
Thanks to you both for your replies. To be honest, I did not know what I experienced throughout my life was normal or not. Some peeps have experiences but pre internet so you never really knew about what others had seen or heard.
That experience I had with Lisa, I kept totally silent for 25 years How do you begin to tell someone what happened like that. The same with pretty much all of what happened. You just didn't share it back then for fear of being looked at like some loony.

The pub function room is the one that stands out. I could of been anyone, even my dad, who doesn't believe in anything. How can you not believe after hearing what I heard even as non believers. They do say, you need to have an experience yourself to be converted. It's funny, I drove past the pub not so long back after visiting family. It's now private flats and I was tempted to knock on some doors and ask about the laughing. But who knows, Dot & Pete are no longer with us and I wouldn't be surprised if they are some how connected with the converted pub. The pub Dot had where I first met them, she lost her husband and he'd been seen after he died. Someone would talk to this guy on a stool, turn round and they'd be gone. Thankfully, I have never seen a ghost, or not knowingly seen one.

That sensitivity to the other side is definitely a lot less than it was. Like I explained, it's been years since I think I felt something or heard any communication.

Thanks again, it's appreciated.

Stay Safe y'all
Rajine (14 stories) (806 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-01)
Hi Plaza

I feel that you are sensitive to supernatural entities that is why you always experience them, from your long narrative it just proves it, I have to agree with [at] Kindly_refrain it definitely makes for an interesting read.

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