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Father Points Out Missing Life Insurance Policy After Death


It was 1991 and my father was killed in a car accident just 6 months after my sister was also killed in a car accident (My first story was published on that recently). This time of my life understandably was much like being surrounded in a persistent fog. I was staying with my mom at the time and we were actively looking for a life insurance policy from my father. They had been divorced for many years and my dad lived alone and let's just say he wasn't the most organized man on the planet.

My mom swore she recalled a phone conversation once telling her that he had taken out a life insurance policy for the kids (my sister and I). This was years ago, like early 1980's. We both pondered, what on earth would be the chances that he would have kept up that policy for all of those years? Still, we kept looking, almost to just distract us more than anything from the numbing pain of sudden loss at that time in our lives. One day, my mom found a piece of paper that showed a policy but it was dated like 1982 or something like that. I said maybe that's it? But we both thought, again, the chances that would still be an active policy was severely unlikely. We both pretty much put it out of our minds and went on with our lives the best we could.

Then one morning while I was sleeping, I had a lucid dream. I "awoke" (still dreaming) and there was my dad. Standing next to my bed looking very, very much alive and at peace. He smiled and motioned me to follow him downstairs which I did. He proceeded to walk over to my mom's purse, picked it up, put his hand inside and brought out a piece of paper. It was that very policy! He looked at me with a big smile and that is when I woke up.

Knowing a contact dream when it happens, I bounced out of bed, ran downstairs where my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast and I excitedly told her dad just visited me and showed me that policy in her purse was in fact the policy we had been looking for! My mom, probably at the time assuming I was just having a dream, nothing more, nothing less, shrugged her shoulders and only after much prodding finally agreed to make some calls on Monday (this happened over a weekend).

I KNEW it was going to be a valid policy. That was NOT just a dream. Every detail in the dream was so incredibly vivid, unlike most dreams that tend to be quite fluid and blurry around the edges. My father had come to me to lend a hand, and that he did.

When my mom finally made the phone call it was in fact confirmed.

The policy was active. Inexplicably still valid after all of those years.

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LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-26)
I like the way you've summed that up ~ better late, than never I suppose! 😉
Aros (6 stories) (57 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-23)
Thank you LightMight for the kind words and sharing your contact experiences with your Father-In-Law. Wow! Pretty incredible how persistent he was especially since it did turn out to be time sensitive as you discovered. As far as why he chose you it could be a number of things. One, perhaps in his new state of being he was able to see "the bigger picture" and perhaps has an understanding of a broader spiritual relationship you two may in fact have on the Soul level.

Or perhaps he could see that you would be most receptive in your dream state for whatever reason. Either way it's impressive and I'm glad it was resolved favorably for your family. Thanks again for sharing and the kind words.
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-22)
Hi Aros,

Your story was so intriguing - I had a very similar experience, via several 'visitation dreams', with my father-in-law shortly after his passing. I had many extremely vivid dreams of him coming to our home and quite adamantly insisting that we double check his last will (something to do with land?). These dreams took place over the course of 3 weeks and they always interrupted other dreams that were in progress - the tone seemed urgent. The dreams actually started to become a little intrusive feeling because they happened so frequently. Finally, after several attempts of trying to convince my husband and his sister that they needed to comb through the paperwork more closely, they did in fact find other documents regarding real estate that was to be left to them, but that wasn't included in his last will. Interestingly enough everything to do with the property was time sensitive, so it was a good thing that they followed through with their research. After that, thankfully the dreams stopped! What I found kind of odd about all of this, was that my father-in-law and myself were never very fond of eachother, so I found it a bit perplexing as to why he chose me to communicate with? 🤔
I realize it was some time ago, but I did want to offer condolences regarding the passing of your father and sister, may their memories live on and continue to guide you.
Take Care
Aros (6 stories) (57 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-14)
Thank you Rajine. It's a wonderful feeling knowing our loved ones still exist in another dimension and still wanting to help us.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-14)
Hi Aros

Really a touching story about your dad coming through for you and your mum even after he passed

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