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Little Ghost Girl Trapped In My Friend's Apartment


I have always been very attuned to the spiritual realm, and my earliest memories from childhood include sensing spirits in various homes I have visited. I have not experienced anything recently, until a recent visit to my friend's apartment.

She lives in an apartment on the second floor of an old, run down apartment building in a small suburban town outside of Boston. I have visited the apartment one time before, three years ago, but I was going through a period of emotional turmoil and was not focused on my surroundings.

The apartment belongs to an elderly woman in her 80s that my friend is taking care of. My friend is living there as a roommate, but she also assists with caring for her. I do not have the ability to visit the apartment unless the elderly woman is in the hospital or visiting family, and while she allows me to visit when she is not there, she has severe social anxiety and does not do well with outsiders. Due to her health issues and incontinence, the house has an unpleasant odor.

The apartment is square-shaped, and dimly lit. The second you walk through the door, there is a dining room table immediately toward your left, a narrow square-shaped kitchen in front of you, and a large living room to the left. Off the living room is a dark, narrow hallway with a bathroom on the right, which is directly behind the kitchen, and two bedrooms, one to the left and one directly in front.

The moment I walked into the kitchen, I was immediately hit by a feeling that the atmosphere in the apartment was heavy and oppressive, like something bearing down on your shoulders and neck. It was not just because of the smell. Even when the windows are open, and even though the walls are painted white, the apartment has a dark, oppressive air to it that is absolutely suffocating. It is that feeling where the hairs on your neck stand up and you feel like there is dark energy. I immediately felt that the apartment was haunted.

Looking straight into the kitchen as I walked in, I stared at the wall at the back end of the kitchen, which was a dark, dimly lit corner. The overhead kitchen light is not working, so the whole kitchen feels very dark. I felt a mass of heavy energy emanating from that part of the kitchen, and even though I could not see anything standing in front of me, I knew that there was something there. I shivered with a feeling of inherent disgust and walked away from the kitchen, into the living room.

I placed my items in the living room on the pull out bed and was drawn toward the back hallway. My friend showed me around again, in case I had forgotten the layout, and I walked into the room at the end of the hall. It was a room with dark green carpeting, blue painted walls, and a bunk bed which belonged to her daughters. The moment I walked into this room, the energy changed to a very sad, wistful energy. There was an air of sadness I could not explain. The room was full of stuffed animals and snow globes, but I got the distinct impression that something was in the right hand corner of the room beside the bed, along the wall that is connected to the other side of the bathroom, glaring at me. I felt that I was being told to leave, like the spirit did not want me there and was uncomfortable with my presence.

As I was leaving the room, an image popped into my head that I have absolutely NO idea where it came from. It was an image of a little girl around age 8 wearing a blue dress, dressed like how a little girl going to church on Sunday would look. Her hair was blonde and clipped on both sides halfway down in pigtails, sort of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She had a sad look to her eyes and then suddenly, I got an image of this same girl drowned in the bathtub. The thought made me shudder in fear because I have NO idea where it came from or why I thought it.

I suddenly asked my friend if a little girl drowned in the bathtub in this apartment, maybe 60 years ago, and I described what I had seen. To my great surprise, she has actually SEEN the image of a spirit belonging to a girl with that exact description, at night, peeking her head out from around the bathroom door and walking up and down the hall, disappearing into thin air if you see her for too long. My friend stated that she had an image similarly pop into her head that a little girl who lived there in the 1970s had died by drowning, but she thought it was in the river that runs behind the apartment complex. In my mind, I saw her die in the bathtub.

I tried to forget about this, since I was staying over, and my friend and I went to dinner and then to a healing circle, since she does energy work. During the session, I closed my eyes and said a prayer for the little girl, hoping she will find peace and be able to transition to the afterlife.

That night, I slept well but occasionally woke up in the middle of the night and felt a presence right next to me. I could not see anything and it was pitch black, but I knew it was there. I kept feeling like my eyes were being drawn to the bathroom, and that there was someone staring at me from around the corner of the door. It was extremely unsettling. Every time this would happen I covered my head with the blanket and said a prayer. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I feel as if she is trapped here, and may have been abused, murdered, or committed suicide. Occasionally since I woke up today, I have felt as if I saw something flit by me in the corners of the room, but when I look up I do not see anything. I also have seen the window blinds move about even when there is no wind, and items of mine seem to have been moved or misplaced overnight, only to turn up where I expected them to be after several minutes.

My friend states that the room where her elderly roommate stays has a dark, demonic energy in it, and that this may be because this woman is a very unkind person who hates children and has attracted negative energy which is slowly enveloping the rest of the apartment. She wonders if the spirit of the little girl is trapped here and is here to protect everyone from the negative energy in the other room. My friend has done energy work to cast out the negative energy, but it returns, because it is attached to her roommate and not to the apartment, whereas the little girl is attached to the apartment.

My friend also one time was meditating in the living room when she heard the voice of an adult woman, whom she did not recognize, say "Get out of here now!" It was trying to get her attention, not to demand her to leave but begging her to leave, encouraging her to leave. She heard it as if it was a voice in the room, but was coming from up above, which did not make logical sense. When she heard the voice, she instinctively looked up.

I could not live here because even though there is less negative energy today, I do not feel alone in any room and feel as if I am persistently being watched. The bathroom seems to be the center of all the energy and I do not like going in there for any longer than need be.

I have taken photos of the apartment and will attach them in the comments if anyone wishes to see. I wonder if anyone can sense any energy from the photos or indicate what they feel is happening here.

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CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (52 posts)
3 days ago (2022-11-23)
Your situation is very difficult and no doubt there's a lot more to your circumstances that have not been fully disclosed perhaps. Those poor kids sleeping in soiled beds not fit for mice let alone kids. It's disgraceful to say the least. Kids shouldn't have to clean that kind of mess. It's my opinion of course and some may disagree. As Ladyglow says, this not about the condition of that home but about helping you with your paranormal situation. I didn't get a strange feeling looking at those photos on a paranormal level but I did get a strong sense something wasn't right, or perhaps not fully disclosed as I said earlier. Where were the kids and the mother when you took the photos? What do the other people in the neighbourhood think or know. Sometimes if you have paranormal situations, it's quite possible that others in the area are also encountering similar situations. I have no idea how to help you other than suggest you help the mother get that home livable for the kids sake. Who knows, the tidy up may cleanse away negative influences.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2953 posts)
4 days ago (2022-11-23)

"this woman is a very unkind person who hates children"... "The elderly woman was my friend's teacher in school"

From my point of view, allowing your friend and her children to live in her home, regardless of its messy condition, is not an act of unkindliness.


To be honest, I'm shocked knowing that your "friend has done energy work to cast out the negative energy" instead of making an effort to clean up the place and make it a safe environment for her children. The condition of that place is not going to be fixed by children doing their chores... This needs to be done by adults, maybe even by professionals.

But this forum isn't meant to discuss people's houses, so I won't say any more regarding this subject.

Under different circumstances, I would have asked if the children have experienced something paranormal, also if the animals (the black cat on the table, and the bird/s in the kitchen) reacted in any way to the presence you sensed but, unfortunately, I'm under the impression that your story is morphing into something different every time someone has pointed to something that, though important, was left out of your narrative. Making me wonder if you're just trying to "patch" the holes with whatever seems convenient, but only achieving to make it more confusing in the process.

Just my opinion. 😟
virulentpeach (9 stories) (29 posts)
5 days ago (2022-11-21)
[at] lady-glow: My friend lives in the house with her two children (who are young) and the elderly woman, the three of them are not related to the woman. The elderly woman was my friend's teacher in school who allowed her to live with her many years later, they stayed in contact... My friend lost her apartment when she broke up with her boyfriend (the father of the children) and could not afford the rent on her own.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2953 posts)
6 days ago (2022-11-20)
Hi virulentpeach.

The more I read your story and subsequent comments, the harder it is for me to understand who lives in the apartment.

At first, I got the idea that your friend was the only one living with the lady:

"The apartment belongs to an elderly woman in her 80s that my friend is taking care of. My friend is living there as a roommate, but she also assists with caring for her... The room at the end of the hall. It was a room with dark green carpeting, blue painted walls, and a bunk bed which belonged to her daughters."

If this lady is in her 80's, her daughters must be middle aged adults approaching the senior years, then, who are "the children who live there"?!?!?!

Are these children the lady's grandkids or, given her age, even great-grandchildren? If so, why are they living with her and where are their parents?
It would be terrible for everyone involved if the lady, at her age and with such a poor health had to take care of minors! Not to mention that the she "is a very unkind person who hates children"

Does your friend have to take care of the children too?

Also, where were the children during your last visit? Did they go to stay somewhere else during the time the lady has been at the hospital?

Also, in one of the pictures, I notice that there's a cat, black and fluffy, seated on the table... Unless it's a misplaced black wig or a stuffed toy cat?
Are you sure the cat wasn't the one "staring at me from around the corner of the door" and making "the window blinds move about even when there is no wind"?

I will appreciate your feedback.
virulentpeach (9 stories) (29 posts)
6 days ago (2022-11-20)
[at] LisaD77: the house did not look like this when she was there, she has been at the hospital for a while now due to her condition worsening, it only looks like that because the children who live there have not yet cleaned or done their chores. But yes, I understand your concern... It is an older apartment and needs a deep cleaning!
LisaD77 (4 posts)
1 week ago (2022-11-18)
If the state of MA sees the condition, that this 80 year old woman is living in, they would step in and get her out of there! Absolutely horrific! 😨 😢
virulentpeach (9 stories) (29 posts)
2 weeks ago (2022-11-12)
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (3 stories) (141 posts)
2 weeks ago (2022-11-12)
Hello virulentpeach, thanks for sharing your story.

I too would like to see the pictures and wonder if you took any of the bathroom where you say the energy seems to be centered?

My feeling from your story, or what I'm getting is that the darker more malevolent presence is unable to fully establish it's domain because of the little girls spirit. It's a bizarre balancing act, like good and evil, but as long as she's there, no matter how strong it is, it's not completely rooted. It's also why it's more easily able to connect with the older woman, because it can't completely dominate the apartment, the older woman is the next closest vibrational match.

Somehow this darker energy/entity has to be completely expelled before the little girl can be helped to cross over. Even if someone were to help the girl cross safely, it would be disastrous for the living occupants of the apartment, because the vacancy the little girl leaves, would enable the darker spirit to completely take over. I also get the strong impression the little girl knows this and will not leave willingly or allow herself to be helped until she is sure everyone is safe and the entity is gone for good.

I also echo the suggestion to research and see if you can find out anything about this girl and the drowning. If you knew more about the circumstances and her name, you may be able to connect better with her to help her. You were both shown these images for a reason.

If the darker entity is intertwined with the old woman and this is a sort of symbiotic relationship, it may not be easy to exorcise it without the old woman's cooperation.

Hopefully what I've relayed makes sense and helps, good luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (510 posts)
3 weeks ago (2022-11-07)
Hi virulentpeach

Definitely a lot going on in your friends house, but from what I read, I feel like the negative energy your friends roommate is giving of, coupled with the spirit of the girl definitely would invite a malevolent entity, I've read quite a few stories on here about demonic entities that try to take over earth bound souls, I think in order to fully cleanse the place the demonic entity you felt in that house needs to go first.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2953 posts)
3 weeks ago (2022-11-07)
Hello virulentpeach.

"I suddenly asked my friend if a little girl drowned in the bathtub in this apartment, maybe 60 years ago"

Is there a reason why your friend should be aware of the history of the place, specially of something that happened such a long time ago? How long has she been living with this lady? Do you know for how long the lady has been living in the apartment?

Out of curiosity, is there a room for your friend within the house? Does she sleep in the "room with dark green carpeting, blue painted walls, and a bunk bed which belonged to her (the lady's) daughters... Full of stuffed animals and snow globes".

Have you or your friend researched the history of the place? Perhaps doing so may confirm if a young girl has died by drowning as sensed by you and your friend.

"She wonders if the spirit of the little girl is trapped here and is here to protect everyone from the negative energy in the other room"

It's a good thing that the lady "has severe social anxiety and does not do well with outsiders", at least that way not that many people should be exposed to the negativity permeating the place.

Kudos to your friend for taking care of the unkind elderly woman, and for trying to cast out the negative energy. I hope she knows how to protect herself, specially since she's dealing with a demonic energy.

I would be interested on seeing the photos.

Thanks for sharing

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