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The Unseen Made Us Transfer To A New Home


I was born in a city but I spent all of my years growing up in a rural area. I was happy to experience childhood in my first home. Although we live in a rural area, the houses are not that far from each other since we live in a subdivision. Our house is located in a corner lot which also seems to be the boundary of our subdivision. At the back of our house is a police training facility where a Balete tree is also located across my house.

My father was already been informed by a local albularyo (witch doctor) that our house is a passage way for the unseen creatures since the balete tree is planted in line with our house.

I was not blessed with the gift to see the unseen but I am no stranger to creepy experiences that happened in my house. My grandma (when she is still alive) saw a white lady almost every time she smoked her tobacco in the wee hours of the night. She said the lady keeps on getting her attention yet she knows she meant no harm. My uncle also saw a creature in our house during his stay in our house but he won't tell us what he saw.

My brother and I were also not spared by these unseen creatures, we decided to sleep in our living room so we won't disturb my parents because it is summer time that time and we planned to play video games and watch movies all night. Our activities were stopped when some creature keeps on running around our house. At first we thought it was our dog but when I checked through our window, our dog was safely sleeping in her kennel house which is locked. The running went on and on for 5 minutes until it stopped but as it stops we heard our screen door opened (We have 2 doors which was put together to have some ventilation and not having insects go inside your house at the same time) As we noticed our screen door opened, we heard scratches on our wooden door which seems like someone or something is trying to enter. I bravely check through our window to see who or what was scratching our wooden door but to my dismay I found nothing.

We went to my father since he was having his vacation that time, and he went out to check but he only felt someone or something was checking on him by our tree but he wasn't able to see it. Apart from me and my brother's experience the usual creepy scenarios that were experienced by us and the people who come to my house ranged from eerie feelings up to apparitions. So my family just let it slide since it is not yet that big of a deal.

What made my family bothered was the time when some unseen creature took interest in my mom. My mom is a house wife, she left her job to take of me and my sibling full time. When we are at school she is always alone in our house since my dad is a Seafarer and just comes home 2-4 months per year. Her experiences were no joke. She didn't tell us at first because she is also in denial or not that aware of what is happening to her but this was not held for too long since her experiences went from tolerable to unbearable. According to her it started as an eerie feeling whenever she is having her siesta she always felt someone watching her from our window. This went on and on until the unseen become more and more aggressive After a week of these eerie vibes when she's having her siesta she then started to feel light and dizzy before dozing off.

Her last straw happened at a time she felt sleepy but was not yet asleep. She felt dizzy and light so she planned to get up to ask our neighbor what is the remedy for her before-siesta dizziness. When she actually did get up she felt like her bed fell. It was odd because when she thought about it it's like her bed was floating that's why she felt light or dizzy. She consulted our local albularyo. He told us that an engkanto (elemental beings) took a liking to my mother. And he explained the only way for it to be stopped is through offerings.

We offered a native chicken's egg outside our house. Her eerie experiences and dizziness stopped but when my father came home that year he was then the target of the unseen creatures. He was always staying up late since he plans to take an exam for him to get his rank higher, he always felt something is watching him from our window. He usually shrugged it off since whenever he checked the window there is no one or nothing. One night as he goes outside in our backyard to pee, he noticed a man wearing a barong tagalog standing underneath our Indian mango tree. He was not able to move or apprehend the person he saw since he was aware he is not a human or a living one. He kept on mumbling a prayer (Our father) and kept on brushing his eyes so he can confirm that what he was seeing is real. As he kept on brushing his eyes while praying the creature didn't vanish for a while he said it only started to vanish as he finished his prayer and took steps closer to that being. After that incident he consulted our local albularyo again. This time, he suggested we spray a pinch of salt in every part of our house and pray 1 our father, 1 hail Mary and 1 glory be before we sleep. My brother and I did that ritual every night until the day my parents has decided it is time for us to transfer to an urban area since me and my brother also started to go a school which is located in a city.

The only experience we then heard from the family who bought our house started when they decided to cut the Indian mango tree that was planted in our backyard all of them started to get sick (simultaneously one after another). I really didn't understand at first because I thought the creatures were just passing through our house and they live in that balete tree but we also thought some of them may have transferred to the Indian mango tree that was planted in our backyard.

-The end

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Nastrum (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-28)
Question. So you mention the albularyo prescribed a ritual you would repeat until the space was cleared, but then the new owners become sick upon chopping down the mango tree. Did the ritual help and stop the activity before you left, or did you all leave because activity did not cease?
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-25)

The tree in your story reminded me of something I experienced in my younger days, our neighbor had a native fruit tree in his yard and for some reason that particular tree would always move violently like someone was in there shaking the branches, but no one was there, dogs would look at it and howl, this used to happen every single night even on still nights the tree branches and leaves would move about. Eventually my neighbor cut the tree down because apparently a priest refused to enter his yard after seeing that tree, the priest told him that there's something bad on it.
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-25)
Hi ZSneider

I'm sure that it's not only terrifying but bothersome to move from a place you call home, a home supposed to be a place of comfort, safety, relaxation and safe haven for you and your family.

Didn't you'll try cutting down the tree? Since you mentioned that the tree was a reason for all the crazy stuff everyone experienced?

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