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East or West, there is a story that says dogs always see something that is invisible to our eyes.

Among them, I would like to talk about a strange thing that happened to me 23 years ago.

The location is Jeju Island, western region.

This is an anecdote I experienced in an area called "Moseulpo" (모슬포)

At that time, for some reason, I lived at my maternal grandmother's house for a very short period of time.

It was an area where there were almost no street lights around my maternal grandmother's house.

Because of that, I was a bit scared after 6pm. It was dark except for the faint lights in the distance and the lights of the house.

There was a very cute Yorkshire Terrier living in the maternal grandmother's house.

The reason I was able to stay in my scary maternal grandmother's house was that Yorkshire Terrier.

But there was one problem with the Yorkshire Terrier.

It like crazy barked 12pm ~ 4am.

However, every time the Yorkshire Terrier barked, my maternal grandmother would very calmly bring something from the kitchen rather than scold the Yorkshire Terrier or lock it in another room.

Here is a list of what my grandmother brought from the kitchen:

1. Sea ​​salt

2. Rice spirits

3. Five grains (rice · barley · foxtail millet · bean · proso millet)

[* Five grains color will change within a few days. At this point, far away from home need to throw it away.]

And my maternal grandmother sprinkled rice distilled alcohol, salt, and five grains right in front of the direction the Yorkshire terrier was barking.

Then, the dog stops barking right away.

My maternal grandmother said,

"I need to call a shaman."

Morning came, and my maternal grandmother called the shaman.

I was also curious about why Yorkshire Terriers bark at certain times.

The shaman looked around the house with a very serious expression and said.

"There's nothing wrong with the other rooms and the bathroom. But, doesn't the Yorkshire Terrier always look in the same direction and bark?"

Then, maternal grandmother said that the Yorkshire Terrier always barks at a certain time and while looking in the same direction.

The shaman spoke again with a serious expression.

"To be honest, I would recommend leaving this house. I looked into all the other rooms and found that an amulet to avert evils power was protecting them properly. However, entrance room is a big problem.

There's a reason your Yorkshire Terrier always barks at entrance room. The entrance room is a hallway ghosts pass.

So far, there hasn't been any problems. However, I recommend you get out of this house."

Then my maternal grandmother said.

"Other than this house, I have no place to go out and live."

The shaman thought about it for a while and told me about several methods.

"Okay, then listen carefully to what I say."

1. Always replace the amulet to avert evils with a new one once a year, Very important.

2. Never sleep in the entrance room,

3. As long as your Yorkshire Terrier is alive, it will warn of evil spirit

4. At least this Yorkshire Terrier never barks for no reason. There are no people around here and not many wild animals.

5. As usual, if your dog barks while looking at the entrance room, sprinkle him with alcohol and five grains and salt.

And finally, the shaman said:

"I told you about 5 things... Be absolutely careful. And, this little friend is also a big being who protects this house in a way."

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Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-25)
Very interesting story, and you are right that dogs (most animals in fact) can sense supernatural things

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