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Haunted Kumquat Tree


This happened in early 2010.

My house and my relative's house are about 5 steps away. We shared a garden and an outdoor bathroom. Also, there was a large kumquat tree in the garden, and this is a related story.

In 2009, my relative gave birth to a cute baby girl.

However, even considering that it was a baby it cried so hard. The baby cried until she lost all her strength.

No matter how much the relatives tried to soothe the baby, it wouldn't stop crying.

For four years, the child continued to cry every single day, and even after taking the child to the hospital, the results of the examination showed that there was no problem, which was even more strange.

In 2014, it was a year after I retired from the Marine Corps.

I found a job, and I started working at a hotel. I wore derby shoes and a suit to work.

And after a few days, my relative came to me and said, " Why do you walk around the yard wearing derby shoes at night?

No matter how close we are, it's very rude behavior at night."

Me: "Is there any reason to walk around the yard at night wearing those uncomfortable derby shoes?"

Relative: hmmmmm...

Then my relative made me a suggestion.

Relative: When is your day off?

Me: It's this Thursday...

Relative: Okay, please don't wear derby shoes that day.

Me: great. The day before the day off, I'll move all the derby shoes I have at home to a relative's house...

This is just to be sure. I only have 3 pairs, but these are all the derby shoes I own.

Relative: Okay, then please don't come out after the sun sets. I need to see what that sound is.

Me: All right. I will do that.

I had a strong feeling that something would be done.

The relative who suggested it to me also had spiritual abilities and was a very wise person, so I thought there must have been a reason.

Then Thursday came and I drank too much that day and didn't go out at all and just slept.

And the next day, Friday, three pairs of derby shoes were picked up from a relative's house, and I went to work at the hotel.

(Fortunately, there was no smell of alcohol on the body.)

On Friday evening, we had a family meeting. The cause of the baby's crying has been found.

Relative: When I opened the door to the yard where I heard the footsteps, I heard the derby shoes Footstep sound in the empty yard.

At that time I knew there was no one out there.

In a yard where no one was around, my child immediately started crying.

On this matter, I have some doubts about the kumquat tree in garden.

Then my grandfather said, "Is there any evidence that the kumquat tree did that?"

Relative: The feel of the kumquat tree has changed a lot over the years. The feeling took a very negative turn.

Grandfather: You have to be sure. Let's call a shaman.

The family meeting concluded that a shaman would be called.

I contacted the shaman, and he said that timing is very important in this matter.

So the shaman said he would come and see the tree for himself on a day when there were no ghosts.

A few days later, a shaman visited the my house and looked at the kumquat tree.

Shaman: It's not a bad ghost, but it's a very mischievous ghost.

Shaman: Is there a Derby shoes you lost in this house a long time ago?

Me: Yes, a relative's pair of Derby shoes went missing.

Shaman: This ghost is wearing those Derby shoes and scaring the child... That ghost finds the baby's cry very amusing.

I will warn the ghost not to do it. However, if the baby continues to cry and If you keep hearing the derby shoes Footstep sound in your yard at night, then cutting down the kumquat trees in your garden will eliminate this phenomenon.

The shaman took out an amulet and burned it in front of the tree, and it is said that this ended the warning.

However, despite the shaman's warning, the phenomenon started again a month later.

This time I heard the derby shoes Footstep sound in the yard myself.

The sound continued to be heard in the empty yard and in the dawn when no one was there.

Likewise, a relative's baby started crying as soon as he heard derby shoes footstep sound.

Even on the way to the outdoor bathroom, I could still hear the derby shoes footstep sound in the yard.

Someone invisible was making footsteps in the same space as me.

In the end, my grandfather cut down the kumquat tree, And sprayed a harsh herbicide that killed the roots.

After that, I never heard any footsteps in the empty yard.

The relative's baby crying stopped after a few years.

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kim0307b (3 stories) (9 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-16)
Rajine // That's a good question.

The ghost was nothing more or less than a prankster.

If there had been no babies, they might have coexisted.

The baby stopped crying after cutting down the tree.

The prank that makes a child cry went too far, so there was nothing I could do about it. The warning didn't work at all.
Rajine (14 stories) (806 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-14)
Do you think that this was just a passing spirit, or has it been around for a long time, and why choose to haunt that particular tree? And not just the whole yard?
kim0307b (3 stories) (9 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-12)
lady-glow //

Did anyone hear the footsteps when the baby was crying?
ㄴ me, my grandmother, my relative

Did the baby cry during the day and the night or only at night time?
ㄴ cried mostly at night, relative said that he heard footsteps very occasionally during the day. But I didn't hear it.
Of course, when those footsteps were heard during the day, the baby cried hard.

I got a bit confused about the timeline of the events, if all this began in early 2010, but you began working and, hence, wearing the derby shoes in 2014, - were the footsteps heard prior to you wearing this kind of footwear?

Relative say the sound was heard even before then.
But my relatives and grandmother passed away, so I don't know about the story before that.
But I will tell you what I know.
It is said that the first sound of footsteps was the sound of feet dragging slippers on the floor.
Then, one of my relatives lost his shoes on the "Daeboreum" day in Korea.
Losing shoes on this day means that a ghost took them away.
And it is said that the sound of footsteps changed after that.
However, the relative did not notice.
The time when that something made the sound of footsteps coincided with my time off from work.

Afterwards, my relative realized that the footstep sounds were not mine and the puzzle in his memory was put together.
1. "Daeboreum" day A relative lost his derby shoes.
2. After that, the slippers being dragged footstep sound around changed into the derby shoe footstep sound
3. Perhaps by coincidence, the time of day when the footsteps were heard coincided with the time when I got off work from the hotel.

Considering all the circumstances,

That being had a derby shoe that relative was lost on the "Daeboreum" day, and because of this, it was able to secretly change the sound of its own footsteps.

Plus, That being had the time it was footstep sound make was similar to my time off from work.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-12)
Hi Kim.

Interesting story. It seems like many cultures share the belief of spirits living in trees.
Just a question, or more:

Did anyone hear the footsteps when the baby was crying?
Did the baby cry during the day and the night or only at night time?

I got a bit confused about the timeline of the events, if all this began in early 2010, but you began working and, hence, wearing the derby shoes in 2014, - were the footsteps heard prior to you wearing this kind of footwear?

I'm sorry to learn that the tree had to be shopped down, but a person has to do what they have to do.

Thanks for sharing.

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