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While investigating and contacting many on my Stick Indian encounter, and talking to UFO Washington, I shared my only UFO sighting with him. He assured me the military will not bother people anymore for reporting them so after five years now I will share my only UFO sighting. I told the man who bought my home what I had seen and to look up in the early hours. He is the only one I told.

Five years or so ago I was awakened by a very loud constant banging. I quickly get downstairs to go find the problem, at the bottom of stairs 10 feet away is the front door and I feel noise is coming from front of house. It is very early, and I am only in my briefs, so I do not turn the porch light on. There is a 6 feet wide deck above me at 10 feet high. It is very windy, and the banging is coming from my left as a new home is being built over the hillside and somebody installed a door with no doorknob, and it is BANG BANG Banging in the wind.

The city lights are below my home and the airplane lane is out in front of our road. It is kind of pastureland down in front of us, and down maybe 30 feet from my feet on the porch to valley floor. As I scan left to right over this part of Boise, I am looking straight ahead now over my neighbor's new home and above and to the right of his roof is a huge craft of some kind sitting in the sky, in the airplane lane.

This craft is glowing an orange light. My mind showed me two school busses end to end and as tall as a bus. So this orange glowing window is 10 or 12 feet tall and 60 to 80 feet long and it is sitting in the sky at a 2:00 o'clock and 8:00 o'clock angle. There is no way to even walk in this craft at that angle. The 2:00 o'clock is pointed right at the Boise airport tower like it is showing bottom of craft towards the airport and the bottom 8:00 o'clock is at my end. This bad boy is blocking stars behind it, and I cannot tell the shape of the craft just the amazing bright orange strip that is glowing. I run to the dining room window 30 feet away to get my binoculars and return, only to find it is gone. I believe I studied it for about 12 seconds before running for binoculars. I think I caught it as it was preparing to take off hence the strange angle in the sky.

If your hand is pointing straight down was 6:00 o'clock and point your hand straight over your head and that is 12:00 o'clock this craft's low end is at 8:00 o'clock angle it would be 10:30 in the sky and high point 2:00 o'clock pointed at airport would be 10:45 in the night sky and that is very low. I guesstimate it was less than 400 feet from the ground and less than a 1/4 mile away. Guessing only in the darkness but still huge in the night sky. The orange light could only be seen by maybe four homes positioned just above neighbors and only golf course past our street. Very Strategically planned hiding spot.

No jets sent after this craft, Airforce below and next to airport and we were close enough to hear Reveille morning and night. Did I witness a Space force craft? Were little green men probing my neighbors? Better them than me. So many questions and I do not want to see it again.

I wanted to add I am 100 percent sure my visitation was not Stick Indians related and I will update that story when I learn more.

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lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-16)
You hit the nail right on the head! It's hard to tell until after the fact! One may not know whether real or not until the next day, maybe not even then.

Yeah, CantunSEEit74, that's a hard one to say. I saw a weird dancing light in the daytime, looked out, it was gone.

But, standing exactly where that light (bright as the sun but small) had started, was what they portray on tx, etc for aliens to look like.

It was only one. Looked 6 to 7 foot tall, medium solid tan in color,skinny, long necked, and only the outline with the solid tan.

No features such as eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. I shut the curtain, looked back out in a few seconds. It was gone! Real? Paranormal I think. But, who the heck really knows?!

Also, I have what I consider a credible person (female) to tell me once that she had a male guy in her family that was dying. She said he worked for the government.

She said on his "death bed" that he told her there are six (6) different types of aliens that truly exist.

Who really knows? I can vouch ONLY for what I do or have experienced. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us!

Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-16)
Cantunseeit, wow, just wow! I was watching this UFO program a while back and it's just fascinating what people have experienced. It's great that government attitudes have started changing and more people are feeling heard when they speak out.
So intriguing that your visitor/s seemed to be hiding. So many unanswered questions with these encounters.

Thanks for sharing!
Rajine (14 stories) (798 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-15)
Difficult to say whether it was supernatural or intergalactic, come to think of it, how does one tell the difference 🤔

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