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Breathing In My Ear


I believe that I am some sort of an antenna. Ever since I was a child I have felt that I knew when someone or something is there. I am in my mid 30's, a reasonably intelligent guy, with no devotion to any particular religion. I was brought up in a Christian home and still live my life with a lot of the values I was taught then. In other words, I'm one of those that have to see to believe, or feel as the case may be.

When I first moved into the home that I live in today everything seemed fine. There is a cemetery just behind my back yard. I knew this before buying and it didn't bother me. I have lived by a cemetery before. Shortly after I moved in "it" started again. There are many of these "happenings", as I will call them, and this is one.

I was lying on the couch about an hour into my sleep when I felt "it". I knew he or she was there. As I have done many times before I acted as if I was ignoring it. Sometimes I will roll over to my side facing it (with my eyes still shut obviously). I used to roll over to the other way but that seems to get them more fired up. All I have to do is open my eyes, which is easier said than done. I have the feeling that one day I will, and then I may actually see the apparition. Also, sometimes I can feel that it is a male or female. This was not the case with this one.

I'm lying there and I can feel it getting closer. There are no footsteps; there are no sounds. Then I feel it as close to my face as to try to get me to jump. It is so close that if it had hair it would be touching mine. It moves slowly to my ear and breaths real lightly. I am all but freaking out. This is the most aggressive and persistent that any have been before. I knew what it wanted. It wanted me to look and I wasn't going to. Then it made a sound. And that sound vibrated my ear with the breath. I have no clue what it was because it was so light. I remember it was repeated three times very quickly. Beaty beaty beaty... Peaty peaty peaty... I don't know.

All I know is that was the breaking point. I tried to make it look as if I was just startled and woke up. Keeping my head pointed the other way I sat up, brushed my hair with my hands, and wiped my eyes with my hands (anything to give them plenty of time to disappear or move away). I then reached for the light and it was gone. I knew it was gone before I turned on the light because the feeling left.

That was the first and last time I felt anything from this particular one. Sometimes it's a one-time deal and sometimes it can last better than a week. When it hasn't happened for awhile I get frustrated that I have lost this gift, curse, ability, what ever you want to call it. I like knowing I can do something special. But, then when it happens, more often then not, I try to push it away. Kind of like "coming back later when I feel more powerful than you (when I have clothes on, or someone around me, etc) ".

I have tried to provoke it when it has happened while I'm moving from one room to another, or I'm in the middle of doing something. Every hair on my neck will stand up, I get chills all over, and yet I will stand there, close my eyes, and try to communicate with it. I have tried a calm voice. I have tried to be the aggressor in saying "I know your there, Talk to me, Touch me, move something. But I have not been successful. I can just feel them moving around me, looking at me. I don't know what they want. Maybe it's something I'm doing they don't like, or something I'm not doing.

Neither my friends nor family know about this. The only one that knows some of the history is my Ex-wife. And that is because some things were happening when we were married. I told her that whatever it is, it must be following me. A couple of years after we divorced (we are still good friends) I asked if she had had any more problems. She hadn't though about it in a long time and said that after I left they seemed to stop. It wasn't until later I begin to realize that it's not the same, they are different.

I can't wait for the next one. I would love to work with others that know more about some of these things.

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dabudani (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-15)
Hey I know you probably will think I'm over reacting but sometimes the breathing and the noises and feelings you can ignore... Other times you feel like there's a voice in your head screaming don't look, don't look... Or maybe a sick stick in your stomach. If something makes you think twice about looking - dont. 😨
fernowky (15 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-16)
you better be glad you didn't look it could have wanted you to look so it could scare the life outta you and then try to posses you 😐 😐 🤔
HoneyWest (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-25)
This advice may come a little late,
But, I had a similar situation. Mine did not go on for years, but for months.

It did have something to do with a "pathway that was opened when digging was done on the grounds adjacent to my shop/apartment.

The opening was near by, about a football field, to where there had once been a very old cemetary, the cemetary had graves from the early 1800s to about WWI. A mean man bought the property adjoining the cemetary, and one day he decided to push all of the markers into a stream bed behind his property and the cemetary. Of course there was uproar in the community at the time, but the damage had been done. It was in the 1970s when the destruction occured.

But it was only the year before last that the spirits were walking and bothering me.
I had a person come in and make a spell to cast out the bothersome spirits. To make them leave me alone. I was very tired of all the hovering, breathing and bothering me while I tried to sleep.

Your situation could be made eaiser to deal with by having someone come and cleanse the area for you and create a cleansing for your Spirit. You can ask the bad ones to leave and the good positive ones to continue to visit.

This really helped me, another Alabama person, I think it would help you, too.
Good Luck
Rodney (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-27)
Thanks for the comment. I don't believe that it is a family member. The closest family member departed would be my father in 2003. This has been going on for many years before, and is current.
Yep, in the past 3 days I have had someone hanging around. Saturday night was the worst night. And I believe my dog, in the back yard, knew something was wrong. He never barks or howls that long, and he was at it for a couple of hours I know. It was as if someone was taunting him for an extended period and he was content just to be barely barking (howling).
Anyway, I said a few things to it but have refused to ask it to leave. I am trying to get it to respond physicaly, like moving something, or apearing. I tossed a plastic spoon in the air toward it in hopes it would catch it. It didn't. I would have probvably hit the floor with a heart attach if it did.
Yes, there is a point here. If I had a choice of having this gift / curse, I would take it in a heartbeat. If it was gone, I would be so upset. Even though the sleep has been light the past 3 nights (4 to 5 hours a night) I'm ok with it. If it gets too bad, I'll go outside, get in my Blaser, and sleep.
I believe everyone has the ability to feel, see, connect better than what we do. I think after hundreds of years of people changing (50 years ago, teenagers were more mature, marrying and responcible at 15), that we are losing some of that power of the mind. Ever notice how many near-death people have seen, heard, or felt things during, or shortly afterwords? Maybe that's part of the key, something released that's been held back, something awakened that's been asleep, something opening that normally closed. I think we can all do it.
Thanks again for the comment,
Jmak (6 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-24)
Hi Rodney,
I responded to a comment to one of my experiences saying I wished I was more sensitive; now after reading your experience I might have to rethink that. Do you think that any of these encounters you've had could have been a family member looking after you? Please keep us updated and thanks again for sharing your experience. Best wishes and God bless. 😊
Rodney (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-16)
Thank you so much for your comment. There were a few questions I'll try to answer, and a few comments I will try to reply to as well.
(Keeping a lot from you) Yes but No. There have been so many experiences or encounters that I couldn't and don't remember all of them. I used to keep a notebook in the coffe tabble to make entries in each time something happened. I can remember a lot of them, and yes a lot of them are simular. There was for instance one time I was touched on the leg as I layed on my stomach. Before it happened I thought to get up to use the bathroom to make noise, ignore it, and it would calm and leave (as has happened before). But, before I could get up it grabbed my right ankle and let go. I shook (scared stupid), got up, and performed my ritiual of headig to the bath room to dismiss it.
(What makes you feel this particular enegy is not the same) Good one. This one is on me. I don't know. It's something inside that makes a blurred mental picture. The breathing I felt was an older lady. The touch on the ancle I felt was a child playing around. I really don't know, it's just something I feel. And I have to concede that it may just be in my head that they are different. I can't imagine that a spirit would last that long though. I am 37 and this has been happening since I was in my early teens. Also, with the happeings (if you will) occuring months (or longer) apart, that makes me feel one has left and another has visited. Oh, and very interesting here, I used o drive over the raod back in the mid 90's (sleeping in my truck). I have had it happen in the truck on a few occasions. You talk about freaky. At least in a home or in pubic you feel you can move to another room or something.
(Provoking this entity) I may have used the wrong word in my story. I'm not on the floor with candels or anything. I should have said I was trying to ensure it that I was ready if it wanted to talk, apear, or anything. I so want to contact with it or them. Years ago I wrote to a gentleman by the name of Rochelle. He used to have a website called I wrote him about what was going on and he was very quick to respond. I had not slep in days and needed help. He said I basicaly had 2 choices. I could either try to find out what it wants or ignore it. He said if you ignore it, it will leave. He was right. I think ChrisB was right as well about some of them feeding on fear.
Thanks again for your comment Rhodes68.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-11)
Hi Rodney and thank you for sharing a very interesting encounter with us.

I've read your experience quite carefully since I felt it somewhat familiar to one of my night experiences. Your description of this entity slowly approaching until it's a breath away from you is something I have felt along with the fear it provokes.

I'm going to have to say that you seem to be keeping a lot from us as it was in the last paragraph you only mentioned that you are personally haunted but you don't explain what is it that makes you believe that this particular energy is not the same as the one in your marital home. You need to elaborate more on your experiences starting from the earlier ones.

As far as you provoking this entity and sending out visitations, I would like to advice you not to continue doing that. It's another thing to be perceptive and sensitive to a non material world but like you said, perceiving it can be either a gift or a curse. It's not the same as knowing how to DEAL with it. Some of us have had a number of encounters but regardless of how many, it would not be wise to say we have experience. There can be no experience when it comes to the "unseen" so take caution. One of these days someone might answer your call and that might bring more fear and sorrow than you can imagine.

As for the "energy" at home, my first estimation is that it is more that simply energy-it sounds like an intelligent haunt since it not only perceives you but it has, on numerous occasions, tried direct contact with you. If it has not fully manifested it is either because it has inadequate energy or is unwilling to do so for the time being. One thing is for sure it pays you regular visitations and shows a great deal of interest as it comes to observe you. Now why these visitations are always at night... It is either because you are calmer and not distracted my various sounds which makes it easily perceived or because you're more "vulnerable" which is what basically worries me.

Finally and that again is my own estimation so I could be wrong, I feel this entity is not at all shy or hesitant. It doesn't seem to me as if it tries to evaluate your response before appearing-quite the opposite-it seems it challenges you by approaching you step by step, once it breathes in your ear and then it "speaks" to you. I'd be more careful if I were you. I'd stop challenging it to appear or prove its presence. If it needs assistance let someone with more knowledge deal with it. If not, ask for help to cleanse your household.
Rodney (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-10)
Thanks for the comment. I was unaware that sprits could take full form (not vapor or partial images). I try to keep an open mind, and I'll be honest, if I wasn't experiencing what I do, I would find it hard to believe things that have happened to me (if someone else was telling it). In fact, when they (spirits) began I tried to convince myself it was me, or it was a dream, etc. But after years of dealing with it on and off, I come to believe.
In reading some of the other stories on here I see some simularities. But there are some that seem waaay out there.
Thanks again,
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-10)
Well as Electric TNT has said that does sound kind of wierd. But I don understand it. It is curiosity that makes you want to see it again. But I think you know the saying about curiosity? We must remember that spirits can give out noices but it can also manifest into full form. It depends on how much energy it has. And it can take energy from fear. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Rodney (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-09)
You are correct. Exact-a-mundo. I know it sounds crazy. Wanting it, then being scared stiff. But in my defence, there are times I try to provoke it. I guess I still haven't found the right formula, the right mood, the right words.
As for the wishing, that doesn't seem to work for me. Because, you see, my 3rd grade love, AMY, never came back after her parents took her away, lol...
Thanks for the comment,
ElectricTNT (1 stories) (45 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-09)
Ok, I just don't get it. When their there, you exhibit fear and hope that what ever it is leaves but when it is not around, you look forward to it's return. I suggest that you formulate some sort of a game plan in how you are going to deal with it when it arrives.

Some entities feed off of fear and the more fear you exhibit, the more terrifying the event may become.

There is an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it."

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