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Ears Ringing And Seatbelt Malfunction?


I admit the two things in the title don't really go together, though they happened within a day of each other.

This morning I left early to go to the doctor. Traffic was good at just before 7am, and as I passed the commercial node in my neighborhood, driving my five year old Toyota Mom van with very low mileage, the two lane road ahead was clear. I accelerated and was thinking about my day, when suddenly the seat belt mechanism was somehow triggered and my belt tightened up as though I was about to crash. It truly scared me and that fight or flight stuff kicked in. I slowed down, looked all around, checked my rear view mirror... It was inexplicable. I remember thinking, maybe I actually hit something but was still in that moment before the realization SET IN. But... Nothing. I was driving clear, the seatbelt loosened on its own and I kept on driving.

Almost immediately, I realized I was at or very near the spot where a young, local woman teacher (in her 20s) was tragically killed a couple years ago when a carload of young kids coming the other direction at a high rate of speed crossed the center line and hit her head on. We are talking about a busy suburban area just beyond a Waffle House and in front of a subdivision where there's a third (turn) lane, so the road is wide and straight. It's about a half a block up from my Publix grocery store (where things like to jump off the shelves in front of me). The day the young lady was killed, my daughters and I had gone to the store and could see the ambulance lights just far enough away that we could not make out details. But I knew someone had died. It was 4pm, and when we came out of the store after grabbing a couple things, everything was weirdly quiet for me, the sky was BRIGHT sunny blue, just vibrant.

I wonder if anyone else sees things in a vibrant way when they have an "experience?" I'm starting to recognize this feeling, not even sure yet what to call it (not really a feeling, but a heightened awareness, a quietness, sometimes it's felt heavy but on this day I thought it was light and bright is the word I want (remember how all the descriptions of 9-11-01 talk about the "bright blue sky?" Kind of like that).

There were pictures posted later on people's Facebook pages of a rainbow... I have not forgotten the young lady or her family (who are from our area) but this morning I wasn't thinking of her at all...

Later this afternoon, I told my teenage son about the seatbelt thing, learning moment, as he's learning to drive. Today though, his eyes got really wide and he says, "But Mom, there was also a kid from my school who was killed walking home from the Waffle House there a few weeks ago! He was hit on his scooter!" So in that vicinity, within probably 300 feet of each other, two young people have been killed recently. And this is where my seatbelt "malfunctioned." Even though my car is in great shape and it has only ever tightened like that when I have stomped on the brakes.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? I'm trying not to create my own narrative and trying to stay open.

At the same time, I was wondering what you all might know about ears ringing? I have NEVER had ringing in my ears before, but feel like I've read or seen maybe on tv that some people get a ringing during a ghost hunt. I was working at my computer on something I believe my Mom could've really helped me on (she died in 2013) and my ears sort of went crazy ringing. I thought of her, but I also thought "oh no, maybe I have covid, is that a symptom?!" I think I'm fine, but it's just been one of those years, right? Thanks for any comments. Mrs. R.

PS, Just as I'm finishing up with this, I decided to take a video in my family room to capture the loud music from the swim meet out back. As I'm taking the video, I can see orbs on my phone screen, one in particular that forms up amazingly bright though I cannot see it with my eyes only on the camera. Great, never captured that before. And my ears were ringing.

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GingerRead (16 stories) (32 posts)
2 years ago (2022-01-16)
Thanks Mrs Ramsay for sharing your story with me. My condolences on your mother. That was sad, but nice to hear. It actually reminds me of the last time I saw my mother before she passed.
GingerRead (16 stories) (32 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-31)
Hello Mrs Ramsay, it was my grandmother who babysat that night. My mom was asked, but my grandmother went in her place.
GingerRead (16 stories) (32 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-23)
Thanks for your commentary on my first story. I would love to hear more about your sightings on battlegrounds during the civil war. I agree about your perspective on history. Theodore Roosevelt once said that history is probably the most important subject we can study. Only by learning from the past can we be better prepared for the future ahead.
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-07-20)
I wanted to read your stories, so it took me a little longer to reply to your last post here.

First, I appreciated all of your stories going back to 2015. You have a very distinct writing style and I'm as interested in what you don't say directly as in what you do! At first I wondered if you were native American (as you mention your culture here), and was going to ask directly and then thought, "No, go look at her profile." Which I rarely do, only because of time constraints. Anyway, I'm interested to see you're from Latvia, which seems a mysterious and interesting country. I had a high school lab partner once in Georgia (Atlanta) and his family was from Latvia, a paler kid you never did see (not even me, I'm of Norwegian background). (just remembering the kid:)

Anyway, I get and enjoy your writing. You're thinking on different levels and it shows in your writing; it's unique.

Wanted to comment on something you said in your story about the guy you saw who sort of disappeared from view as you walked one day (not my story, but yours)! You mentioned how sort of fuzzy the memory was. I don't want to go back and get your direct words or I'll lose my place. But please know your description was very similar to the way I've tried to describe some of my experiences. I can only say what I feel... I don't KNOW much about this (don't even do much reading about it and trying not to copy anything like a movie I might once have seen, and I admit to being an X-Files fan). But a very devout Christian friend once told me that somewhere in the Bible it says the veil between worlds (my words) isn't to be played with (my words again) or intentionally crossed (I would have no idea, I'd never even contemplated it before our conversation). But to my point, her comment made me think that's why, whenever something unusual happens to me regarding my dead family or friends or in general (I've had quite a few experiences), it is ALMOST ALWAYS VERY FUZZY later, or I'll even forget it completely for years, only to remember later. Or I look back and think, WHY did I not ask this or do that? And I assume that's why people say to keep a journal. So it's interesting to see your similar memory in that story from I think 2017. Anyway, thanks for your post. It's much appreciated. Go Latvia! Mrs. R.
gingerbug (5 stories) (15 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-28)
Dear Mrs. Ramsay,

That is very interesting and it adds to my theory that you might be called upon as a very 'useful' individual.

I mean, mostly, we develop either our intuition or logical judgement but rarely we have the time and capacity for both.

When we can do that, I think, we can become very valuable because we can seek to affect both the spiritual and the practical existence.

What you wrote about the trees --- rang a bell --- because recently similar activities took place in my region.

Many trees were taken down unnecessarily and it caused enormous social anxiety but it was not directly - it did not involve protests respectively to those trees.

It was just a disturbance and I came to think that it involved maybe the physical effects of less oxygen and the noise pollution (chainsawing, heavy machinery) but also some spiritual aspects that were now wanting.

In my culture, trees are considered almost as people. In our folk songs, they are often called mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers etc.

They serve as channels - for example, many people were orphaned here and the orphans would find their families with the trees and the trees would send to them the blessings that normally must go through the family members (or accept their prayers).

Maybe the taking out of the trees shut off some channel which used to pass information to the spiritual side and now it is stuck and it is creating a certain 'buzz'.

When the trees are absent, the information stays around causing physical disturbance.

The trees would, hereby, offer the same relief as a priest would by 'taking our confessions' and thereby, sort of 'vanishing' our sins.

Moreso, if the trees were not taken down for just reasons, it might be that the chainsawing (which is the sound to our sin) is still lingering because the spiritual channels are not strong enough to process it (forgiveness).

Maybe it is the 'sinful' chainsawing you 'heard' and that send your ears ringing.

Because the 'sacrifice' was not performed by people who understood what they were doing, fully.

The rest of the things that you wrote are also extremely interesting.

You are a very interesting person and I am looking forward to reading more of your experiences.

I have not looked at the rest of your posts yet but I hope they involve Civil War stuff, too:)
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-06-28)
Gingerbug, thank you for your observations. I'm a little bit in awe of your assumptions. I had not mentioned that I'm a former newspaper columnist in my area... Stopped writing a few years ago due to changes at the paper, but still very involved in my community. Your theory is super interesting on so many levels.

I do believe over the last few years I've become really attuned to where things happened and the spiritual connections they hold, which I think comes with putting intuition as well as factual knowledge together. For example, I've got mapped out in my head (and vaguely on my computer) of where various incidents have happened in my area related to the Civil War and then how the real estate development (I was also a R.E. Marketer for a home builder) occurred around the area. For example, certain neighborhoods seem less successful, not lining up with the actual product but more with the land upon which it's built. Homes that sell over and over vs. Homes that never do sell. Areas where reports of strange activity have occurred. It's like a hobby of mine, a mix of history and current stuff. For example, there's a bridge that Sherman's army marched over, 120, 000 troops, and then they destroyed it behind them. The homes around there are... Strange. Not sure how to put it any differently. And realtor friends back that up with anectdotal stories.

The intuition thing has been with me a long time, and now that I'm actively aware of the spiritual possibilities it makes more sense, though I am still not very educated on some of this stuff. I would seriously not want my family to tease me more than they already do!

Anyway, currently at the spot that the seatbelt activity happened (and where the young people died), just since I wrote the initial story here, a developer has torn down an old house and cleared every tree, a considerable amount. It only looks to be a few acres, clear cut (a shame), and the topography is NOT looking good for building homes, it's very low lying. There's a fence around it (very unusual for our area when a new development happens) and no one is quite sure what the plan is. I'm keeping my eye on it, but I do wonder... Why did the people who lived in the old house on the property sell SO QUICKLY after the accident? It all raises many questions.
gingerbug (5 stories) (15 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-26)
Dear Mrs. Ramsay,

First of all, I really enjoyed reading about your busy mom's routines and how you manage to fit even so much awareness in your schedule.

I mean, when you're a busy mom, it would be perfectly possible to miss out on someone's death entirely and also to never notice seatbelts tightening or loosening as you're counting the minutes and hours in your head to manage all of your chores;)

Good job!

I am suspecting that because of the great job you're doing, your attention might become directed at these events.

Because you are a mature world-involved person but you are also 'open-eyed'.

I was thinking, too - if those two deaths of young people occurred within the same vicinity, there might be something about the place that needs 'fixing'.

It coincided with the things flying off the shelves. Maybe they are not hurled by spirits but maybe there is some energy disturbance that is also causing the accidents.

As far as I understand, you wrote that you knew someone had died when you saw the ambulance (as a premonition type of thing).

Do you think you also had a similar intuition when your seatbelt tightened? As if there was an accident about to happen which you were perhaps steered away from - through drawing your attention to the road etc.?

I have a feeling that it was not really about anything bad happening to you but that your state of commendable awareness was used to fixate into this 'energy field' a new experience - an experience of a driver who is present and who would not thereby cause accidents.

That your enticed attention would serve to 'clear up' some sort of 'fog' that apparently clouds the thinking of the drivers in that area.

That your open mind to things was called upon - to transform that place so that accidents did not happen in future.

And that maybe it was important that you were not young but a leader (a head to a family) because your awareness might dominate the area.

I also think that if you put those two incidents (the seatbelt and the ear-ringing) together, they might be related somehow.

Maybe the disturbance that causes the drivers to flip and that raises poltergeist-like activity - maybe it is expressed in from of a sound that people cannot hear but that affects them.

E.g., Macknorton mentioned he had the condition called tinnitus after drum-playing and maybe you have developed some physical condition after hearing the loud noise that does not belong with the physical world.

That you were affected by some form of noise pollution that people normally cannot hear (like some people can hear angels singing, for example:) ).

And that noise pollution is causing the disorder and accidents.

If you happen to agree with me, I suggest when you drive in that area - try to be even more attentive than usual in order to help clear things up and heal the place.

I think you have been invited to do that as a matron to your community:)

Thank you for bearing with my many words.

Good luck!
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-21)
MrsRamsay, my niece was around 13 years old when this accident occurred, she was around 19 years old on the night she had shared her account with me in the presence of her mother. I should probably state for the record, I don't think she referred to them as ghost hence why I stated previously forces from the spiritual realm perhaps they were guardian angels? Next time I see her I might ask a few more questions anyway, if I never get around to sharing my wife's account I'll share it here seeming your own account is basically of similar nature.

Keep in mind, my wife and her sister are twins. We don't know how far apart these two accounts occurred however, it probably was in the same year? My wife was driving along a straight stretch in a suburb of Sydney at around 45 mph when something caught her attention to her left hand side. It may have been for a few long seconds however when she straightened her head back up looking in a forward direction to her dismay there was a car stationary at a set of lights only a few feet in front maybe just 3 feet of her vehicle, with no possible time to hit the brakes or swerve away she suddenly saw a flash of light.

In that moment of seeing the light and feeling some what in a comatose state of mind, she saw herself being loaded into an ambulance and god bless her soul, even thought about how she was going to pick me up from a work function after she dropped me off at only half an hour before. With all of all the things that would go through your mind right, she worried about picking me up?

Then suddenly in an instance, she found herself in the lane next to the car she should have hit unscathed and slightly confused about what had just happened? The person in the other car had there head looking straight ahead and from memory the lane my wife was in was a bus lane or a lane you don't normally pull up in... My wife had told me this story over and over for several years. Finding out years later my wife's sister had a similar account only reconfirms my feelings they are both looked after.

After sharing more in your response relating to your father I'm believing now the tightening of the seat belt was some type of personal warning to take care, I am stating the

With the ringing in the ears, my wife does experience it on and off, I'm not sure if it all related but who knows?

Regards Daz
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-06-20)
Hi all, I'm really appreciating your comments, primarily because this is one of those things that can just slip by us, but in reality is probably pretty significant. Daz, I'd like to hear more about your story... How old was your niece when she saw the entities in the vehicle?

I'm a Christian, and do have great faith and also believe in angels. I suspect my own has appeared to me twice in my life. Hard to be be brief but will try. My dad was an Army officer, a pilot killed in Vietnam. When I was a kid, shortly after Dad died and I'd been having a hard time (I was 8) I saw a guy standing in the aisle of the local commissary (grocery store). Mom had sent me 'round the corner into that aisle and it was just the one guy standing there, but I stopped. At the time I remember the feeling of awe because he was a "green beret" soldier, but more than that, a great feeling of good and calm came over me when he smiled at me. I thought I'd forgotten about it over the years... Then I saw the same guy 25 years later, during the darkest days of my husband's terminal illness, when all hope for a normal life was lost and I was despondent. A guy showed up at my MOTHER's back door one weekend day when I was over there with my baby. I answered the door and he asked for my husband. In the moment, I didn't question that the man had no vehicle, he was dressed in full Army uniform with a Special Forces beret (it was during Desert Storm, 1992 time period, and my husband was a Marine). Typical clean cut younger guy. I told him my husband was at our home, not there, and didn't ask him ONE question (unlike me). He might have replied, "Ok thank you" or he might not have spoken, it's very fuzzy. He never introduced himself, it was all very brief. And then I just closed the door and reported to my parents that it was "nothing, just someone looking for" my husband. Over a decade later, I was telling the story to my new husband and as I told him about the guy at Mom's back door, I flashed on the commissary incident and realized, same guy! I did have a fascination with angels at some point just after my husband died, but always imagined them as pretty, you know, girls... I still never put it together with the Green Beret guy who I'd seen at least twice at terrible times in my life.

Green Beret/special forces people were always hero types for me, growing up as an Army brat. I knew they did special stuff, and we used to listen to that record in the 1960s all the time. Another interesting note: on the day of my mom's funeral just a couple years ago, my brother, who was leading the procession from the funeral home to the cemetary, jumped out of his vehicle at the last minute before the procession began and gestured to me in the car behind. He'd turned on his radio and the song "Ballad of the Green Beret" was playing! His immediate reaction was that it was a signal sent that Mom was already in good hands (Dad). He told me recently he'd forgotten that.

Anyway, perhaps the angels make the sky more blue when a good person passes. Maybe they do appear to kids in the aisles of grocery stores, just to pass along some peace. And if they do that, I can certainly imagine them holding and protecting people in a car crash!
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-19)
Hello Mrs Ramsay,

I personally know of four accounts relating to cars and accidents or near accidents of which I'm convinced the people where guided through the event and psychically helped most likely by forces from the spiritual realm. I think the best one to share was the account that happened to my sister in law.

My sister in law and her two children slid of the road and down a steep embankment on a country road where the car actually rolled over and over upside down several times before it stopped at the bottom a total write off. Upon having a conversation years later with my niece and my sister law discussing my wife's own weird account my niece confined in me on what she remembered.

As the car was flipping over everything slowed down into slow motion. My niece's eyes were wide open, my nephew and he's mothers eyes were shut tight. Okay, here's where it gets interesting, my niece remembers seeing several ghost inside and outside the car protecting them as they rolled over from being injured. She could see their arms holding their heads. Limbs etc. Amazingly they all walked away from the accident without any injuries bar some minor abrasions, anyway, I'm thinking there may be a little more to your own account then you may realise? Perhaps you were meant to slow down your car for a reason or some future decision that may have not been in your best interest? If not on that day maybe another? My wife had an account of which is next level intervention if what I'd suspected is correct, perhaps I'll share it here one day, both of them are twins and both had similar accounts probably around the same time.

Thank you for sharing!

The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (229 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-19)
Fascinating story MrsRamsay, thanks for sharing. I have read many stories involving sightings of ghosts at the site of many automobile fatalities, but this is amazing that you've experienced something physically interacting with you, your seatbelt in this case. Perhaps one of the previous victims trying to prevent another fatality. Though you saw nothing coming, neither did that teacher apparently, it's astounding how vehicles appear sometimes so quickly and cause an accident. Are you aware of any other deaths in this particular area? What about the kids who hit the teacher, you mentioned it was a head on collision, but they all survived? Perhaps she wasn't wearing her seatbelt? The ringing you mentioned is interesting but more common nowadays. I too have experienced it a lot lately. I was never exposed to very loud sounds for any duration, only intermittently, so it's not tinnitus. It comes on at odd times, is never the same and is short lived. It could be a form of communication, I've read that in higher realms like angels, actually when they speak to us, have to adjust the frequency of their voice which is higher than our vibrational frequency, the result, the ringing sound we pick up on, which is actually a vibrational frequency. In hindsight, that's what mine sounds like, the frequency when it starts is loud and noticeable, but then dials back becoming quieter. However unlike tuning in a radio station I don't suddenly hear a 'voice'. If it's a form of communication, I'm not sure how it works, maybe just to let us know they're there? Many more people are reporting this ringing in the ears as well as many other bizarre symptoms. Another school of thought on this and depending on what belief system you subscribe to, is the ear ringing and other physical symptoms are what they call ascension symptoms. The earth is supposedly crossing from a 3D existence into 5D, a higher frequency and as such our physical bodies and the planet itself are having to make constant adjustments and upgrades to exist in this new environment. These symptoms are a result of that transition, kind of like the growing pains we experience as our bodies develop from childhood into adolescence. The plain fact is, that many people are experiencing a wide variety of these symptoms and especially the ear ringing and are being medically examined, the Dr's finding no physical cause or explanation. It is rather fascinating, but again, not to infringe on anyone's beliefs, it is an explanation that is being offered. I enjoyed your story and am looking forward to hearing more from you.
Rajine (14 stories) (713 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-17)
Hi Mrs Ramsey

Not that you mention it, a few experiences that I've had especially during the day, I remember it being bright and airy, like I'm seeing the usual things around me in a new sort of brilliant light and I'd feel like there was this buzzing sort of electric charge all around.

Back at home here we had a road similar to this where at the same spot there was always an accident either involving a driver or pedestrian which always ended tragically, it became a regular problem, to the point where traffic lights and speed humps were installed, a lot of people in the community believed that the spirits who passed on there were still hanging around that spot, I believe that the people organized a prayer around that spot in the hopes to calm down whatever could have been there, this happened when I was younger maybe around 9 or 10, reading your experience just brought up that memories which I vaguely remember, I'll have to ask my mum about more details as she will know more about it.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-16)
Hi MrsRamsay

I've been playing the drums now for about 35 years (and I'm getting REALLY tired!😜) so I have a mild form of tinnitus; which is a medical condition caused (usually) when your ears get damaged from loud noise over a period of time. It's a constant ringing, or low level shrill pitch / hissing effect which is generally more noticeable when it's quiet. I've learned to live with it.

Personally, I've noticed that when I get stressed out, or overly anxious, the tinnitus / ringing sound increases 10 fold until I can calm myself down. Not sure what the science is behind that.

So I guess my point is (I do get to them eventually) that ringing in the ears is not necessarily anything to do with spirit / ghost activity or interaction. Not to say that it ISN'T, but there are more down to earth, rational, medically-based explanations for ringing in your ears. As is the seat belt mechanism, which could have just glitched out.

I guess no one can say for sure, but I tend to err on the side of non-paranormal with events like these.

Thanks for sharing, I found it to be an interesting account.


MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-06-16)
Glad to be able to share here. I'm a busy mom with two kids still at home and lots going on, but these experiences seem more and more as I age gracefully, haha.

Thank you guys for your comments. Observant people aren't nuts, we're just watchers I guess... And noters. And I'm also a documenter. Not yet sure what's in it for me:) but happy this website is here.
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-16)
I also have experienced vibrant bright colors. In the spirit world it seems we can conjure colored hair and clothing, why not be able to manipulate the atmosphere around us outdoors. I feel anything is possible once we shed this limiting flesh vessel. We now live in kind of a commercial area and noticed we have constant ringing in our heads and its very annoying to me when its quiet, like right this moment typing. Thanks for sharing. 😉
RCRuskin (9 stories) (807 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-16)
Lemon and Lime go well together. Chocolate and peanut butter even more so, so why not ear ringing and seatbelt malfunctions? Aside from the latter 2 being unpleasant in the extreme. These two things are less pleasant together, though.

Two accidents within a few hundred yards of each other, some years in time separate them, but both were fatal, and this is where your seatbelt pendulum malfunctions. (sudden acceleration or deceleration causes the pendulum to go out of vertical and tighten up to prevent injuries) If it is a coincidence, it is an amazing one. Would guardian angels grab onto the metaphorical roll bar on our behalf?

I know what my answer is.

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