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The Breathing Of A Spirit


In my first story, I indicated a small background about our house. We've been living here for almost 15 years now. When I was 15, our house got renovated and my sister and I got to move in the room upstairs. In the first week or two, everything was normal. But one night seemed to be the most unforgettable paranormal experience I've ever experienced in this house.

It was around 12 A.M. When I heard heavy footsteps just like my father's. I thought it was just my father because my parents' room was just across our room. It will just take few steps to reach ours. That footsteps was from my parents' room towards our room. When it finally reached the entrance of our room, it stopped. The entrance of our room is just few inches from my bed. There's no door, it's just a curtain which covers the entrance.

I just pretend sleeping because I thought it was just my father watching me sleeping. After 5 minutes or so, I didn't heard any footsteps at all. So I thought, "how long is my father going to watch me sleeping?". Couple of minutes passed, I suddenly feel uncomfortable because I just realized that it was not my father after all, it was "someone" else.

Fortunately, I am used to sleep with a blanket covers my head and body. So when I realized it's not my father, I didn't move a muscle but I kept my eyes open. I know there is someone standing next to my bed because I could feel it. I am very sensitive when it comes to spirits, that's why I can easily sense them.

So there I was, listening carefully if there are strange sounds, but all I can here was the sound of the electric fan, when suddenly I heard a loud "Hah!" right into my right ear, as if someone is heaving an exaggerated deep breath. It was a male voice, definitely not my father's. Every time the head of the electric fan faces my direction, that someone will breathe into my ear with that "Hah!" simultaneous to the wind produced by the electric fan. I was really scared and I could feel my body shaking. I sweat all over and even if I can move, I didn't move.

After a couple of minutes, it seemed to be exhausted because its "Hah" became soft like someone is really really tired. But after a minute, it will be back to its exaggerated breathing, then it will get exhausted again, and it will be back again. So it lasted for about an hour. Imagine that feeling of listening to that creepy breathing right into your ear for almost one hour and not moving a muscle.

Few minutes passed, there are no more "Hah!"s but I didn't feel any better because I can feel someone is still there beside my bed. Gathering all my courage, I pulled the blanket off my head and looked at the right side of my bed (at the left side, there was my sister's bed). There's nothing there. I didn't have a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Then the next morning, I asked my sister if she also heard that loud breathing. She said no.

That room is now a stock room, and until now, I can still feel a presence there. And if there's no reason to go there, I will not go there again.

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Bela_10 (3 stories) (51 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-10)
Sweettooth, hi there! Thank you very much for commenting. 😁 Yeah, it really was scary and I swear it almost gave me a heart attack when I heard that "hah!".

I'll wait for that story of yours, and I'm pretty sure I can relate.

God bless you, kabayan. 😊

Sweettooth (2 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-30)
Wow that scare the woop out me... Damn I have experience something like that and believe me it's far more worse. Wait until I post my next story. 😭

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