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Being Followed From School


My first experience with the supernatural was 3 years ago, in the suburb Sunnybank, Brisbane.

I and three other friends of mine were out for a night walk in the neighborhood around 9:00 PM. A few hours later we decided to head back home. We were 15 minutes from home when we decided to take a shortcut through the high school, Sunny bank High. It was my current school at the time.

I remember looking at the time on my phone, it was 12:00 AM on the dot, nothing odd at the time, and one of my mates told me that somebody died at this school. I asked how, and she said "he fell backwards off that balcony were right in front of". That didn't get me scared.

We decided to play hide and seek for some reason. As I peered around corners my mate screamed. He said he saw a dark figure leaning around behind one of the buildings. After hearing that I just wanted to get going.

When we met back up with the girls. They were mad at us. We asked what was wrong.

Tylor said they saw one of us peering around the corner and we didn't reply to them. We told them about what we saw, and later realized they saw the same thing. As we crossed the field, the 2 girls screamed pointing at the dark school building. All the lower windows were wide open, they were closed moments before.

One of the girls said she saw an arm hanging from the window moving fast like it was swinging and shaking as if it was saying to go away. I was the biggest skeptic so I started swearing at the windows. She said "dont! You'll only make it angry!". I was so scared when I heard that. We ran out of the school grounds so fast, weird events happened on the way.

There was a parked car on the side of the road that had bushy ferns placed so neatly across the windscreen and bonnet, it was something you'd never see, something no ordinary person would ever do, especially to their own car. Also a cat that slowly crossed the road behind us just as we mentioned cats being a sign of bad luck. We finally got back to our street; we sat on my mate's front yard (my house was across the road).

We talked about what we had just seen, and then later just laughed about it like it was just a big coinsidence, then I told them "well I better get going, I live 3 streets away". Trying to fool any spirits if they were following us, I was that spooked that I was willing to do anything just so I don't see anything like a ghost! But my mate said,"what are you talking about you only live across the road" pointing over at the same time. I was so mad at him!

Once I felt calm we decided to go over. Just as we walked down my driveway, the security sensor light came on. My mate yelled."LOOK!"My heart just stopped! All doors on my dad's car were wide open, the main front door and sliding door (which we never opened) was wide open, so were the house windows, nothing was opened half way or quarter, and they were as far as they go!

I ran back across the road & ended up sleeping the night with the girls, I couldn't sleep, every hour I looked across to my house; strange thing was that the security lights were still on, which usually turns off unless it still detects motion.

I felt like something was waiting for me. Next morning I went back and asked everybody why they left everything open. They were just as shocked as me when they realized. Nothing was stolen & they weren't harmed. That night they slept in the living room. Right next to the 2 front doors that were open and didn't hear a thing. That's when I realized what happened. Only thing I could think is that I was being taught a lesson about messing with the spirits. This is the biggest encounter I have had. Ever since then I have never had a doubt about ghosts.

If you got any questions about the night. I'm happy to answer...

Thank you.

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Diyanuh (2 stories) (39 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-12)
why would you play hide-n-seek in the night were someone died? I liked the story though I guess they can show up at anytime... Best thing to do is to not insult them they can become poltergeist and hurt you or your family... Thanks for the story-Diana
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-30)
Wow this must have been a very scary encounter. I realy liked reading this story. You know sometimes went we less expect it a spirit will show himself to us. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-28)
Thank you, LILRED, I appreciate the response to the questions posted. Sometimes that makes ALL the difference in the world.
AAAHHH, I must have missed the part about you cussing out an unknown being. THAT was pretty important, I think. Lack of respect is a big factor in both feelings of being followed and actually being followed.
NOW I totally understand the entire night. ALL of it.
You are right, unless you have been in the same position, or one really similar to it, you CAN have NO idea of the thoughts and feelings that run cold through your veins.
The car has me curious as what though, let me tell you. I really would have loved to be able to stand in front of it, walk around it, and see what species of ferns were there. That would ALSO be very telling.
By the way, no, I did not think of the Blair Witch project when reading through the description. There was something totally different at work there, though we will probably never know what.
Thank you again, LILRED.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-28)

The main reason I can identify with you on your responses is due to experiences of my own which took place almost 30 years ago.
To be pursued by an obviously unfriendly spirit is an event that cannot be erased from mind, and is one in which decision-making occurs under a blanket of stress.

A pervasive worry is, WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?
And the open-ended feeling that accompanies that distressed question is the breeding ground for fears that can paralyze both body and mind.
Glad you came out okay.
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-28)

Your experiences are like a fingerprint, which can't be denied.
You show that mocking spirits is not good.
As you explained it, I perfectly see why you acted as you did, including the attempt to avoid being followed by an unfriendly force.

Thanks for your prompt, detailed reply, and I rejoice with you that you're all set free from that house. 😁
LILRED (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-28)
yea I knew you guys would have questions about what I saw & the descions I made that night.
First,about the dark figure my mate saw.
Was on the corner from the building behind us. And I know for sure it was not one of the girls, becuase we met back up with them on the oppisite side of the school near the feild where the windows opened up from, no way the could have come behind us. And they mentioned the dark figure which was in the school blocks me & my mate didn't go near.
And the CAR. That is one of the most weirdest stuff I have seen. I am 110% telling you's that this aint no blair witch rip-off.but the ferns on the car was placed like an X on the winscreen. The soil on it's roots looked fresh and clean cut, it looked like it was just ripped out of the ground seconds before we passed it. On the bonet it was placed long ways. One on each end of the bonet. In the middle an X like the winscreen.
I remembr seeing no little bits of dust,leaves,twigs,it didn't look like it was done in a hurry. It was that perfectly done that it made it creepy. And this car was no old car, and it aint that kind of neibourhood where sombody would wana waste there time doing somthing like that. All I could say is that it was like a warning or somthing for things to come. And why did
I wana lie to a ghost?. At that point in time, after seeing all those things. I just didn't wana see anything else. That night everything we experieced was jus getting woreser every 10 minutes. I remember feeling cold & shaking beceause I was that scared.
In my head I just wanted what ever it was that was following us to go away. So that's when I lied about where I lived, thinkng it would hopfully go there... Sounds stupid I know. But when your living a real life nightmere. You just wana wake up from it.
The reason why I believe it followed me home is because I trespassed on its grounds, me swearing at it would probly be the main reason, I remeber saying"comon then, why you wana be so f**** tough opeing windows and try to scare us, just go p** off",so that's probly why it follwed me back to get in return to, and yes I know it was a stupid thing that I ran away when I saw everything open. But like I said. I didn't want to see anymore, so I did what I had to so I wouldnt. If you where there you would know the defference between your house getting robbed, or somthing like a house gettin posessed. A robber wouldn't open 2 big windows, 4 car doors and the trunk, and espesially 2 front doors. Theives work by silience. And nothing was moved,stolen.everthing was in the same place as it was the night before I left. My family were sleeping in the living room. I heard my dad snoring before the security lights came on. And they all slept through it. And in the morning not a single one of them owend up to doing it. They all thought I was just trying to scare them. They stil don't really believe me. And the scary thing is. After that night. It didn't stop there. Everybody in my house started witnessing wierd stuff, my mum woke up in the middle of the night and saw a tall dark outline of a man outside the back sliding door looking in at her, his face could only be seen, and one of my cousins who slept over woke every body in the house in the middle of the night, she was crying and so frightend, we asked what happen & she said she saw a dark little man/demon type creature standing on her mothers chest but scurred away into the kitchen and looked back at her before again before disapering.
Also another cousin of mine and my older sister came back from a late night out. They only just got in the door and my cousin said hello to my mum that was standing in the hallway in the dark, she didn't reply. When my sister asked who she was talkin to, she looked over to her and said"im just saying hi to your mum".and when she turned bak she wasn't there. Then they heard my mum calling from the room on the other side of the house, what she saw before we don't know.
My little sister seen white figures outside the window twice. And she has been upset about it since.
My older sister also had cold breathe down her neck in the backyard twice...
Im soooooo dam glad we are out of that house now!...
The last time we went there was to grab our mail. And current residence was a single mother of 2.and she asked."has this house ever given you a feeling like you are consintly watched?".we said yes. And asked why... And she replied "i don't feel safe in this house at all, for some reason I feel scared".i felt sorry for her, because I know how she feels.
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
I can't imagine seeing my house with all the doors and windows opened and not go in and check to see if everyone was ok. I don't think I would have been worried about a ghost following me home but that my family could be in danger. The car and the house in that shape would have been enough for me to check it out or call someone to see what the deal was. I do know teens don't think like adults so maybe that's why you did what you did. I'm just glad your family was ok.
mulder81 (16 stories) (21 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
Good story. Not just at the school which was scary enough, but to find you car doors open and all your house windows. Great!
Forbidden_Love (42 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
*claps* good story... School can be sometimes scary... But not this scary...
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)

Yours is an interesting story.
I found myself laughing at your effort to hide from a spirit.
I could relate to that at once, not in connection with hiding from spirits, but because of being in similar situations that called for a quick escape hatch to hop into.

I really got a bang out of your confession of anger in paragraph 9.
Thanks to your pal, your prized cat suddenly fell completely out of the bag, face first.
And no putting it back! 😊

The events you describe that took place are strange, something you'd not easily forget I'm sure.
I wonder how much younger you were 3 years ago.
Appreciate your story, and welcome to YGS.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
This is a truly incredible account, LILRED.
Welcome to our site.
The parked car that had the bushy ferns covering the front of it. I HAVE to ask. Did it look as if someone was trying to hide the car from view?
What are the chances that while you were peeking out from around corners, THAT is what your mate saw? Could the girls have seen you do that as well and mistake you for a mere shadow?
The school building was dark?
Must be another one of those geographical things again. In MY area, there are lights left on INSIDE the schools and the parking lots are flooded with light during the dark times (night or storms, those kinds of times).
I am interested to know why you decided to lie to a "ghost" by pretending to live three streets away (yes, I read where you stated that you did not want one to follow you home). Did you NOT think that if someone was indeed following you, that they would sit on the stoop with you and wait until you moved again?
I am really trying to figure out why an entity would follow you home, if the total story is just as you wrote it. You did not offend someone, you did not enter the school, you did not post graffiti on a wall. In fact, you all were in disbelief most of the time.
You even said that you laughed at the coincidences.
NO ONE knew of this supposed child who died at the school until your mate said it?
Nothing happened until AFTER you were all told the story?
Is there something else that should also be put into consideration while we try to help you figure out why this being should have followed you home and opened all of your doors and windows?
Thank you.

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