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I Think It Followed Me Home


A part of my night routine has been to read a book or watch a series/movie before sleeping. I am a person who could not sleep in the first instance even if I am tired so I require a distraction or cooling-off period before sleeping.

The incident I am narrating is a recurring one; I mentioned in my last post about an entity or something that opened the door in the middle of the night in my uncle's flat which he bought last year. I think the thing has followed me back to my own home. Because yesterday (1 August) was the 2nd time when I experienced something out of the ordinary.

1st Incident- Happened this Saturday (29th-30th July) I have a music system in my room and as I require a distraction for sleeping I put on music for that (simple lofi or piano). It was around 2 am (my usual time to go to sleep) and I put in a playlist that was at least 1 hour long. Now my parents are heavy sleepers and they sleep in their bedroom whose AC is loud so they can't hear anything coming from my room. I slept that night and woke up to find that the playlist was stopped at 39 minutes and the music system was off from the main switch! I keep my system on all night (even if the playlist stops). It was so odd that I totally freaked out, and asked my parents (I have no siblings and we 3 only live in the house) if any one of them entered the room and they said no they woke up in the morning only. So I was confused yet kept my calm and thought it was nothing but it took a sharp turn yesterday.

2nd incident- I was watching a movie last night around 1 am when the following happened.

I was lying on my bed with my laptop and all of a sudden I heard somebody call my name through the headphones. I did not consider anything but all of a sudden I removed the headphone to listen and something (a shadow so dark) just opened my door (chills are running through my spine). I asked who was it (I thought it is my mother who woke up) and the door which was half opened until now, opened up all the way, I just rose from my bed and stood there to get adjusted my eyes to the dark. When I could clearly see was nothing but an empty hallway with no apparition or shadow. No lights in the house were opened. I walked to my parent's room and their door was locked. So now I have become very sensitive to these occurrences. Next time I will try to take videos or pictures when this happens. Will keep updating, thanks for hearing me out.

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Aslipablo (4 stories) (11 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-05)
Hi Rajine, I told my mother and she did a small ritual yesterday and today I feel much better, the heaviness of some sort has ended. Also, I am sleeping in my parent's room for the last 3 days so feeling okay in my sleep as well.
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-03)
Hi Aslipablo

After reading your previous incidents and this one I must say that I think something definitely follows you, it's hard to say whether it's trying to tell you something or is just following you for more malevolent reasons, but I think you should seek help from someone who'll be able to shed more light on what you are experiencing.
Aslipablo (4 stories) (11 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-03)
A new update- My used pens (5 to be precise) were lying on the floor yesterday (they are kept on a shelf) when I had gone to the washroom for 10-15 minutes. It was around 1 am, came back and said a god's mantra and put the pens on the lower rack of the shelf so they don't topple. Guess what-

Sat at my table to read a book and in front of me, only one pen just toppled down from the lower rack like something took it and thrown it there. If it had fallen too close from the shelf I would have understood it was my wrong placing but this was further away than a pen would fall. I was scared but kept my cool. I will attach a picture if something again happens but in the story format.

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