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Somebody Followed Me


It was December of 2019 in Gurgaon. I was working in an MNC (my first job) whose hours due to market locations were from 3PM to 11PM (IST). I was living in a posh society in Palam vihar, where me and 3 of my friends managed to get a whole builder floor on rent. My friends also worked in the same company but their working hours were from 7 pm to 5 am (IST) so I was all alone in the flat from 12 am to 5 am.

Now coming to the story; the office cab left me at the gate of the block where I was living. It was a 500 m of walk from the gate to the house (where our flat was) and we lived on the 2nd floor of the house. I could not feel anything on my walk except the cold December wind but felt something odd from an under-construction house just 2 houses away from mine. I ignored the feeling and kept on walking as I was tired from all day's work and I never felt anything before so I did not make an issue out of it.


I came to my flat, now the flat (or the house) was built around 1990's so it was an old one with beautiful interior and lots of almirahs. The entrance gate and a gallery welcomed us and showed us the way to a living room on the extreme right and two bedrooms in front of us with a kitchen on the adjacent side. I lived in the room in just front of the main gate with a Naruto poster on the front of my room.

THE haunting

It was around 1 pm and I was about to sleep (all lights were closed except the living room's CFL whose rays entered the slight opening of my door (as my roommate used to come in the morning so I have to keep it open) and penetrating the darkness making me feel less alone and aware of my surroundings. All of a sudden I hear a scratching sound coming from outside the front door and I could hear it in the pin-drop silence of the flat very clearly like something or somebody was outside it. I thought it was a dog because one lived with the neighbor on the 1st floor but it was inside their house at this hour. So it made me suspicious.

The next thing which happened and shocked me to the core was that I heard something walking in the gallery outside my room (proof- the thing blocked the ray of light coming from the CFL outside for a second) before moving to my friend's room and slightly closing their door. I was scared like hell and closed my room's door (I thought it was an intruder) and immediately called my friends in the office if any one of them came home. But they denied it. I sat in my room with bhajans (religious songs) played all night and waited until the morning for my friends to come. They came in around 5:30 and checked all the rooms and almirahs before knocking on my door and calling me out. They laughed at me for being imaginative or something but I was pretty sure about what I experienced (though it was not my first experience as I had experienced something like this when I was little). But this had spooked me as nothing of this sort happened again ever and I lived there until march 2020 until lockdown was announced.

Thank you for hearing me out!

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Aslipablo (4 stories) (11 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-14)
Hi Rajine

I only know that the house was old and used for some commercial purpose like office or storage because the electricity bill was generated for a commercial unit and not a residential one.

I did not experience anything after that as I installed a Hindu deity in the gallery post that. However Now I look back to that day it was not the house but something from the outside that followed as none of my friends experienced anything ever too.
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-13)
Hi Aslipablo

Do you perhaps know the history of the house you lived in? That might shed some light on what you experienced, from your friends reaction I gather that they have not experienced anything like you have, have you experienced anything else after that?

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