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This story is how I got my name. I wanted to start with my experiences backwards because going back would be like walking through history which I love, not to be confusing. I try keeping things interesting so I will start off with I love and am fascinated by old houses, especially elegant grand Victorian beauties. This house I'm about to share isn't exactly elegant by any means but back in its day it was a Victorian just the same.

Eau Claire Wisconsin, originally a lumbering town. I've researched the history and lived here all my life so downtown by the two rivers that meet, the Chippewa and the Eau Claire rivers, there are magnificent homes of its hey day. Plenty of the houses I can list by the last name just driving by them, so and so has this going on referring to their home as the original owners of the late 1800's. It's exciting to me. Well this house that I'm about to tell you about isn't famous by any means so I'm sure the incident that took place was due by the people inhabiting the old house. On Chippewa street the houses are getting shabbier away from further up the river where men with money lived. Chippewa street is next to Water Street which is college area. Mostly bars and drunken activities occur, nothing abnormal for a college town.

This night two of my friends and I were at a bar and my guy friend had keys to his friends apartment. She left for Vegas and wanted him to watch her fish until she returned. My other friend was ditched by our other friend so she ended up with me and and that friend. Well we all decided to go stay at the girl's house while she was out of town that night. She wasn't far from the bar so it made it that much more convenient. A day earlier I had first visited her apartment. The only vibe I got of her shack was it was an old house with a lot of pot smokers that didn't believe in anything but smoke. So this night would prove to be somewhat unsettling.

We arrived around bar close and my girl friend plopped down in the comfy recliner. I lay down in a layout bed next to the TV and flipped through the channels. It was nice being somewhere with cable again. My guy friend took the floor. He didn't want to sleep in his friends bed in the other room by himself, so there we all were until and not much later we all passed out being super tired.

It wasn't much later that something began to tug at me. I assumed it was my guy friend rolling around and flopping his arms at me. I was so tired I ignored it. Then it seemed to be like some sort of noise that was erupting from our slumbers. Take note that I am a light sleeper and everything wakes me up. This night however I was so tired that no matter what this thing was, it kept trying to wake me up. Then it felt like something was pulling at my body or the covers off of me. I literally felt something there and when I looked there was nothing there, not even my guy friend who had passed out in the middle of the floor.

I once again ignored it and fell back asleep but not long after that the same thing was tugging at me and this time it woke me up where I looked around the room to see exactly what could be trying to keep me awake. I glanced around and this is what caught my attention: There was a light behind my girl's chair that illuminated and reflected on the wall in a beam of green lights that danced on the wall. It seemed to come from behind the chair she was sleeping on. She was passed out cold and I looked harder and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. But I knew it was there, because whatever it was woke me to show me. I said out loud, what the hell is that?! This is too much for me. I closed my eyes and said to myself (not that anyone human was listening to me anyway) I am too tired to deal with this b.s, after that nothing awoke me again until morning when we rehearsed stories.

She swore she was out cold all night long and she was. He stirred somewhat saying that some noise kept waking him up but he couldn't distinguish what it was. I told them about the tugging sensation and the green light. We were all baffled so I made him call his friend and ask her if her apartment was "weird". She confirmed it was ok and that he was on drugs or something. Ha-ha, yeah ok she's the one who smokes, not us. Then I told him to ask her if her grandma was there for a visit or what the deal was. That's when she freaked out, because the first day we visited she said her grandma looks out for her and her cuckoo clock stopped when her grandma died. Hey I thought it was an innocent question.

I believe she raced home from Vegas after that but we booked out the next day and have not not been back. I strongly got the feeling that whatever she was into (being atheist) wasn't good and left some unpleasant spirits around. It probably wasn't her grandma but I threw it out there for possibilities. After she got back from Vegas she demanded her key back and none of us heard from her again, thank God!

Side note: Maybe the ghost doesn't like her? Who knows!

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Shiva (2 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-09)
Simply WOW...
Did you ever feel like going back there...?
I don't know but I would have gone back, because if something was trying to get your attention, was probably asking for help or mere acquaintance. If it wanted to harm you... It would have, having all the time in the world to do it.
But then again its your decision, but I would suggest you go back... Provided your friend allows that.

Goodspeed S
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-09)
All I have to say NightGhost is 'Wow'. Somehow I really feel I had the same experience, but however I don't remember it ALL. Well my experience was when I was about 6. I was asleep in bed while my brothers and sister were in bed. Asleep, as I am a half-light sleeper, lol. Feel the blankets rubbing against me, as like a Cat or Someone was sitting on the bed. But as I woke up nothing was there. Again it did so - I look up the ceiling and there is a Face Of A Clown or either a Lady. Sounds like the face on the ceiling story there. But not - Pretty 'weird' huh? Thanks for sharing:)

HeatherO (1 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-08)
Cool story, I lived on Water Street, but never had any ghostly experiences in my years at various college-slum dwellings. I'd love to hear any other EC stories!
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-08)
Wow Nightghost That is kind make you want to get out of there so you can sleep lol and yeah it could be her grandma or something eles. Welcome to ygs.
shandi (9 stories) (86 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-08)
Did you feel like it was a negative presence? A Lot of times it seems to me negative energies seem to pile up in houses where a lot of drug doing or drinking goes on, that would be my first thought about this if it gave you a bad feeling. Thank you for your story!

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