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Essence Of An Evil Aura


I was living in Minnesota at the time. I was out and about in the world, minding my own business. Harmlessly walking down the sidewalk of my apartment complex. Some shaggy looking dude basically ran me down to talk to me. He wouldn't shut up so I listened to the creep as he said he was some head honcho at a paper plant. Well to make a long story short I let him ramble and things got strange...

This dude I will call Red, he was different among people in general. One night I was at his house and he went to neighbors to get cigarettes. I was there with the baby who was asleep in her playpen. I thought I heard keys jingling outside the door as he was coming in. Further yet I watched a figure which I thought was him enter the apartment and go into the bedroom from the hallway door. I wondered why Red didn't say anything as he silently creeped into the bedroom. Puzzled I got up and walked into the dark bedroom and flipped on the light. No one was there. And as I turned around the keys again jingled in the door and he walked in.

I stood there speechless. He said to me, "It looks like you just seen a ghost." I responded with, "You just came in here, I saw and heard you. How did you get back on that side of the door?" He looked baffled and didn't say another word until later on me still shook up confessed that he thought he was haunted and possessed by some evil spirits that wouldn't leave him alone. These so called spirits according to him were evil and would stop at nothing to make his life hell. To me it was a story just that he imagined up and no one in their right mind would believe such a tale. But he swore that he had a problem. I got kind of scared because this effected me and where I lived and didn't want to be involved with a demon worshipper. I called my mom and talked to the management about it and they advised me to get away from such a character. There's more, sadly.

This guy went as far as robbing the church of a bible while I had a talk with the priest about such a phenomena and he looked at us as if we were crazy. Somehow I had trouble getting away from this guy because he kept bringing up things that haunted him which related to me in another story in my life I have yet to post. So this has become complicated. It went as far as one day I wanted to get away from him that I planned to drive to my family in Wisconsin but he ended up following me and invited himself in. My mother hated his visit which I didn't even intend in the first place. She claims he was flipping her off the entire time he talked and his eyes kept rolling back in his head. It was very creepy!

Well this guy left a huge mark on my family for after his unwanted visit things were not well at my family's house. Strange incidents started occurring. My mom said the week after Red left that she kept hearing voices that were not familiar on the farm. Then a person she worked for lost car oil all over in a parking lot but it made its venture home before dying. That was a case that she was baffled by for a long time but the freakiest thing she told me was she saw a very huge man in her home that didn't belong there with a grimacing growl who walked up to her really fast and disappeared right before he reached her. She demanded for me to go to her priest and get a blessing to rid us of this evil boy. But before I made it there, the worst happened to me.

Red had a habit of keeping people up in his shenanigans. So no one really got much sleep. This incident made me wonder if my lack of sleep made it happen but it wasn't because it was too real and when it occurred I was wide awake from the scare.

I had just laid down on his bed after an exhausting night of trying to end our ties with each other. It was nearing morning and sleep was much needed and nothing was going anywhere. He was out in the living room of his place meditating as he called it. I thought I was dozing off when all of a sudden I felt hands crawling up my legs as if it were feeling me and I looked expecting him to be there and nothing was there yet I still felt the hands. Not wanting them to inch any farther I screamed and kicked and shot right up in bed as if something were trying to kill me.

He then ran into the room yelling, "What's wrong!?" And I told him what had just happened. He couldn't make anything of it and decided to lay down with me as we were both so freaking tired! I was restless, yet over exhausted that I didn't refuse. No more then we lay down and something massive kicked his side of the bed. The whole mattress shook. We both jumped and said, "What was that?!" He freaked out now knowing that I wasn't hallucinating my occurrence just moments earlier ran to the neighbors for support.

All I remember from that point forward was the neighbor guy was trying to console me and kicked Red out. He said I was protected in white light and whatever Red was into wouldn't effect me and I was safe in his apartment. I think I fell asleep yet still half awake from disbelievement and wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into being around this character.

I did take my mom's advice and talked to her priest which did a blessing on me that woke me up finally. I looked back at this experience and wondered how I got so out of it to linger around as long as I did. Other things went on as well but I figured they were works of bored imaginations that like to mess around with things unconstructive. I wasn't sure I was going to share this story, but if it saves anyone in anyway, then it was worth it. If you are involved with someone who is into things that are not right and you know it, I advise you to get help. Thanks for reading my story!

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legion777 (1 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-26)
Are you sure it was him looking for attention...
Makes you wonder... A lot! 😕
NightGhost (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-03)
UPDATE: I've come to discover this episode I had been drugged. He was trying to get attention from anyone any way he knew how and that makes the most legitimate sense. I was hallucinating on a drug he had been sneaking on me and being in the state of mind I was in then it was total easy access for him. What a creep!
EdgeOfFear (4 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-13)
That is pretty frightening and so unatural that it borders on the farfetched. Although, after reading your other stories, I have to believe that this one of the most disturbingly credible stories I have heard in a while.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-12)
"Some shaggy looking dude basically ran me down to talk to me." This dude, was he "Red"? This Red guy... Did he have a baby?
"I called my mom and talked to the management about it and they advised me to get away from such a character."-Management? Did you work with him?
Perd (28 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-12)
So ultimately, what do you believe he was involved with?...Do you think he could have truely been possessed, or was it something he managed to bring into his life on his own?

As for your mother, did the things in her home stop when you got away from him, or did it plague her more?
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-12)
Hey nightghost sound like a creepy story, He most have the evil aura and the other the spirit I don't know about that. Who baby you take care of? And your mom is right about him.

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