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I have been a lurker to this site since the beginning of November, 2008. Only now do I feel comfortable enough to post here. I consider myself to be a skeptical believer in spirits. I believe that they do exist (both good & bad), but I need concrete proof that they are in contact with me. For example, if I feel a cold spot, I check to make sure that it's not the AC, or a draft from a window or door.

When I was growing up in Montreal (located in the province of Quebec, Canada) I firmly believed that I had the ability to sense spirits. Closest thing I could describe it is like a "Spidy sense", like how the super hero Spider-man is able to sense evil before it happens. But for me, I was able to sense if the spirit was good, evil, male or female, and if there was one or more in a room. I could never see or hear them, just sense them. I was always jealous (in a good way naturally!) with the ones that claimed that they could see or hear them. But I always did take what they said with a pinch of salt, since it's too easy to say "yes, I see them" when in fact they don't.

Bad news is that, there was no one else either in my family or friends that could help me develop it. So by the time I was in my early 20's I lost my ability. I second guessed myself too much (thought I was imagining it, going crazy, or wishful thinking) and I think I "turned off" my ability (if that makes any sense?).

I grew up as a Roman Catholic so my faith and strength lie with Jesus and God. At the same time though, my family taught me to be accepting of other religions, since it's their beliefs (and mine as well now), that all religions are the same, we just have different ways of showing our love to the Creator (whom ever he/she/they may be).

Now, fast forward a few decades. I now live in Ontario with my hubby. I have always been interested in spirits and my hubby fully supports me. We have had many wonderful discussions about the afterlife. I just never trusted myself enough to know if I was in company with other spirits. I suspected that I was, but I just didn't know at the time how to get proof.

I have heard about the Haunted Walks of Ottawa. They give guided tours of various locations that are rumoured to be haunted. Two famous places in Ottawa are Chateau Laurier & Carleton County Jail (now the HI - Ottawa Jail Hostel).

I brought my best friend with me to go the jail. We had a fun time. I took it in good humour. I believed in the stories on how the prisoners were treated and died / murdered there and that not all the prisoners were criminals. There were no mental hospitals in that time, so people (both men and women) who had various stages and forms of dementia stayed there as well. Children would stay there along with their incarcerated mother or father and if there was no family member to take care of them. (The women were separated from the men and they were housed in another level of the jail the children would stay with the mothers). I don't know what happened with the daughters who only had their father that was incarcerated. I just hope that the young girls stayed with the women. But that is a question that I will be asking next time I go back.

But as to the haunted stories, well, I took everything with a pinch of salt, simply because this is a "tourist trap". They do this, not only to help preserve the past, but it's also to make money so that they can pay their bills. So the more ghost stories they told the better.

So at one point of the tour, they allowed us to enter the incredibly tiny cells. These cells were only large enough to have a bed and enough space to be able to turn around. There were no toilets (the toilets at that time were just buckets in the hall). Our tourist guide allowed us to enter the cells if we so desired.

My friend stayed outside in the hall, but my curiosity got the better of me.

I entered one cell, and closed the door after me. I sat down the bed and I immediately felt uncomfortable. Now, weather it's because there was a spirit with me, or my own nerves, being in a cell, and having a bad case of claustrophobia (I am not claustrophobic, BTW) because of the incredibly tiny cell. I had an overwhelming urge to pace back and forth. I felt great sadness and anxiety. I also heard heavy breathing. But again, I have no clue if it was my over active imagination, or a spirit letting me know that I was not alone, or some hidden sound system with a recording (or a live person using a microphone with hidden speakers) of someone breathing.

Being an extreme amateur, I looked a little bit for any signs of wiring, speakers, hollow walls, etc. I found nothing. Mind you, with that being said, I could have easily passed over the speakers, wires, etc and just not recognized it for what it is, or just didn't look hard enough (I didn't look through the cot).

To this day I am still undecided if I met something in that cell or not. I would also greatly appreciate any advice you can give me to help me "reawaken" my ability (if I ever had one) or to be more sensitive to the spirit world.

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sarah12375 (2 stories) (32 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-16)
This is a great story and when you said you re awakened your 'spirit sense'I think you have it and like me in a way we have to figure out how to 'use' it... I love this story and when you talked about knowing the gender I kept thinking wow that's exactly how I feel. You can't really hear them or see them but it's just like you know who they are in a way and if they're hear. Like I know one just left me a second ago.
I just hope that you find the answers you're looking for. 😁
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-01)
Hi, that was a very cool story. I have a friend who does haunted tours too. On the tour there is even a jail. One time someone took a picture of a cell, and in the coner of the cell there was a face.
One more. Once her tour went past a cemarty. And a kid asked my friend why are those two boys playing in the cemtery, (the doors were locked) So everyone looked but saw no boys.
Cool uh
treasureseekers (2 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-01)
Hi Whitebuffalo,

Yes, I know that saying very well. LOL. That was one of the reason's why I fought it for so long.
I was (& still is) NOT looking forward to angry spirits (regardless if they are good or not). But I
Was looking at it from the wrong perspective. As an extreme armature, of course I would be
Scared when meeting angry spirits. I have no clue on how to properly protect myself. But with
Proper teaching & guidance, I will learn how to properly protect myself & help them & the living


Yes, I understand perfectly why you are only giving me hints.:) you are gently taking away my
Crutches & forcing me to rely on my feelings instead of logic. LOL That's going to be hard for
Me to do, but it is doable, with in time.

& yes. I know of 2 paranormal groups. One of them I have known for 3 month as of today. I am
Still undecided, but the group is willing to teach me everything they know. Good news is with in
This short time, they seem to be good folks & I do enjoy their company.:)
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
Thank you.
The third to the last paragraph speaks VOLUMES of your character. Amazing.
I would just like to add a word of caution (I see that Rhodes is here, you are in good hands advice-wise 😉): Be careful what you WISH for, and what you PRAY for.
I am not saying that this is good, or bad. It just IS. But it is NOT "easy" either.
Thank you.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
"I fought this gift for close to 20 years, hiding behind my logic & science and quite frankly still am but at least now I'm peeking). 😊 😊

You ARE determined and I think you've got what it takes!

Ghostreader has said something very wise "seek knowledge and understanding within yourself and it will come to you..."-very wisely put I might say.

You are asking me to suggest a few articles...that's a true challenge! I'll suggest something else. Do what I did, google, purchase, discard and compare. No books or articles are informative enough or efficient enough. You need to search and search until you realise that the truth you're seeking is somewhere between and beyond the "established wisdom". Do not take anyone's words or mine for that matter as the ultimate truth but seek beyond the individual opinions to find the similarities and differences. The truth is somewhere in between but it IS an ongoing quest.

Unfortunately I'm a Literature teacher so this should tell you I use books as referrences and then question everything I read until something feels "familiar" to me.

As for Mediums/Psychics, that is even a greater challenge!

Google for the nearest to your area investigation group and psychic community. Email them or speak to them. Tell them what you want and ask their guidance. Once they make a few suggestions, try meeting with a few people. Ask for a reading if possible but say nothing about yourself.

Take with you an object or a photo more specifically, of something with a long history-one you are familiar with and ask them to tell you what they sense. Again, my suggestion would be to listen carefully, reject and move on until you find the One that "sees beyond the veil".

I hope you understand why I chose to answer the way I did and not provide you with names and locations.
ghostreader1000 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
Treasure seeker,

If you have lost the ability do not intense on it too much it should come back in due time. I have to agree with rhodes68 on one part the ability cannot and should not be taken lightly it is an extrodinary power that can be harmful and dangerous do not get me wrong now ok let it come to you under no circimstances should you ever try to force yourself to gain such power.

Do your best to ease back into it. Rhodes68 is right seek knowledge from someone who you know personaly or someone who you know of that has vasts amounts of experince. Now I am talking years of experince but once this ability is gained it should never be missused or even abused. I am not saying you would. Please understand that. I myself cannot control my ability. It comes and goes as it wishes that is how I have come to understand it.

Be mindful with this term I came up with myself:seek knowledge and understanding within yourself and gain power in the abilities that you yourself have study it and understand it, it will come to you only when you are ready but not when forced to do so. I hope you can seek the knowledge that you want and want to have but never I mean NEVER underestimate its power and what it can do.

I hope you find your knoeldge and understand it.

Love and prayers for you and your family
And may God blees you
treasureseekers (2 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
Morning Rhodes,

Yes, that's exactly my thoughts about the haunted tours. I loved the historical aspect of it (I have always had an interest in Anthropology & Archaeology & often day dreamed as a child, what people of the past would say to me about the time they were alive). It makes me realize, that wile we are no where near perfect, we have come a long way to treating our fellow human beings with the respect that they deserve.

I have been told by the locals of Ottawa, that back in the 1970s, the Canadian government gave the city a lot of money to help preserve very old buildings. The Jail/ Hostel, Friday's Roast Beef (just to name two) would not be here otherwise.

Yes, that is correct. When I was a child I firmly believe in spirits & that I was able to sense them. (To this day I still believe in spirits, but for them to contact me? I need proof of that. I need the EVP, I need the EMF readings, I NEED the temperature readings, & need to rule everything out
Logically before I can accept the possibility that something was trying to contact me.) In this day & age, it's SO EASY to mimic the ways of the spirits with our technology. (Oh I probably just Made a few enemies I think)

"Also I'd like to point that I DO NOT believe that if someone has the "ability", that means they will be surrounded by spirits and ghosts wherever they go."

Here I have to agree with you as well. For one thing, with those of you with the ability to see, Hear & sense them, I would think that you all would be going stark raving mad, with the constant bombardment of the spirits trying to get your attention. We has humans have been around for
HOW long? That's a lot of spirits... Even with our population at over 6 billion right now. I just Simply figured that most spirits only make their presence known to those that can communicate with them in order to get help (for what ever reason)

"My question here is WHY you want to cultivate the gift provided there is STILL one? Do you wish to assist if assistance is needed or is it because you're simply curious?"

Very good question... One that I have been asking myself for the past year. I am now 36 years old, I am in that point of my life, that I actually know very little about the world we live in & I have a lot more to learn. (Heck, I know for a fact that I will still be learning new things on my death Bed.) IF I do have this ability (that if you traveled back in time & met the younger me, I would have looked at you as if you were utterly insane to suggest that I would not believe when I became an adult), I would like to cultivate it (I would be lying if I said I was not curious- I am Curious by nature & I love to learn), BUT I also want to help those that I can (in both the living & The dead). The thought that I could have something rare, a gift from the Creator, & that I am waisting it because of my own logical stubbornness, saddens me. I fought this gift for close to 20 Years, hiding behind my logic & science (& quite frankly still am but at least now, I am peeking
Over the corner). I don't want to be scared of my ability. I want to use it. I want to learn from it, to become a better person. In a few years down the road, once I am comfortable & have learned enough where I can start to help SOME, then at least I can at least try to help others. Weather or not I will be successful, time will only tell.

:) no worries, I do not see this as an attack. I see this as an opportunity to learn & to grow. The only time I would take it personally if you started calling nasty names & treating me like I am a moron.

Now, how can I go about finding a psychic-medium, with out thinking that they are just scamming me out of money, by telling me fancy stories that will make me feel happy, content
Etc? (I just made a few more enemies). There are a lot of scam artists out there, who thrive on the gullibility/ naivety on others. I cannot trust someone right away. It has to be earned (both ways I might add!) I need to know HOW to weed out the scammers from the real McCoys (so to speak), so that I can learn properly.

Could you also point me in the direction of some articles/ books that I can read?

I apologize if I have inadvertently insulted people. I don't mean to, I just ask hard questions, because I want the truth. I don't want things sugar-coated, I don't want smoke & mirrors. I

"Whatever you choose to do, remember that to "enter" that realm, you need to "return back" to your instinctual self and learn to see the world not though your logic but through your heart and Soul. Let your "spirit" guide you. Let the emotions you feel connect you to the spirit realm, "they" Will show you the way..."

Hopefully, there can be a happy medium where my logic can co-exist with my instincts. Regardless... I have a funny feeling that my lessons will be lasting me a lifetime (or two) . One thing I can assure you though, I have no intention of rushing. Rushing will only get me into big trouble. This will take me a lot time to ween myself off of my logic security blanket. *grins*

But at least I am now ready.

I thank you SO MUCH for your insights & advices to those that have posted. I have a funny feeling that I will be learning a lot here.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-30)
Treasureseekers hello and thank you for posting your experience!

I need to make something clear about my feelings concerning "haunted tours". Most places of interest might very well be haunted as the one you visited. Places that have at some time witnessed intense human emotions sometimes "capture" past energies, sounds and a few other times serve as "pathways" that bring together two very distinct dimensions.

My problem has to do with the "supernatural experiences",the hauntings, that take place during the tours. Spirits from my own experience do NOT perform at command unless you're visiting "The Tower of Terror" at Disney World.

And yet, I don't blame those who would go to any lengths to preserve people's interest to visit those places although taking it too far at times IS disrespectful to the dead.

But enough about that. You say you felt the presence of spirits and that you at some point blocked it out yourself. I agree this IS what you MIGHT have done by trying to overpower your instincts with logic. We don't see or hear the lost ones rationally. We sense them and see them BECAUSE we let our instincts do the work-we "identify" with the "source using our emotions.

And yet, there are those who could sense things outside the physical realm but lost the ability with age. Thus, I'm not sure if it is YOU who caused these experiences to stop or whether they would have stopped anyway.

Also I'd like to point that I DO NOT believe that if someone has the "ability", that means they will be surrounded by spirits and ghosts wherever they go. I personally believe that these experiences take place either because we form, subconsciously, a sense of connection with the spirit or the place itself or because the spirit or ghost itself wishes to make their presence known to the "more sensitive" ones-sometimes!.

But that type of interraction cannot possibly be an every day experience (this might upset a few posters unfortunately although it was NOT my intention).

My question here is WHY you want to cultivate the gift provided there is STILL one? Do you wish to assist if assistance is needed or is it because you're simply curious?

Please do not misunderstand my question-it is NOT an attack! I'm simply trying to tell you that such power cannot and should not be taken lightly.

As far as I'm concerned there is NO human being knowledgeable enough to fully control such powers and thus, mendling with the spirit world no matter how comforting or rewarding is at times, it can also be very dangerous.

Remember that THEY are in a more advanced form than us. WE, is sharp contrast, are entrapped in our physical-human limitations so, the encounters we might provoke a few times might be more than we bargained for.

If you really really wish to develop your skills nevertheless, there are numerous articles you may study that might give you a clue. Talking to a professional psychic-medium may be even more helpful.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that to "enter" that realm, you need to "return back" to your instinctual self and learn to see the world not though your logic but through your heart and soul. Let your "spirit" guide you. Let the emotions you feel connect you to the spirit realm, "they" will show you the way...

Thank you and forgive my very long post.
ghostreader1000 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)

Well first off I was about the age of 12 when I first encountered my first spirit. It was a realitive I knew I had but never got to meet he was killed in a car crash about the time I was born. I seen him one day it was a saturday morning I walked into the kitchen and he was sitting at the table. He did not scare me I just bluted out a question I know you don't I? He said yes I am a realitive of yours and just said use it wisely and vanished.

I never knew what he meant until I knew I had the ability to see the ones who were passed on.

It is normal to lose your ability every now and then. Me I lost mine off and on at least 20 times or more. I can't explain it for me it is just like clock work one day it is on and next day off. I still have the ability and will always have it. So do not worry it is normal to lose it and get it back

Well you need to take it one step at a time. You just need to focus on one aera at a time. Do not try to manage different ones at once. It will overload your mind and stress you out. As for your family take it one step at a time with each of them others might accept it at first while some may want to reject it.

Well phsycics and mystics are two different areas phsycics see our futures present and past area. Mystics deal in spells and sometimes supposely witch craft I haven't heard of any of witch craft going on though. I have not read a whole grat detail into that area but I will research it more and get back with you.

You are what sounds like to me in the early stages of a sensitive and it will come in due time. I know it did for me. The biggest thing is I took it easy and did not rush it. Let it come to you. Well I hope that I was able to answer your questions if you need anything else just let me know god bless
treasureseekers (2 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)
Hi Cholulteca, yup! That's true, but that's only on the ground floor & I think the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor (at least I think it was on the 3rd floor - it may have been on a higher level - I don't remember now. I just rmember climbing up a lot of stairs LOL) is reserved for the ghost tours. It's also where they would hang the prisoners who were on death row. Form what the tour guide told us, they do not allow anyone on that floor to spend the night. Actually, you know what? I just might do that and spend the night or two on the lower floors there this summer. I hope by that time, I will have more experience under my belt. I just don't want to jump into something ill prepared.

Mike, thanks for the website! I will check it out when I get home from work tonight. So you think it was actually the spirits there that was letting me know, & not my own nerves/ excitement? I'll take your word for it, since I would not know, even if they came up & bit me (not that I want them to bite me. LOL). I have a few questions for you (& anyone else with experience!), if you don't mind?

At what age were you when you realized you had that ability? Was what I experienced in my childhood, similar to what you have? Is it normal for some people (like me) to lose it after a certain age, while others, like you (& a few others here) manage to keep it?

I am aware that I have Guardian angle & an animal guide (wolf) (I'll write up the story on how I became aware of them in the near future), who care about me deeply & want to teach me about the spirit world.

You say to easy into my ability & not push it. That's understandable, since you really can't rush anything in life. Would you then suggest for me to start with using my "sensing" ability on my GA & AG until I can feel them all the time, & then start working on family members that have passed on? Personally, I would think this would be the safest, since I will be surrounded by spirits who love me & would not wish to have anything bad happen to me?

Does this mean that I am a sensitive? What are the difference between mystics & phycics (not sure of the spelling)?

LOL While I will not be visiting the stats any time soon, the city where I currently living in now is riddled with hauntings. I know of one legit ghost hunting group that does public investigations about once a year. I was on one last year (I'll write about that soon too) with them. Hopefully, they will have another one this year that I can go on & learn more from them.
Cholulteca (148 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)
Actually since it's a Hostel, you can very well "reserve" your cell and spend the night there 😉, I have heard of things being moved or gone missing and it's truly uncofortable to sleep there but if really interested, you might want to try a night or two there 😨
ghostreader1000 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)
My name is Mike I have the Ability to sense the presence of ghosts. I have had quite a few dealings with ghosts. I just have not posted any of them yet. My advice to you is to accept your ability but do not try to force it believe me it will come in due time. You said you were un a jail cell and you felt uneasy. Well that was your spirit sense kicking in. Try to go on a ghost tour where there are ghosts and spirits. The best one is the waverly hills sanatarium in louisville kentucky. I have been there and I can tell you that there are spirits there that do make thereselves known. The tours start this march and go through october. But I strongly urge you NOT I repeat NOT to take your kids there. The waverly hills asylum is one of the most scariest and haunted places in the world. If you are interested the web site is do not force your ability to come to you let it come I hope I was a help in some way. If you decide to go to waverly hills DO NOT take off on your own. The tour guides will let you know all the rules. God Bless.
treasureseekers (2 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)
Rumour has it that John Abbott Cegept is haunted, as well as Queen of Angels Academy (Dorval). No clue if the rumours are true though.

You should visit Old Montreal (especially during the warmer months - more things to see & do there) if you have not already done so. That area is very well preserved, to the point that the original cobble stone roads are intact. There are a lot of hauntings & residual hauntings there.

& yes, I had a really fun time at the jail. When summer comes back in a few months, I'd like to go back & visit again & also do the Chateau Laurier tour.
Sorcha (59 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-29)
Hi there Treasureseekers,

I am currently in Montreal and last October I happened to be in Ottawa for a few days. I saw that there were some haunted tours going on but alas I could not convince my husband to go on one 😆.
It sounds like you had a good (and spooky) time! Places like the jail you mentioned must have lots of residual emotional energy which you picked up on. It sounds very sad indeed especially how they were treated.
Thank you for posting your experience!

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