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I'm one of the true believer in paranormals. 2 months back, after reading a ghost story from this web site, I went down to the ladies room. My office's (connected with factory) ladies is located just outside of the office building. We have to walk down and there is main door and small door inside. We have to lock the main door (to avoid any naughty passer by to open the main door as it's located in walkways) and there is another door inside... As usual, I went in... I locked the outside door and I locked main door. I sat down and just few second passed, when, suddenly, a shadow appeared and moved very fast across my inside bathroom door. It moved very very fast. I was extremely shaken. I sat in shock and thinking what was the thing might be (it's not my imagination).

My mind couldn't focus on the "business" I am doing. I just pulled-out my pant and I ran as fast as I can out of the ladies. I went back to work and pretended like nothing happened. But my heart was beating like hell. I didn't tell anyone. I don't want to scare the other workers where most of them are cheerful girls.

My company fixed 20 surveillance cameras around the building. Our security guard used to experience a floating figure at the main gate. This floating figures only appeared around 11pm-12pm at night and also captured on their surveilance cameras. I interviewed one of them, they agreed that this office is haunted by a few ghost.

My office is 50 years old. It's located near the railway tracks (many suicides in that tracks). In front of my office there is a bridge which connected to the main road (also used to have accidental spots).

You can experience more if you work late, you can experience like someone walking behind you. Many times there is a feeling like someone is following you from behind. You will find nothing when you turned back. It's like you are being watched. I always dismissed this kind of feeling just to make me free from fear. It fails most of the time.

Dear friends, I am a honest person. These are true encounters. I don't tell lies or make fun out of it. I have more experiences and will share when I got time... Now am working... See ya

Thank you.

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mysterPOO (63 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-24)
well,thanks for sharing your story. I do agree with kodak. I would like to see the clips from the surveillance camera.
S_wolfmoon (3 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-03)
I searched 'work' on this site to see if anyone else had maybe had problems with spookiness at work... Like you, I had stumbled onto this website, and had read a few stories... I even submitted a few of my own to publish (am waiting for them to be approved)...and it seems that maybe I had shut myself off from the supernatural, as I had not had an 'experience' in quite a few years. Well, I went to the toilet shortly after, and in the ladies (we're in a new building, but there were buildings here before... Not sure of the history though) there are three stalls. I always, almost by default go into the middle one. Well, as usual (as we are not a very busy or full office) it was empty, but for some reason (and I realized it was always this way) the stall to the far left (when you walk in, and look at them) is always closed, whereas the other two are usually partly open. Well, I sat down (now putting the stall in question to my right) and started to 'go', when I heard someone move in that stall. There was a shadow, and it rattled the toilet paper holder (like it was checking for TP), then walked into the stall on my left, repeated, then went back to the stall on my right. I freaked, as the door to the ladies squeeks, and shuts hard, so I would have heard someone come in. I sat there, terrified for a moment, then I shot up, got redressed, and slammed open the door to my stall. Still, the one on my right was shut, and the one on my left had not moved. On looking, I could not see any movement under the stall door, but as I turned to leave the bathroom (in a HURRY), I could see in the mirror (that was opposite the stalls, and on the way out of the room) the shadow of someone under the stall door. I RAN out of the toilet, and came back to my desk. I don't go into that toilet anymore, I walk downstairs and use the diabled one. At least in there I can see everything... Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I believe you, and that I am in a similar boat! 😨
M. (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-01)
That would be interesting to watch that on film. I believe in the paranormal and I wouldn't dought your telling the truth.Thanks, for sharing your story.
reader1 (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-01)
That is really creepy! I would love to go to your work and expierence that. P.S. Are those surveillance cameras avalabale to watch!?
Kodak (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-30)
Whoa. That's creepy. I would love to see clips of from the surveillance camera if you're able to provide.

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